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  1. Yeah, I am really always hesitant to recommend this because one wrong move with that hose can mean serious injury or death for your fish. I am very quick when I use the hose part of the siphon and use my free hand to keep the fish on the other side of the tank. As am I. The extra suction power can be helpful for debris but can also be detrimental for the fish if they come too near to it. I have to be very alert as I do the water change.
  2. So... If I'm getting this right... Your tank is being emptied but the waste isn't being sucked up? I think the best thing to do is Tithra's recommendation of taking off the end of the hose that goes into the tank. Be careful of the fish, though, when vacuuming.
  3. Right. In case you have never used these filters before, there are a few things you need to do. First, make sure you have the intake tube pushed all the way down into the impeller like Koko said. You will feel it slide it place. Next, fill it up with water from the tank. Plug it in. Let it run for a minute or two. It needs some time to push all the air out of the spray bar assembly. It should begin flowing water after that. If not, you can try disassembling it and making sure the impeller can spin freely. Since you said it was making noise, that means the motor is working, which is a good sign.
  4. Did you make sure to fill the filters with water before starting them? If you don't, they can't prime themselves and they make a horrible grinding sound.
  5. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/110296-stabilizing-your-tank-ph-with-sodium-bicarbonate-baking-soda/ Heres a link to the baking soda/kH post in Alex's signature. Very helpful read.
  6. Good, good. I am at ease because of all the stories of people with extreme size differences in their tanks. My smallest is about 11 grams, and I'll weigh the big one today.Some of you may know, but I just bought a new 55 gallon. If I knew this would've happened, I would've gotten a 75...
  7. So, MGML, is your tank lower than the level of the sink? If so, make sure you keep the water turned on during siphoning.
  8. This is incorrect. Actually, in general cases you do not have to keep the water running. It will still work as a vacuum even when hooked to the faucet with no running water. Many of us here will use the faucet to get the siphon started, then turn it off and water will still flow.In MGML's case, her tank is at the same level, if not lower than the sink. This means that the siphon may not even work due to gravity working against her. MGML, it seems that you do not have enough pressure. If the water is flowing, out well so should the poop. Did you ever get the pump running? I dont even use the facet to drain.... just suck and let it go iust the door Chelsea, of course. I should have clarified about the height of the tank in relation to the height of the sink.Koko, that's exactly what I do, too. Except I drain right into a drain hole in my basement. Makes things so easy.
  9. I can do a preventative round. Where can I get Prazi? Also, can I treat in the main tank and will it destroy the cycle?
  10. Shame on me. I should've used an 18 gallon tub I have. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope my mistake doesn't have extreme repercussions...
  11. I think it depends. I was planning on getting a 75 in about a year whenever my three fish grew, but I might do it sooner just so I can keep him. He really is pretty. Unlike slot if the members on this forum, I've only had my goldfish for less than a year, so I've never seen such a large goldfish. (I'm sure I have seen some pictures, but without any context, I couldn't imagine the true size of them) so, whenever I first got him, I stood there in awe.
  12. Haha! That is exactly what I thought, even though the difference wasn't that large between the new fish and my old fish. I thought he would find a way to fit them in! It was a scary moment the first time I put him in!
  13. I wish. The reason he wanted to unload him was because he is hideously overstocked and he knew it. My dad said he had 3 in a 25. OF THAT SIZE! I felt bad by telling my dad I couldn't take him, but I knew it would cause a lot of extra trouble for me and possibly my fish. I would have been glad to offer him some advice on goldfish keeping, but, alas, he desired nothing but to get rid of his fish rather than properly caring for them.
  14. Remember, once you turn the water on, you have to keep it on. The force if thee water coming out of the faucet pulls the water out of the tube; this isn't a siphon performed by gravity. So, make sure you don't turn the water off after the siphon has started.
  15. No. I bought all three of my small fish at the same exact time after my tank was cycled. There was no need to quarantine them as they all were already together at the pet store, and no illness has arisen since their purchase.
  16. Alright here is an embedded post so you don't have to follow the link.,
  17. I will take that into consideration. I would have QT'd him but my QT tank just would not fit him! I was only prepared in case one of my small goldies got sick. Crossing my fingers that all goes well!
  18. I will make sure to be sure to try to get in at least one big change in per week. I will aim for two. I posted a picture of a comparison of the two sizes above.
  19. http://www.flickr.com/photos/114344643@N07/12006304456/ Here is a picture of a comparison of the two fish.
  20. Here's the story. A man came to my father's work, knowing that his son (me) had a fish tank. He asked my father if he wanted a goldfish. My father said "Let me think about it." He called me, and asked me if we could take them. "NO!" I told him, "We don't have any space!" After convincing him, I thought the ordeal was over. Nope. Later that night when my father returned home from work he had the fish. So, now, I have four goldfish in my 55. Also, three of my own are only about 8 months old and he is well over 1.5 years...He's huge! I'm worried that if he/she starts displaying breeding behavior he may kill my babies! Are there any recommendations about what I can do with this fish? Should I do twice weekly water changes? Are my little ones going to be alright!? Pictures to come...
  21. Regarding the stocking question, 75.5L (19.9G) per fish is adequate to house the fish for their entire lives. Here, we only advise lower than ~20G (75.7L) per fish if you are planning to upgrade soon. Regarding filtration, both flow rate and the media inside your filter is important. For flow rate, some on this forum believe 5-7x tank volume per hour is okay through a canister filter. For HOB filters, we recommend 10x because of the limited amount of media that can fit in the container. The more media the water goes through in your filter(s), the cleaner the water is when it exits the filter. because of the large amount of media a canister filter can hold, some believe you don't need 10x tank volume per hour for canisters.
  22. Photobucket is better A matter of opinion, really.
  23. Like the there said, there is no problem with owning a disabled fish. But, I don't think you should buy it for the reasons Alex has stated.
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