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  1. as far as i can tell, the first picture is fake, looks like a hand drawing/painting to me. i've done a lot of graphic design including CD artworks, posters and banners. Firstly the fins look poor, like they've been simply drawn quickly with a pencil, secondly the light effects shown aren't very realistic, looks as though it's been painted. Plus the body looks smaller than it should be, and the colour isn't consistent enough throughout the body. sorry.
  2. how can they possibly say it's suitable for 2 goldfish without filtration though? i just don't understand where they get their reseach from.
  3. was in the Argos (catalogue store) earlier and thought i'd see if there were any tanks etc. well there were 3, one 10 gallon 'tropical' starter, one plastic 'hexafun' coldwater tank and a very basic, very small 'coldwater tank', it's basically a square bowl, about 12 litres. in the description it stated "this aquarium suitable for 2 goldfish without filtration only" WHAT KIND OF ADVICE IS THAT?!! ignorance WAS bliss.
  4. thanks a lot cupoftea, i'll keep an eye out for one
  5. well, this proves what we've been saying all along. never buy The Scum
  6. what's a python? can't find any on ebay.
  7. that sounds like a great idea! in the meantime i'll get some of those little clips, but i'm going to look into setting this "airline tidy" idea up.
  8. i keep going to, but everytime i do i see something else i need and get that instead.
  9. quality tank, and all the set up sounds amazing. but what is the point in snorkelling at home? i thought the idea of snorkelling was to see the fish/sea creatures in their natural habitat and see new sights, doing it at home is stupid, you already know what's in there, you put it there!! it's madness! madness i tell you! :monkey :carrot
  10. well done, makes sense to put them in one topic.
  11. yeh it's working for me now, such a lovely fish.
  12. thanks Daryl, i'll get a few of those. then i can enter for tank of the month, can't wait, i love how it looks!
  13. what's the best way to hide the airline to my bubble wall? i've just got the tank looking amazing, like i dreamed, apart from the airline running down the middle at the back, what can i do about this? i've seen the little clips with suckers on to keep it along the side, and i think they're probably the best option, but do they collect dirt and old food? thanks for any suggestions...
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