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  1. If you have any salvinia, I would love some if you could fit it in a normal sized envelope with a stamp or two I really don't need much.
  2. Yes, I see! Not sure if I want a long or a high yet. If I want a long, I'll definitely go for the 30". But it's for tropicals, so I may want to try a tall tank for once
  3. Doesn't look like it, does it? I also see a strange bump...
  4. The price is also dependent on what size bottle you buy. On Amazon, the 500ml bottle is only a bit over a dollar more than the 250ml bottle.
  5. Any Prime should have the same concentration no matter its bottle size
  6. Yeah, that's from Prop 65. I am appreciative of it because it makes it so that there are limits for toxins on the food and supplements I buy. Other states don't have an equivalent law yet, but will soon, if rumors in my industry are to be believed. Hopefully the FDA will come up with limits; it would make things much simpler if all states had to meet the same standards.Also, it kinda freaked me out when I walked into my office for the first time and saw a big sign that said, "WARNING: This area contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause reproductive harm"! (We have a microbiology lab next to our office, but I'm still not sure which chemical the sign is referring to!) I agree. Funnily enough, I just saw, on the air condition unit in my basement, "Fiberglass wool is know by the state of California to cause cancer." Every time I see something like that I get a little worried for a moment but then realize that "Yeah, these things may be able to cause cancer, but only if used in an inappropriate way or not taking standard safety precautions," like, for instance, wearing a mask when working with fiberglass wool.
  7. Whoa, 50ppm ammonia in the tap?! How long til that's neutralized in the tank? We'll see what the mods have to say about that. Thanks so much for filling out the form
  8. Things aren't always set in stone But I agree. Unless your tank is quite big, it really isn't worth it even if it is only a little bit more work. I like just measuring one cap and dumping.
  9. This actually touches on something I was gonna discuss in my other thread; is it best to simply add a second sponge if my current one is seeming "coarse" and "brittle" and no longer keeping shape...or should I replace this old one altogether even though it may be housing some BB?Chances are, your current sponge has quite a bit of BBs. What you could do is add a new sponge without taking out the current one, and leave both in the filter for a few weeks. Then you can remove the old sponge, and the new sponge will have some BB on it which will readily grow when the older sponge is removed! You just want to have both in there for a while so the new one has some time to grow some BB. If you just remove the current one and add the new one, I imagine you'll have quite a bump. You may experience a slight bump even if you use both for a couple weeks, but it won't be as bad as it would be if you hadn't taken the time to grow some BB on the new sponge beforehand.
  10. You can add more sponges for mechanical filtration or more BioMax for holding beneficial bacteria, but as long as you don't have ammonia and there isn't any debris in your tank, I don't see a reason to
  11. I think they also sell replacement filter pads, although I've actually never bought one. Mine didn't look particularly dirty, but it did have a weird "smoke" coming off of it. Like super micro particles. It was really weird.
  12. This is a family forum. I'm underage for this kind of stuff. Can we get this to the adult section? think I should cover my eyes at this point.
  13. I hope you find out the problem. Her coloration is beautiful!
  14. "Let's just mention this super secret project in this super public thread..." "Yeah, no one will notice!"
  15. Alright. Just rinsed it off and waiting for it to dry! Thanks guys!
  16. I was just going by Jess' chart, but I see how real-world usage can skew the results
  17. Is that the thing that has two wires soldered to it?It's the little white thing I was talking about. It's just a little felt pad. Oh! Maybe I'll do that how then
  18. Thanks! I feel good... I solved the problem I partially created.
  19. Is that the thing that has two wires soldered to it?
  20. Not to mention everything is found to cause cancer by the state of California.
  21. Thanks! The only reason I didn't understand it at the time was my lack of research. I think this article should really help people http://www.aquaticplantcentral.com/forumapc/fertilizing/15225-estimative-index-dosing-guide.html I know it helped me with understanding what EI is.
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