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  1. Haha! Such and expensive and time consuming hobby too! But they're worth it, they're so beautiful to watch! I'm always paranoid about them, I always think there's something wrong, but there hardly ever is. I wish they could tell us when there's something wrong :/ it's so difficult to diagnose them!
  2. I'll take that into account now about the 50% water change also I do pH tests regularly, and it stays very constant in my tank. I'm not going to upload those photos about the rips because I'm away for a couple of days. But the largest rip has healed a quarter of the way already! don't worry, my fish stay at my family home so when I'm not there they feed them for me.
  3. Yes at the moment I think my tank can handle them. I do 30% water change every week and I do ammonia tests very often and some other tests. I have never had a parameter problem to date, but if I did I'd know how to handle it. I care very much for my fish, so when they grow I'll definitely sort out a new tank for them. Or I could set up my quarantine tank and put some in there if I really needed to. The smaller rip in the dorsal fin has already healed, not sure if the tail rips have though. I will upload pictures tomorrow anyway. Thanks for all your help so far
  4. Do you measure fish to the end of their body or to their tail? I measured mine to the end of their tail.
  5. The bullying stopped overnight. I actually think it was more breeding behaviour though after some looking into google. As I said, he did the same last year and he stopped eventually. I have a 101 litre tank and each fish is 3 1/2 to 4 inches long. They are all fancy goldfish. They've never had any trouble before apart from the first time I bought the bullying fish about a year ago, and last night. Today they're back to normal and swimming happily together.
  6. I introduced my black moor back in with my other goldfish yesterday after a month or so in quarantine for suspected fin rot. He seemed fine and so did the others until this afternoon. I noticed one of my other goldfish, my smallest one, has a tiny rip in the dorsal fin and 3 rips in the tail including one very long one. It looks nothing like fin rot and it happened over a few hours, so I'm sure it's torn fins instead. I've been watching him all evening, he's been mainly in the back corner of the tank . Then about an hour ago, I found that one of my other fish is chasing this small one, and one other. The other being chased now also has a rip in her tail, which has appeared within the last half hour. I've had this trouble before when I first bought this bullying fish about a year and a half ago. He started this not long after introducing him. He calmed down after a week but my fish were so tired after being chased. I'm assuming he's starting to get territorial since introducing the black moor back in. I don't know what to do because I really don't want to take him out because I've just drained my quarantine tank. But obviously I don't want my fish to get hurt either. Do you think it's best to leave them be? He doesn't do it constantly, and it's not concentrated on one fish, but is he going to cause any severe damage? He puts his nose under their tail and he pushes them so they swim like mad. He doesn't seem to be "nipping" though.
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