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  1. I am actually thinking about doing a 10 gallon betta tank, so the 75% coverage isn't really a big deal, because it's only like 25% coverage if I were to do it in my 55! Will a dirted tank work for bettas?
  2. Thanks Amanda! That's all I really needed to know! Like I said, I'll pick up the dirt, and try to learn as I go.
  3. What do you mean by aquarium dirt? Like Eco-Complete?
  4. I also meant "Dirted" in the title but autocorrect doesn't care what I meant!
  5. Hello! I need some advice about doing a planted, dirted tank. I really want to try to do dirt rather than Eco-Complete or AquaSoil. Can anybody tell me what kind of soil I would need to make this work? I'm scared that I will get a dirt that is some sort of compost/manure and will be 100% ammonia, which of course won't work for plants or fish. Once I learn what type of dirt I need, I'll try to play it by ear with lighting, plants, fertilization, etc. my local Home Improvement Warehouse has these two organic soils. The mushroom one won't work, right? I feel like neither of these are right! I'm just not sure. I am able to go to another Home Improvement store a little further away which may have a larger variety of organic soils, if necessary. Thanks everybody!
  6. I agree. The Anubias may be doing well because they aren't heavy root feeders. Lack of nutrients in the soil may well be a part of the problem with some of the plants
  7. Thanks It's a Nikon D3200.Our family is actually looking for a DSLR. I'll look into Nikon
  8. What camera do you use? I might need to get me one of those!
  9. With all due respect, I don't think anybody had the intention of disrespecting Koko or her rules. It was never stated that we weren't allowed to post in this thread anymore, just that those under 18 were ineligible to win the prizes. Even then, it wasn't until after 1,500 posts had been submitted that this was brought to our intention. Heck, the title of the thread is "Raffle for all..." Like I said, I don't want Koko, you, or anybody else to think that anybody was trying to disrespect Koko or her rules set forth pertaining to this raffle. If we were aware we weren't allowed to post here anymore, nobody would have, and I am sure if that. Like I said, disrespect to Koko or you was not my intention. Thanks for keeping this awesome site running and for the raffle. Good luck everybody :)This will be my last post here.
  10. I just did a little test, and on average (of a three trial test) it took me 5 random numbers between 0 and 1,550 to come up with three eligible members. Not too much worse than the necessary 3 random numbers. There are only 3 (I think) members here who were posting whom are under 18, and quite a few more who actually are eligible. You, Lisa, Paige, Alex, Cat, Jenna, etc...... Yes, it would take a small amount of time extra to draw 5 numbers instead of 3, but I'm not sure that's worth excluding those who aren't eligible and may just want to partake in the conversation. Unless, of course, it is part of the rules that you can't enter unless eligible, which would not be an invalid rule
  11. I agree that there isn't a rational reason for excluded members to keep posting (besides possibly wanting to be part of the conversation), but then again, she is only giving away 3 items... Even if she has to choose a random number 9-10 times to get eligible members, that would only take 2-3 minutes more than choosing 3 random numbers. Like I said, I see no reason for ineligible members to keep posting, I just don't want them to feel bad, like they're being a huge problem, whenever really it would only take a couple of moments more to choose another random number to find an eligible member. And plus I already account for about 1/4 of the posts here!
  12. Lol I don't think I can, but I would if I could!
  13. I have one and I am quite fond of it
  14. Did ya' hear? I'm out! Let's remove all my posts and go back to page 48!! That's kind of terrible! I know. If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have posted 400 times!
  15. Did ya' hear? I'm out! Let's remove all my posts and go back to page 48!!
  16. I'd like to donate all of my posts to FishOfGold, please!
  17. You say that now?!?!? :rofl OMGOMGOMG Don't tell goldfishfanforever! Good luck to everyone else and sorry Koko, but you may have to draw 10 times so you don't get me every time
  18. Yes! I'm definitely losing this raffle now! :rofl She said post as many times per day as you want, so that's what I did! Oh man, now i'm in trouble!
  19. Ugh, now I have to wait 5 minutes in between posts! Koko, I promise I won't spam anymore! The 5 minute thing is killing me, though!
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