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  1. Also, obviously if/when he gets bigger I wouldn't keep him in such a small tank.
  2. And by the way, to finally answer the question about my tank size since some of you seem so impatient, it is 5.5 gallons. Before you jump all over me about a small tank, keep in mind he is small and he is in a dorm room. It is not practical to expect me to immediately transfer him to a 40 gallon tank. Also, he's been in a 2.5 gallon bowl the past few months and I just put him in his new tank yesterday. He hasn't had any problems besides some floatiness but that is easily remidied by feeding him a pea. I think he gets floaty when he eats flakes so I've switched to feeding him sinking pellets.
  3. Everyone, I am new at this and am also quite busy at the moment with all my school work. Thanks for trying to help but try not to jump all over new members. Nobody should be rude just becuase I havne't answered a question about the tank.Thanks. And also, try not to be so preachy and act like you all know everything. Not a very nice welcome to this forum.
  4. I think I will keep the filter I have. I'm just needing tips on how to properly use it.
  5. The instructions show that if the wand is on it should be above the water but if you don't put the wand on it can be under the water. It just now is making sense to me. The instructions are terrible though! So i can do it without the wand just under the waters surface? It's in a dorm room so the sound of the water pouring back into the tank is a bit bothersome to my roomate and me.
  6. I bought this filter today as my first filter and am a bit confused. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=20325416&f=PAD%2FpsNotAvailInUS%2FNo Do I put the cord underwater? I did just a minute ago in the empty tank and not many bubbles came out, is that normal? Do I need anything else to go with the filter? I'm just a bit confused about the whole thing! Thanks!
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