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  1. What is the KH of your tank water and the KH of your tap water? How much baking soda do you put in? Carbon is not necessary all of the time. It is useful to remove medicine in the tank. What type of filter media do you have in your tank other than the sponge? What is your filter cleaning routine? Oops, meant to say "Hello" before barraging you with questions. Hello!
  2. I love the glass gems--nice touch! The training of my oranda worked for a while, but I missed a couple of days so he went back to surface slurping. I've floated a couple of plastic colanders in the tank and he doesn't surface slurp any more and thus no floating. Kind of unsightly. I'll take the colanders out soon to see if there are any lasting effects. If not, I'll put the colanders back in the tank. I figured out that my other goldfish will push this oranda to the top when it is feeding time. So I think that is potentially why he developed a habit of surface slurping--at the top the other goldfish doesn't push him around during feeding time. With the colanders in the tank, this oranda gets a bit more aggressive with the other goldfish so the pushing lessens.
  3. I've tried something for the last several days that may minimize the surface slurping. I have one goldfish that had been doing surface slurping after eating, which then resulted in several hours of floating at the top. Now, after feeding them, each time this one goldfish would go to the surface, I would gently push him back down with a spoon and say "Down, down." I did this the first time yesterday morning. I had to hang around the tank for two hours to do this training. As a result no floating. Then at the evening feeding, I hung out for about 45 minutes and used the spoon while saying "down, down." Now this morning, I noticed that I did not have to use the spoon and words that much--he did not go to the surface as often. I did hang out for 30 minutes this time. This goldfish responded to "down, down" so I didn't have to use the spoon much. I'll do the same tonight. Hopefully with some consistency and patience on my part, this goldfish will be trained to minimize the surface slurping and avoid being floating for hours at a time.
  4. Check out this thread for where to get powered prazi for cheaper: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/124840-powdered-praziquantel-–-where-to-purchase/?hl=prazi
  5. Ooooh, look at them new babies!!! So pretty--congratulations!
  6. 7 is a special number! Love to you, Googs!
  7. Definitely better! Are those stitches on the side of his mouth?
  8. How cool! Thanks for sharing the results and the FB post.
  9. Light and love to Lemon! How fortunate you are to have a vet who will work on Lemon's mouth.
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