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  1. Waldo looks great . Nice shade of yellow there
  2. Ok so my house has a few holes here and there and with the warm weather bugs are swarming my house. Like i found this weird beetle. It's the size and shape of a really long grain of rice and its brown. I wake up to them tapping in my room. Or centipedes. Can i feed some of them to my goldfish? has anyone else fed live bugs to their fish?
  3. I name my fish after characters on my favorite shows. Fantail: okita/oki Oranda: saito red Betta fish: Pixis Purple beta fish: eren.
  4. I once bought a betta on the way to college and carried it around in a clean spaghetti sauce jar. Thank goodness my lab has access to distilled water, i don't think it would've been very happy if i left it sitting in the gross blue pet store water all day. I got a lot of strange looks from my teachers and my classmate wanted to borrow it for her biology class.
  5. I dug up a filter from the basement and i set it up a small tank with it. It works like a charm. the problem is the noise. It makes this incredibly loud humming noise that i can't seem to muffle, my parents complain about it from downstairs. I know its not clogged since i cleaned it before i used it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to muffle the humming? I think its an aqueon HOB if that helps. The box was lost a year ago.
  6. Not really a night mare but i once dreamed that i went to a candy store only to find that all the candies were fish. There was a gum ball dispenser full of goldfish. you paid 50 cents, turned the knob and a ryukin along with a gallon of water would come out of it. There were compartments full of commons, A grabbing game with oranges and wakins and a vacuums instead of a claw, the cashier was a mermaid and the counter was a giant tank. The store sold tetras and other fish too, but goldfish were their bread and butter. I'm still not sure what to make of it.
  7. Yup. I got it then. Awesome. Hooray for free goldfish books
  8. I think i found a free version after two hours of rooting around. Its about 2 hundred something pages right?
  9. I wonder if the temperature affecting tails in goldfish, is anything like temperature affecting gender in snakes. Thats really cool! Oh and the link is taking me to a site where the book is 200 something dollars. It looks like a really interesting read, but i think I'm going to have to pass on that until i graduate college. Still, this is interesting.
  10. Wow. According to what I've been reading, definately not Medelian genetics. Thats a little bit disappointing, i wanted to breed out a midnight watonai one day. Seriously, the midnight coloring is so pretty, but I've never seen anything quite light it. But it seems like both the color and the double tail genes are really really recessive, (if thats even the right word)
  11. I was debating breeding fry for a project. I figured it would be a good paper if i wrote a fry diary and tried predicting the appearance of the fry. Though from what i read it looks like ill have better luck breeding purple amano shrimp instead
  12. Here is an article on color mutants in goldfish http://www.genetics.org/content/86/1/161.full.pdf Here is another, more global look at genetic diversity http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0059571 Awesome! thanks!
  13. My class is covering genes right now and that got me thinking. In fancy goldfish, what traits are dominant and what are recessive? I know that goldfish genes are weird but i still want to find out. especially with the double tail gene and the nacreous scales. Does anyone have any idea?
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