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  1. I just checked it out, and it'd be about $180 + tax for a 2' fixture. Not out of the picture, especially if it is better than easily available lights.
  2. Quite expensive like you said, but it sounds like you get what you pay for. I think I'll seriously consider this for my 20 gallon dirted tank. Thanks! I really like the idea of being able to customize every part of it.
  3. Yeah. it would have to be insulated VERY well, and have a very high priority shipping type to get to her in time to still be even semi-frozen.
  4. I was hoping nobody would mention that....... I may have wrapped it in a towel for like 30 minutes so I could actually get some homework done without being annoyed to no end. Once I took the towel off, it eventually cooled down. I didn't know you could replace the white thing.... Interesting. I thought you could only replace the black silicone/rubber part. It seems like the whole thing is replaceable if you really tried. Just a bit of soldering is all it would take.
  5. Great find! I would also paint it. Not sure with what, though. Your fish are looking great, even from afar. They're huge!
  6. I think I may have made a mistake if Alex wants to see my work!!!
  7. Show your work, please. .01 (dollars per 10 gallons) x 5 (10 gallon measures per 55 gallon tank) x 52 (weeks per year) = $2.60 .03 (dollars per 10 gallons) x 5 (10 gallon measures per 55 gallon tank) x 52 (weeks per year) = $7.80 .32 (dollars per 10 gallons) x 5 (10 gallon measures per 55 gallon tank) x 52 (weeks per year) = $83.20
  8. So he reveals himself.... Too bad it didn't work out! Moms, right?
  9. Amanda, I'm gonna have to place you under e-citizen's arrest. It's like citizens arrest, but over the internet.
  10. The problem was a loose screw! If someone could please delete this thread, it would be greatly appreciated!
  11. I just noticed that my Whisper Pump is vibrating excessively, thus making a lot of noise, and is also getting very hot. I haven't felt before. Could someone do me a huge favor and tell me if it is supposed to run warm? I can't remember it ever being warm. Thanks!
  12. Also, sorry if I sound stupid, but I don't get the reference to 127...
  13. After reading a bit, I'm seeing that the Igloo styrofoam coolers that you can buy for $5 are able to keep refrigerated food safe to eat for over 3 days. I assume that would be more than sufficient for frozen foods for 6.5 hours (5.5 plus stops, etc.) or more. I would read up a little. I just Googled "Frozen foods in cooler." The 3 day thing is what people are saying, not an Igloo endorsed statement, which is important to know. I am also seeing people say that these are what businesses ship frozen foods in, deep sea voyages (3+ days) use them, etc. I really think if you pack them tightly with ice packs (Duct tape the bloodworms and ice packs together, then stuff that in ice. Don't open!) you will be completely fine! Maybe you should contact businesses that ship FBW and see how they ship them. Hope I wasn't giving you information you were already aware of!
  14. Daniel liked the post. It must be him. You're lousy at hiding things, Daniel!
  15. Just read it through! Great! Some info I already knew, and some was new to me, but it was all very organized and really helped me! That is probably the compilation of dozens of articles that I've read and others I haven't in one article! Thanks Jess!
  16. Hey hun, the reason we ask you to fill in all the questions is so that the moderators can establish what may be causing the issue, and how to fix it everyone here is really nice, and no one is here to criticise you as soon as you can answer all the questions, the mods can help you out ok. Will do. [emoji58]Thanks
  17. How do you get hot water from a hose?
  18. Or, if you had a short one already, attach a piece of string (3-4ft) to the handle, drop the string down the tube (using water to push it along if necessary) and then pull the string as to pull the brush along the inside of the tube. That way you can avoid buying anything.
  19. Maybe if the only other option is replacing the tubes. http://m.jensonusa.com/!oHdAqU4O4IqqDbpmtrccBA!/Hydrapak-Tube-Cleaning-Brush?utm_source=FRGL&utm_medium=organic&gclid=CL_U9KSCh8ACFcI-MgodrBsAdw
  20. yes, she was quarantined What did you do during quarantine? Prazi? Salt?
  21. I also use multi colored pf sand! It's great! I love the speckled look when you view it from up close.
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