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  1. Hey Mikey, get this. I took out the impeller assembly to clean it, and as I took the swab to the impeller, turning it and getting all the impeller blades clean, I noticed something I couldn't believe. A piece of my filter floss had dislodged itself from the cage and gotten stuck in the impeller. I took it out, finished the cleaning, and put it back in. Primed the filter, turned it on, and BAM. Now there is a beautiful rushing water sound and I'd say at least 30% more water is being pumped. Now it is no longer trickling slowly and is a full on waterfall in my tank! I will make sure to clean my impeller at least once a quarter, if not monthly now. Thank you so much for your recommendation on cleaning the impeller!
  2. Oh, also, it may not be the sand because whenever I stir the sand to make sure I get rid of any anaerobic pockets, I don't notice an increase in the amount of particles... I don't think so... I washed my clay like a maniac! My dad started yelling at me for using so much water! I will try a micron pad, but just to see if they are sand particles, because I don't want to restrict the flow of the filter further. After all, that is why I'm here! yup. let's see what others have to say. For now, I would just see if you can tank the impeller out and give it a good cleaning (I use a Q-Tip) and get in the crevices and make sure it is well cleaned. Maybe I will make a tutorial on it when mine get's gunky again. Although, I think Jess (Tithra) might have a video on how to clean them I would LOVE that. I will try to clean it as soon as possible.
  3. I don't think so... I washed my sand like a maniac! My dad started yelling at me for using so much water! I will try a micron pad, but just to see if they are sand particles, because I don't want to restrict the flow of the filter further. After all, that is why I'm here!
  4. Maybe we should start a new thread concerning if a UV thread should be continually used!
  5. Here is a link to a picture of my tank. I think this is the best one that tries to show the particles suspended in the water. Sorry I couldn't post them directly, I only have access to my iPad right now. http://i1142.photobucket.com/albums/n619/Justin_Ly/image-2.jpg
  6. I just took a closer look at my tank, and there seems to be what appears to be very small particles in my tank. The best way I can describe it is like the appearance of a sun ray in a dusty room. Kind of like small little particles just floating. It is only noticeable if you focus your eyes on the water, and not the fish or decor. Is this normal? It does not look like my fish are suspended in air, and I definitely wouldn't describe it as 'crystal clear' like some do in their reviews of filters, but this may obviously be a hyperbole. I will try to post a picture, but am not sure if you will be able to see it, as my camera will most likely try to focus on the decor or fish. Updates to comes thanks for the replies, Alex, Mikey, and Daniel,t hey are extremely appreciated.
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will add some ceramic media. I will also check the impeller and replace if necessary. I have another on hand, fortunately. I am pretty pleased with the appearance of the tank, Alex. I'm pretty sure my cycle is just fine, so I'll try not to worry about it. Anyhow, my 265gph canister filter will clear out any problems I may not see when I get it this December. UPDATE: Mikey, I just realized your recommendation of the SunSun. I will make sure to look at it. It seems unanimously better than Cascades by Penn-Plax, which I was planning on before.
  8. The only thing I have in the filter are two refillable media cages. They are loosely filled with the fluffy type of filter floss. I actually thought I didn't have ENOUGH media because I don't have any dedicated bio-media.
  9. I clean the media weekly or bi-weekly. I just cleaned the intake tube, and I cleaned the impeller in July. How often should it be cleaned? Like I said, maybe I am just underestimating how much it really is putting out...
  10. Hello! On my 46 gallon tank, I use an Marineland Emperor 400. I know that it isn't quite 10x filtration capacity (8.6x), so I'll be adding a canister soon. Anyhow, I want to say, my filter doesn't look like it is pushing 400gph. In fact, my Tetra 60, which pumps about 300gph, looks like it pushes a lot more water. It seems that the Tetra 60 forces water out, but the Emperor's flow is very trickly and slow. In fact, whenever I change my water and forget to unplug the filter beforehand, the water isn't even creating a full waterfall; it is trickling down pretty slowly. The flow adjuster is set to high, and if inset it to low, it makes a very loud grinding noise, and isn't able to push all of the air out of the spray bars situated above the bio-wheels. The water in my tank isn't dirty, and my fish aren't showing any ill effects, so maybe it just appears that my Tetra 60 (not on the same tank) pushes more water. If anyone has pictures or video of an Emperor 400 they own, it would be much appreciated if you can upload them so that I can compare yours to mine. I will make sure to post pictures as soon as I get home, as I am on my phone now. Thank you very much! My fish's health may be at stake!
  11. She has started a new one in D&D, Koko. Thanks.
  12. Good. I think 1mm is the sweet spot.
  13. Hey, does anyone happen to know the size of Omega One small pellets?
  14. Yes, try to get some pictures as clearly as you can of the fused tail. Like Alex said, it may just be an injury healing...
  15. I'm not sure if you can delete this one, so just go ahead and start an new one in D&D if you haven't already
  16. Just here to wish you the best of luck. I feel lucky as well to still have power here in eastern Missouri.
  17. Also, if you start a new thread in D&D, make sure to include the type of fish, tank and tap parameters, and anything else asked for on the checklist you will find in D&D.
  18. Hmm...Let's try to get a mod in here to see if they can assess the situation. In the meantime, let's see if we can get this thread moved to D&D, where the mods check more regularly. If a mod can't get here to move it, try to post a new thread in D&D. Don't worry, we'll figure this out.
  19. Here where I am the 75 is $199 as well. I think this is a pretty good deal. If it doesn't go down during the holidays and you can't find a comparable tank on Craigslist I would just cough up the $200.
  20. The only thing that I can think it might possibly be is air trapped somewhere. I think the best way to detect this is to look at all the seals and see if any are loose. Especially those around the motor. If they all look fine, it may be the motor itself bringing in the air.
  21. I could brush up on my goldfish keeping skills!
  22. Yes, usually fused fins are there from birth, and don't present much harm to the fish. Like Chelsea asked, are you seeing the fusing happening over time, because then it may be a different story...
  23. Does anybody have experience with Marineland's C-Series filters, specifically the C-360? I have the option to buy it on Craigslist for an extreme discount. How's the build quality? Is it true to its claims about flow rate? Any replies are appreciated.
  24. I hope I see the same. I just started a regime of Omega One coming from flakes. I know flakes are not the best, but I would soak them so they would sink. Anyways, they are just starting to adjust to the faster-sinking pellets. The flakes would mostly drift down very slowly, these sink much faster. So, by the time the feeding is over, quite a bit of food is on the bottom. Then they go foraging, which I think is kind of fun to watch. Anyways, like I said, I hope my new feeding practice makes improvements in my 8ish month old fish!
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