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  1. I got a telescope 2 months ago from a lfs that had really torn fins after using the melafix and pimafix with aquarium salt the surface water filled with bubbles and the goldfish stayed at the top of the tank as if it couldn't breathe. I ended up sitting next to it for at least an hour and a half scooping bubbles. The medicine did work quickly though.
  2. koko, that's the nitrite test kit. Nitrate is $10.99 on amazon http://www.amazon.com/API-LR1800-Nitrate-Test-Kit/dp/B002DVVICS/ref=sr_sp-atf_title_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1390241876&sr=8-1&keywords=nitrate+test
  3. Sounds like the suction isn't powerful enough because the tank and sink are at the same level. I had the same problem. Luckly, my back door is located really close to my sink so after I turn on the faucet to get the suction going I throw the other end in my backyard. Now the suction is great.
  4. I started my goldfish tank about 6 months ago and stocked it with the baby goldfishes from petsmart. Two weeks ago my oranda sprayed eggs all over my tank. I'm pretty sure my largest fantail is a male but no breeding stars.
  5. Yuki

    What am I?

    thanks to everyone for your great answers.
  6. Yuki

    What am I?

    Thank you for your fast responses. My husband and I thought she was an oranda when we bought her but this is a welcoming surprise. Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fierce using Tapatalk
  7. Yuki

    What am I?

    Forgot to mention her name is yuki and she's my first goldfish. Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fierce using Tapatalk
  8. I can't tel if she's ryukin, oranda, or fantail. It looks like she may have a wen but it doesn't look like it's grown even though I've been feeding her a diet of hikari lionhead and bloodworms. As a bonus question if anyone can confirm she's a girl that would be awesome. Thanks. Sent from my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Fierce using Tapatalk
  9. If your total is over $15 use BDAY12DOG13 coupon code for an additional $4.00 off. You can only use one coupon code per order.
  10. I went to my local petsmart and they didn't have either product. The $3 off coupon code only works for online orders.
  11. Hello, I've been a long time reader of kokogoldfish and I know a lot of you love omega one and hikari pellets. I was looking for deals on omega one when this deal caught my eye. Hikari Oranda Mini Pellets (I think it's the floating kind) 10.5 oz $7.97 (reg price $18.99) http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2754929&f=PAD%2FpsNotAvailInUS%2FNo Omega One Sinking Pellets; small 6.5oz $3.97 (reg. price $8.99) http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2753177 If your order is over $10 use BDAY12CAT13 coupon code to get $3.00 off your order Free Shipping on all orders. I got a bag of each for a total of $9.79 after taxes ( I live in Seattle, WA) This is my first post post. Sorry, it's so long... I hope this is useful for someone.
  12. Marineland Single Bright LED Lighting System 36 - 48 inches $62.99 with free shipping http://www.amazon.com/Marineland-32999-Aquarium-Lighting-36-Inch/dp/B0045LAS3O/ref=sr_sp-btf_title_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1388646056&sr=8-4&keywords=led+aquarium+light This is what I would recommend and the reviews are great. The price on amazon is much lower than what you would find at the big box stores
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