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  1. Any other recommendations fellow aussies?
  2. That's Kirky got Frenchy from right? I've sent them a message. Thanks Amanda Yup it is She got Ruby from them too, and that's also where I got my Luka Ah cool, did they ship Luka to you?
  3. That's Kirky got Frenchy from right? I've sent them a message. Thanks Amanda
  4. Has anyone in Aus found any good online sites for fish? I'm looking specifically for bubble eyes but they're proving very elusive. Failing online stores does anyone know any aquariums that can ship to a home address, or has anyone seen any bubble eyes whilst out and about in the Brisbane area? Thanks
  5. It's hornwort, the floating plant, it just gets caught on my anubias and end up looking like that, I think it's pretty cool
  6. Quite DIY but its effective, I've seen people do this with white filter pads too, the wool like ones
  7. Maybe the blood worms spoiled whilst you were out that extra hour? Just a thought but them just eating way too much sounds about right. if you even tried making gel food you could add the freeze dried worms and blend them up
  8. Thanks, I'm enjoying keeping fish on small scale again, so much less hassle. I downsized because I'll be moving back to the UK within the next year or so. I re-homed my telescopes and Ryukin with Kai so I'm glad they've got themselves a good home
  9. So, I orginally had my new bubble eye that I have christened Wilbur in a storage container pond outside BUT I found there was a big temp fluctuation going on, I would have had to of upgraded within a few months anyhow as well. So I had an empty 23 gallon tank sitting in my bedroom that I have set up for Wilbur with a cycled canister filter. He's doing pretty great in there so far, for my first time owning a bubble eye I'm really beginning to like this little one. His new pad: I had a incident where his right bubble deflated slightly, I'm happy to report its healed completely and even caught up in size (nearly) with his left bubble
  10. Yeh it was a super pleasant surprise,....maybe it was like a slow puncture on a bike tyre...it just deflated slightly bu healed quick enough that it didn't go totally flat
  11. That is a shame, sorry to hear about your fish, you did well by it though
  12. So it's this little guys first weigh in today, I think a quarter of those 6 grams might be bubble weight Speaking of bubbles, his right bubble has seemed to of bounced back which I'm really grateful for. I've named him/her Wilbur.
  13. It could be multiple things, but it will be hard for people to give you an answer without more information. How big is the tank? Was it cycled? what did you feed the fish? Which water additives did you use? Were they quarantined etc There's a disease diagnosis section on this forum with a form to fill out to give people more experienced than myself the information they need to help you, I'd make a post there if I were you If you can attach a photo of the affected fish to the post it will also be a plus. Here's the link http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/forum/10-disease-diagnosis-treatments-microscope-videos/
  14. You kept this a secret from us on facebook Amanda or maybe I just didn't pay attention. How are the fry going?
  15. I hope things improve for your Oranda, you're obviously working really hard to make the best out of the situation you were put in by the pet store employee. Good luck
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