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  1. What made you choose the Sunsun over the Cascade? Maybe I should re-evaluate my options before I buy...
  2. You'll have some lucky fish! As you said, 3 goldfish in a seventy five really wouldn't be much of a bio load at all, so hopefully my Emperor 400 and Canister filter can do the job. What Sunsun are you looking at? I was looking into those, but ultimately I think I'm going to go with Cascade by Penn-Plax.
  3. That is what I'll do, then. If it turns out that when they are in the seventy five that they need more filtration, I will be sure to get another right away. Thanks for all the help!
  4. I assumed this was the general consensus. I have read that you can't have too much filtration unless it is impairing the fish's ability to effectively maneuver itself. I was asking because I have an emperor 400 running on a 46 gallon with three goldies in it, and I want to add a canister filter that does 265gph. I know that this will be more than sufficient with my current setup, but was wondering if it would be able to handle a seventy five gallon tank. Should buy a more capable canister filter now, or add another and retire the Emperor when the time comes to get my seventy five? Thanks for the relies, guys. Really means a lot to me.
  5. Hello! I was wondering what the recommended flow rate is for goldfish aquariums equipped with canister filters. I know that for HOB filters the recommended rate is 10x tank volume per hour. Is it the same for canister filters? Taking into account that the water passes through much more media, would it reduce the amount of flow needed to effectively clean a tank? I know that there are some that still firmly believe in the 10x rule even for canisters, while there are others, like Jennie from SolidGold, who recommend only 5x the flow rate for tanks that are being filtered by canisters. Any answers are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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