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  1. Petco has their DPG sale multiple times a year. I got a 10G tank last summer from them for my hermit crabs.
  2. Aww~ Poor babies! D: Your photography is stunning as always!
  3. I currently have a betta in a tank with an under-gravel filter, and will be upgrading him to a tank with an external filter sometime in the future. I was wondering, is there any way I could transfer some of the "media" in his current tank to the new one? I think I read somewhere that in tanks with a UGF, the bacteria colonize in the gravel/substrate itself, so would I just have to dump a handful of his old gravel into the new tank? Or should I not bother and just start the new tank with a fresh cycle?
  4. I love the "eyebrows" on the first fish! He looks so grumpy!
  5. I love Pompeii's little sidestripes. So charming!
  6. Look at the bronze belly on that moor! And the colors on your ranchus are so vibrant!
  7. You could do a betta sorority. 20G is a good size for that. You'd probably be spending most of your less-than-$50 on decorations to break up the line of sight and let each of your ladies define her own territory. I've never kept a sorority, but I've wanted to for a while, and I've heard that once you've gotten everybody settled and comfortable with each other, it's entertaining to watch them interact.
  8. Thank you all for your kind words! (And Drogon says thank you for all the compliments! Well, okay, he flared and begged for more food, but I think he was happy to know others appreciate his good looks! ) I've made a temporary New Year's resolution not to make any purchases over $20 (except for gas) until I get a new job, but I spoke to the hiring manager at Petsmart today and let him know who I was and that I'd applied for a position, so hopefully Drogon's new tank will be here soon! And I'll certainly be posting pictures of it when I've got it set up!
  9. Customs and import laws in the US can be pretty heavy sometimes. There's even a number of restrictions on state-to-state imports/ownership. (Example: It's illegal to ship anything made from deer antler into the state of Virginia.) Sorry you got slammed, but like everyone's said, you've got plenty of options to get a replacement! c:
  10. Drogon has been with me since summer 2013, where he was my "deskmate" at my summer internship. (I am not made for the sterile environment of an office, and my employer allowed me to get Drogon and keep him at my desk.) While he was originally in a single-gallon tank without heater or filter, he's been upgraded to a 2G and now has both. His tank sits right on my nightstand, so every morning I'm greeted with the sight of him flaring and zipping around in front of me going 'where's breakfast? feed me, human!' Sometimes I'll play a game with him in the mornings and sit up so he sees me (and gets super-excited), and then duck down so I'm out of sight. He stops flaring and just hangs there confused, and the second I pop back up, he starts flaring again. He easily has the most personality of any betta I've owned. Though I'd had two bettas before him, Drogon is the one who really got me interested in aquaria and fishkeeping. He's quite active and happy in his current tank, but I have plans to move him to a 5.5G sometime soon and fill it with real plants, so he'll soon be even happier! But currently, his tank is rather ugly and beginner-ish, so I'm a bit ashamed to post full pictures of the setup. Instead, enjoy pictures of my handsome boy! The top picture is more recent, and taken with a better camera. The bottom one is from shortly after I'd filled his tank and introduced him to it (no cycling or special acclimation technique--whoops! Fortunately, he's survived.) I'm always amazed at how red he looks in photos. The bottom pic is more what his colors look like in person--he's largely black with a slight reddish tone to his underside, and well-defined red and black areas to his fins. The top pic shows of his little cheetah spots on his dorsal fin, though! He's pretty good-looking for a pet store mutt!
  11. What a handsome fish! Looks like your physio helped him out, too!
  12. You know, someone else told me that. Definitely a good reason to stick with two for now!
  13. Argument over, then. If Side B is outdated information, that's all there is to it! Thank you to everyone who's replied to this! I'm sticking with two for my 40B then. I'll just live under the assumption that they're all going to get freakishly huge and make all my decisions based around that.
  14. First off, I hope this is the right place for this kind of thread. (It was either here or the Tanks forum.) Secondly, I have, as the title says, some questions about stocking. I recently purchased a 40B tank for my future fishies. I plan to stock it with fancies. Here's where the question comes in. I've seen two different opinions on stocking with fancies. Side A says that they all need 20 gallons of space to call their own, regardless of their size, because they are goldfish and make a lot of waste, and greater water volume means it's easier to maintain stable water params. Side B says that the first fancy needs 20 gallons of space, and that subsequent fish need 10 gallons, because fancy goldfish are smaller than and do not swim as energetically as commons, which these people agree all need 40 gallons to themselves, minimum. I've noticed that the caresheets from people on Side B advocate larger and more frequent water changes than the caresheets put out by people who side with Side A. This says to me that the people on Side B acknowledge that goldfish are messy critters and that ultimately, you need to ensure that you can keep the water quality up if you want to keep them humanely. So here are my questions: -Assuming I kept water conditions perfect, do you think I would be able to house three fancy goldfish in a 40B tank? -If you think three is too many, tell me how you came by that. Say you and I were looking at a 40B with three fancies in it, and you told me it was overcrowded, and I asked "How can you tell?", what would you say? (And don't just say "because each fish needs 20 gallons"--I mean, is there a certain look that tank would have? Are you dividing the tank into thirds and judging the size of the fish?)
  15. And it's not just animals that can get out of control. Kudzu vines, anyone? Or, a species very near and dear to my heart: Garlic mustard. Growing up, the back yard in my parents' house was full of this stuff. We always used to call it "juleweed", but I never knew what it was actually called until a few years ago. It was brought over from Europe in the 1800's as a food crop, I believe. Back in Europe, it has all kinds of fungi and predators to keep its numbers down, but there's none of that here. The worst thing about garlic mustard is that it effectively poisons the area around it, making it difficult for anything that isn't garlic mustard to grow there--so even if you tear it all out of the ground, you're hard-pressed to find something else that'll grow in its place. Once my parents learned it was invasive, they started taking action and trying to eradicate it from the yard, but...well, let's just say it'll probably be a while before our yard looks as lush as it did with the garlic mustard growing there.
  16. YESSSSS. Looks like I'll be picking up my 40G soon! Won't be filling it for a while to come, but I may as well get it while the getting is good.
  17. Can never go wrong with garlic! So, you know how after you mince garlic for a recipe, your hands smell like it for a few days? Would the fish have a good enough sense of smell that they'd come zipping over to your hands for a day or two, or would it only draw them in when it's "fresh"?
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