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  1. Could it be from scratches caused by the plastic plants, possibly? I'm still finding my fins here and know next to nothing, so don't mind me if I'm annoying! Just adding my two cents.
  2. Ooh, a pink thread! LOL Funny you call him an 'ex panda'. I call mine the same thing. Do you mean what causes their colour change or what makes them look pink?
  3. Was going to raise my hand up and volunteer to send @ Herts some media if he wants it. I live on the Gold Coast and would be happy to help. It looks like you already have the issue sorted? If not, JLMK!
  4. Panda moors at my LFS cost AUD $40 each for 5 cm babies. This was in early 2012. IMO the price was a little steep, considering the colour changes they went through 8 - 12 weeks later. Having said that, I adore them completely and wouldn't change a thing. In the future, I'd have no problems paying $100 for a good fish.
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