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  1. I really like your first idea about the basket! I think it would have various benefits. On top of not having to transfer the duckweed from your tank to the pond several times per week, the duckweed would be grown right in the goldfish pond, which would help filter their water and absorb nitrites, ammonia, etc.
  2. Awesome job! I would also recommend taking out the gravel. It's not unlikely that he has gotten it stuck in his mouth before, and has been able to get it out by himself. Nonetheless, sometime's they can't, and even if they can, it can be very stressful for the fish. If you use something like pool filter sand it is okay for them to swallow some of it, as it's quite small and can pass through them easily
  3. Back in STL Cool pic of The Arch! I live about 20 minutes from it. Wish I lived closer
  4. If it's super small, it's fine. If it's super big, it's fine. It is that magical space in between, where they can get it in their mouth, but can't swallow/pass it, that you should be concerned about.
  5. Is your tank acrylic or glass? Whichever it is, make sure to use the algae magnet that is made for that type of aquarium. There are magnets made for both acrylic and glass. If it is acrylic, you can use a plastic restorer such as the Novus System to remove scratches. If it is glass, it is a bit trickier. If you run your fingernail over it and it gets stuck, I don't think it's worth it to do anything. IMO, it's a lot more work than it's worth. If it's not, you can try a few things. First, an easy possible solution that can't hurt to try. Get some toothpaste and, using a microfiber cloth, rub it onto the scratch. Remember, it won't work if it's too deep. It may not work even if your fingernail does;t get stuck. I don't know how it works, I just know it's gotten me out of a pickle a couple of times. Other than that, you could begin looking into commercial solutions, which will most likely be hit or mis.. i agree with Amanda, however. if it's not filled (the tank) already, fill it up. they do become less noticeable with water in it for some reason. I assume it has something to do with light refraction.
  6. That's not a high output fixture, it's just a T5. There's a difference.You cannot use a T5HO bulb in a T5 fixture, they're incompatible. I assumed they were already in use. The bulbs he linked I were HO. I assumed the fixture was as well.
  7. Two T5HO bulbs 18" from substrate (height of 29g) should definitely give you at least medium, if not high, light with a full power ballast. It depends on the bulbs, though. I did a little digging but couldn't find PAR ratings for Coralife Colormax bulbs. My two bulb 48" fixture gives me med-high light, around 50 par. I think any plant labeled as medium light should do pretty well with two T5HO. We'll see what others have to say, though
  8. I use Ultimate, made by Aquarium Solutions/distributed by Hikari. It too removes chlorine and chloramines and binds ammonia. Judging by my calculations, it's a bit more expensive than Prime when taking into account the dosage, but it is nearly odorless (and the odor it does have is pleasant), which factors a lot into my decision - my tank is in the living room, and to me Prime smells like rotten eggs. I tried using Prime for awhile, knowing it's a good water conditioner and all, but could not stomach the smell. I returned to Ultimate. I'll look into it. It may be worth it if it smells GOOD!
  9. I wonder if that'd be included in the DPG sale... Hmmm....
  10. I do see a bit of transparency on her "forehead" area.
  11. To save $10 off MSRP I'd say it's worth it, too!
  12. I don't see any excessive gulping They may just be anticipating being fed
  13. I found it at my LFS when they have a sale I can get it for even lower. I got it free once tooI wish I had a good LFS around here
  14. I love that pink coloration! Her fins are also coming in nicely!
  15. I don't know why, but I was assuming you had or was getting a 20 long. That makes since now of what you've said. I very well may. 20 highs aren't as easy to find, unfortunately
  16. I'd also say 24 hours, but if in no rush, 48 hours would be better to eliminate any risk
  17. If I'm not mistaken, the acrylic will not be supporting the fixture. The fixture rests on the rim of the tank EDIT: Sniped by Lisa!
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