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  1. LOL thanks ... I'm still learning too! I definitely know what you mean about not understanding a word of it at first - I had that feeling when reading about PAR on The Planted Tank, but then when I read Jess' post that tied the PAR levels into low, medium or high light, it all made sense! By the way - I just walked downstairs and am seeing amazing growth in all my plants - so impressed! The swords are growing like crazy already, even though they've only been here a week! I was reading the thread and all these chemical names were being thrown around and I was just like But now I understand it, for the most part. The most important thing to know is that it's a balance, and when that balance is sustained, plants grow, and algae doesn't. I looked for Jess' PAR post a while back, but could never find it. I've read probably 75+ posts about PAR thus far, but if you could point me towards where it is, I'd be very grateful Pretty much all of my reading was either on Tom's website or on The Planted Tank, usually with Tom or Hoppy giving great information. That's a very useful site, and I found pretty much any information I needed. If I've asked a question about plants, it's most definitely been asked on The Planted Tank, and I'm very happy about that.
  2. Awesome! Glad you found a solution! Is the dorm off campus?
  3. After a little bit of math, for a 55 gallon, Safe would be $2.60 with weekly water changes per year. Prime would be $7.80 with the same routine. Not a huge difference, but there's no reason not to save $5/year. Oh, and for anyone using Aquasafe, that would be (for the same routine above) $83.20. :yikes
  4. And I think Prime smells bad! I have to hold the bottle at an arms length when I open it! I'm also glad that they simplified the directions. I've always been interested in Safe. Thanks for the awesome thread, Jess!
  5. How big is that dorm?! I'm not sure about night crawlers, but I can imagine that if you get them from the wrong place, they could be carrying some nasty things.
  6. Didn't even think about your roommate and the repashy! That should be funny. Yeah, I think supplementing with a high-protein pellet could be the best option. Just because I'm curious, how big is the tank you're taking to college? Hopefully the roommate is accepting!
  7. Very nice! I love the river stones and your plants and your fish! Okay, I love it all!
  8. Why am I just now seeing this?! He is so cute! He makes your other fish look like Fish-zillas!
  9. Are there any fish stores on the way? I think they could last probably 2 hours or so if insulated very well and kept with ice. If not, you could try a high protein food like Brownyn suggested. Not the best solution to your situation, but it works.
  10. Welcome to Koko's, Jack! I agree, YouTube is the easiest way to show us a video. Upload it through YouTube, then post the link here
  11. Justin

    RIP Shaun

    So sorry Deciding to euthanize is always a hard choice. He was very beautiful
  12. I can't seem to find that thread. Is it in the "Blogs" section?
  13. Maybe buy A TON, stick them in a cooler on your trip to college, and hope they'll last until you come home in the summer Other than that, there are freeze-dried, which I'm sure you're aware are not the best for our finned friends' stomachs. I hope you find a solution!
  14. Thanks Jess! Wouldn't be possible without you! Or you Tammy! Or you Lisa! Or you Dan! Or you Amanda! :D
  15. I'm still confused as to why acrylic tanks are so much more expensive. They yellow, the weight difference is minimal and not very handy if you're not moving the tank all the time, and they scratch very easily. That said, they can be repaired, whereas glass cannot be, but glass doesn't scratch really at all unless due to inappropriate handling/care. Quite weird. Maybe so many are damaged in stores/in shipping the cost goes up for the manufacturer.
  16. Thanks for the link, Dan! Lisa linked it to me earlier in this thread, but, frankly, I didn't understand quite a bit of it. After doing research on Tom Barr's website as well as other planted aquarium forums for quite some time (6+ hours), it all makes sense now. Funny how that happens. So, I'll start with dosing once every week as per the recommended dosage, with the micros and macros separate. I plan on using the same kit at Lisa, so micros would be CSM+B and macros would be KN03, KH2PO4, and K2SO4. I don't want to measure individual levels (the whole point of EI), so I'll dose the recommended dosage and do a water change at the end of the week to remove any built up fertilizers. I know Excel is probably necessary, so I'll do that, too. I want to do a lower dosing schedule, like Lisa did, as I won't be dosing as much fertilizer and my photoperiod will only be about 6 hours, less if necessary to reduce algae. I'm going to try to plant with as many plants as I can afford from the get-go to try to avoid algae, but now that I realize, dirt doesn't really have any benefits over sand with root tabs. You have to plant more and it's riskier for the fish. Maybe I should just do sand...
  17. I agree, you'll have to clean it daily quite probably. Looking forward to seeing how it turned out!
  18. PICS PICS PICS! When you're ready, of course. I'm actually planning on a dirted tank with a sand cap so I'm interested to see how it turns out!
  19. I could also dose 1 or 2 times per week instead of the 3.
  20. I would try running hot water through them. that may flush out the grime stuck to the inside of the tubing. Could't hurt to try, as long as you don't stretch out the tube so it is too big for the barbed fitting.
  21. No problem! Life always come first! That's great! I saw several articles on how to restrict how much light gets into the tank using several different methods, none of which seemed too difficult. I agree, having too much is more fixable than not having enough. I also read up on EI dosing, and was planning on doing 1/2 the recommended dosing. Does that sound about right? The tank would still be heavily planted, but without CO2, so I thought I should reduce the dosing because the plants won't be growing as rapidly.
  22. @yafashelli Not that I plan on not doing it, but why must you plant 3/4 of the tank from the get-go?
  23. They look very nice! Don't have room for one unfortunately. Good luck!
  24. Very cool! I am actually planning a planted tank with some of the fish you have in there. Some gouramis and tetras. Hopefully mine will be as beautiful as yours!
  25. Yeah, I saw the PAR on the site, and the Fugeray + is 61 compared to the Sat's 36 @ 12". I'm going to try Finnex and hope it's not too high without pressurized CO2. I really think the programmable LEDs are awesome, but I'm scared I won't use them enough to justify buying them over the more powerful and equally priced Finnex. Thanks, I was looking for someone who had experience with that particular light.
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