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  1. I have one ~3" Common in my 55g. For the first few weeks, he was doing just fine. Swam ALL over the place non stop, and was eager to greet anybody and everybody. However for some reason, he has stopped that and I'm not sure why.. All he really does is sit in the back top right corner of the tank by the heater. I dont think he's afraid of people, because when i walk up the tank he goes to the front and greets me. He is still always eager to eat and hasnt stopped. The only time he goes out from his corner is when I walk up to the tank and when i feed him. I don't believe its a water quality issue; i tested it and its fine. I do 75% changes every week. I don't see any noticeable medical issues or overly concerning odd behavior. Do you guys think its perhaps possible that he is bored? The only thing in the tank is one fake plant and no other fish. What should I do? I was thinking about adding one more common to accompany him as a friend, but i won't be able to upgrade the tank size so i'd ultimately have to remove the second one down the road. Im a bit stuck here. Help?
  2. Thanks! I'm keeping a log on him. Taking pictures every Friday as well as measuring. Hopefully in a month I'll see something. Even half an inch would make me happy
  3. Okay, sorry for the lack of information! Hopefully this answers all of your questions: 1 comet goldfish in a 55 gallon tank. Filtration is one Aqueon 55/75 HOB filter, and a SunSun HW-302 canister filter. I do 75% water changes every Friday and then 25% every Monday. He is about 1.5 inches and I've had him for 5 days now. I feed him Omega One pellets as a staple, and as treats I feed spirulina flakes, Omega One seaweed, Emerald Entree, Bloodworms, and fresh greens. I live in Seattle, Washington and it gets pretty cold here. Regardless, I think I'll give him a heater so the temp can be consistent. Thanks for all of the useful information
  4. I want my comet to grow to his absolute full potential and in a timely manner. I've read a few times that fish grow slower in colder water. Is this true? And if so, do you think I should put a heater in his tank?
  5. It seems this site has more fancy goldfish owners than comet/commons.. Guess I'm out of luck. I don't have a scale to weigh my little 1.5 inch comet and I really want an idea of how much he weighs so I know how much pellets to feed.
  6. How much has your fish grown? To me that number of pellets might be OK, but it's time to add more frozen stuff to the mix. Wow! Your goldie(s) must enjoy having you as their owner. Sounds like they're getting the fish equivalent of five course meals I've only had Jaws (finally decided on a name) for three days! I'll be taking pictures and measuring him every Friday; basically keeping a log on him. So I guess we'll find out by Friday how much he has grown if any. He does seem to look like he's gotten a bit fatter since I got him though And as far as treats go, I'm planning on giving him spirulina flakes, fresh greens, omega one seaweed, frozen emerald entree, and frozen bloodworms. I'll probably be soaking the emerald entree and frozen bloodworms in Garlic Guard. He'll be getting these foods only once a week, fed all on different days of course.
  7. I have the "TetraVeggie Spirulina-Enhanced Flakes"
  8. Perfectly fine. Foods marketed towards fancies (for example, Hikari Lionhead) can be fed to single tailed varieties. Sent from Tapatalk. Okay Would you recommend Omega One or NLS?
  9. Okay cool thanks! One last question: Spirulina is fine to feed as a treat right? I have some left over from when I had African Cichlids
  10. Yeah I was also thinking of omega one The goldfish formula for NLS looks like it's more geared toward fancies rather than commons/comets. Would it still be fine to feed it to mine?
  11. Alright, I'll probably start feeding more variety next week! Oh, are the Aqueon pellets not great quality? But yes, my local petco carries NLS! I don't know why I didn't think of buying some for my Goldie, I fed NLS to my African Cichlids and they loved it
  12. So right now I have one common/comet goldfish in a 55 gallon tank. He's about 1-1.5 inches long so i can't tell for sure if it's a common or comet. Anyways, currently I'm feeding him Aqueon Goldfish Granules. Five pellets, three times a day. 11am, 4pm, 9pm. I guess my first questions would be , is this a good feeding regimen? Am I feeding too freqently? Is the amount that I'm feeding too much or not enough? My last question is, when should I start feeding treats? Like seaweed, veggies, Emerald Entrees, etc. In my judgement he seems a bit small for that stuff right now but i could be wrong
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