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    Rescue Betta

    Update - Blue is now in a 10 gallon tank with my 2 apple snails. He looks THRILLED to have so much room! And I am thrilled to see him so active ... I've never seen a betta swim around like that! :D
  2. Thanks, I can try the duckweed and see if I can set up a large container. I might have room on my patio (I live in a condo, so no room for a large pond unfortunately ... one day!). I do have a tank full of plants, but my fish don't pay any attention to them - not even to the ones they're supposed to like, such as elodea. But if I were to lay duckweed across the surface, if nothing else that would at least keep him below the water line.
  3. Thanks Jared, I can try this out. I have a spare 10 gallon I can set up for him to see if it's a water depth issue. My tank is 21" deep - I have been lowering the water level by several inches the past few months, but it hasn't led to any improvement. Good to know about the water changes; I wasn't really sure what that meant. I was worried it might be something in the replacement water, but it wasn't affecting the other fish and my test kit shows absolutely no difference between the tap and tank water - no drop in pH, etc.; our water is really hard here. It would make sense if Gordo's swim bladder is just slow to adjust.
  4. Hi all, I was hoping you could help me with an issue my Gordo has been having - details below. Thanks in advance! Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level(Tank) 0ppm * Nitrite Level(Tank) 0ppm * Nitrate level(Tank) 0ppm * Ammonia Level(Tap) 0ppm * Nitrite Level(Tap) 0ppm * Nitrate level(Tap) 0ppm * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 8.0 pH, 13 drops gH, 10 drops kH * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 8.0 Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API drops * Water temperature? 70F * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 50 gallons, 1.5 years * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? API Filstar XP-L canister * How often do you change the water and how much? ~70% every week How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? Sunday, 50% * How many fish in the tank and their size? 3 adult fancy goldfish, fairly large (probably around 5" body) * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Only Ultimate and Praziquantel (standard maintenance dose, per label) currently. Normally also add Excel and Flourish for the plants, and koi clay, but not adding these during Prazi treatment. * What do you feed your fish and how often? Primarily Soilent Green and also NLS Thera-A, twice per day, with occasional frozen bloodworms and nori. * Any new fish added to the tank? No * Any medications added to the tank? Prazi semiannual maintenance dose. * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. Prazi has been in the tank for 1.5 weeks. No other medications have ever been administered to this fish or tank. * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? White patch at base of dorsal fin from exposure to air caused by floating. I have been applying Vaseline to the area to prevent it from drying out too much. He also has cataracts in both eyes, but has had them since I got him when I set up the tank. * Any unusual behavior? Gordo, my butterfly telescope, has been more and more floaty lately. I am sure it is genetic since he is very deep-bodied and has had intermittent floating issues since I got him, but the episodes have become more frequent and long-lasting over the past month or two. He is a "senior" fish, probably around 6-7 years old. He has difficulty swimming down most of the time now, but every day there is a period of several hours during which he is able to swim perfectly normally. I have been unable to identify exactly what precipitates the trouble (it doesn't seem to be food, but I can't be certain), but I have noticed he becomes more floaty immediately after the Sunday water change. I have begun changing a bit less water (50-70% instead of 90%) in case this is part of the problem. Still, that doesn't explain why it happens the other six days of the week. Neither of the other fish (a pompom and a veiltail) have ever had any floatiness; only Gordo. Do you have any suggestions? If this is something that is unlikely to improve, is there anything I can do to make his life more comfortable? I was considering adding some netting (or something) a couple of inches below the water line to keep his whole body underwater, but am not sure how I would do this so that it doesn't go across the entire tank. When he gets floaty, he likes to anchor his tail between the top of the filter intake and the glass to keep himself upright ... smart fish! So, he always goes to the same corner when he's struggling. Thanks! Amanda
  5. I like both tanks - either would be great for your number of fish. I personally have a 55 just because it holds more volume, but I like the look of the 40B a lot ... plus plants look great in it. Also, a 40B actually holds something like 43 gallons.
  6. Probably people who have bought fish from them in the past. If I'm buying from a new supplier, I research them heavily, but if I bought from them in the past and was pleased with my purchase I generally don't research them again to see if anything has changed. Maybe I should, but I don't think most people do this. I wouldn't have had a clue about the current problems with GoldfishNet if I hadn't read about them here.
  7. My fish were very small for the longest time, but I was feeding a lot less - there is so much emphasis given on not OVERfeeding goldfish, and I went to the other extreme and was UNDERfeeding them! I switched from frozen Spirulina/brine shrimp cubes to a staple diet consisting of Repashy Soilent Green, NLS Thera-A, Omega One sinking pellets, Saki Hikari Fancy Goldfish and Pro Gold (which is sadly no longer made). I also feed frozen bloodworms and nori strips once a week as a treat. Of the pellet foods, I think the NLS is the best - that and the Soilent Green seem to cause the least floatiness with my fish (I have a couple who get constipated easily). I don't feed the Saki Hikari too much anymore because it has more fillers than the other pellets I feed ... surprising with how expensive it is. I tried Hikari Lionhead, but my fish got very floaty on it. Since I mixed up their diet, I've seen crazy growth, and I think they appreciate the variety! I've seen amazing tail growth in addition to body growth, which is really neat.
  8. The last time I went to my local Petsmart (a month ago) they had really scaled back their antibiotics section. However, they still carried a lot more products online. I think they are starting to follow the lead of other countries in this. (I think the reason is to prevent impulse purchases by inexperienced hobbyists of medications that may not be appropriate ... kind of a drag for those of us who know what we need and need it immediately, but better for the hobby as a whole to prevent antibiotic overuse.)
  9. Tohru, not sure where you live but if you are in the U.S., PraziPro is not sold at Petsmart or Petco. Some local fish stores do carry it, but not all. I would call and ask your local store(s) if they carry this and the metronidazole. Hopefully one has these medications, but if not you could still overnight it online. Helen, that video was very educational. Hopefully it is pinned somewhere?
  10. *Amanda*

    Rescue Betta

    I love your setup! I'll stop by Petsmart on my way home from work this week and check out that tank. It looks lovely!
  11. I just reported this; hopefully you will be hearing from one of the mods soon. Sorry he is still like this.
  12. I try to give my tank a slight seasonal variance. For me in California that means adding a heater in the summer and removing it during the winter (since the temp here is almost the same throughout the year), but if your winters are cold, I'd definitely add a heater during the winter as Chelsea suggested. As long as it's approximately "room temp" (around 60-75F), I haven't noticed any problem with my plants, and they have grown quite well. I have 2 swords, 2 Anubias, Cyperus helferi, dwarf sagittaria, crypts, red Ludwigia and lace java fern. Enjoy your plants ... having a planted tank is quite addictive! Edit: I just looked up your city to find out about the weather, and saw that you just had your coldest morning in 18 years at -0.6°C ... my goodness! Yep, I'd definitely add that heater!
  13. I'd do it while cycling. Aquatic plants take up ammonia more than nitrate, so it's a win-win for helping the plants establish themselves and grow IMO. Not all goldfish will disturb plants (mine don't), but some people do say your chances are better if the plants are there first (part of the scenery) vs. added when the fish are already in the tank (yay, food!). I have no idea if this is true or not though, because I've literally never had a fish that even pecked at my plants, whether they were added before or after!
  14. My plants usually take a couple of weeks to root themselves. It helps a lot if the substrate is deep enough so that they don't fall over. It also helps if your fish ignore your plants but if it's going to be a few weeks before you add your fish they should be OK. The plant I have that has grown the most is dwarf sagittaria ... that thing extended itself all over my tank and is still growing! I also have Anubias nana petite, Anubias barteri diamond, Cryptocoryne wendtii red, lace java fern, Cyperus helferi, red Ludwigia, melon sword and a big rose sword. I use a Marineland Double Bright LED and enriched substrate (Activ-Flora Lake Gems), and use Excel, Flourish and Flourish root tabs. Here's a pic of my plants in action. I do have some problems with hair algae on the dwarf sagittaria and Cyperus helferi, which I have to manually remove with each water change ... the stuff can be somewhat controlled with that and Excel, but never goes away 100%. It seems to like the plants with long, grass-like leaves. Today's water change day and I haven't done it yet, so the algae is pretty out of control at the moment!
  15. *Amanda*

    Rescue Betta

    I went over to my boyfriend's house last night, and a friend of his had dropped off a Betta that he wasn't taking care of. I am not sure how long his friend had had the fish, but he was in a ~1 gallon plastic cube with no heater or filter. It looked like the water had never been changed. [emoji17] I did a large water change immediately and matched the temperature ... fortunately it is summer so the temp is pretty warm anyway, plus I took him home and put him upstairs since heat rises. After the water change, "Blue" immediately perked up. Mario's friend gave him some pellet food called "BettaDelux," but it doesn't look very high quality (3 of the first 5 ingredients are fillers). I have some NLS Thera-A (small pellets) and also Soilent Green; would these foods work? I will also be upgrading the tank and adding a heater. I haven't decided yet whether I want to add a filter or just do daily water changes - I might just add an air-powered sponge filter. Is there anything else I will need for him? His pectoral fins look pretty ragged, so I'll definitely be focused on keeping the water pristine. Mario said he was in there with another fish; the way he described the fish it sounded like a female Betta - it looks like they were fighting. I just want to nurse this little guy back to health, so any tips would be much appreciated! I've never had a Betta myself before, but researched their care last year for a coworker who wanted to get one for his daughter. Here's a picture of him with the flash and without the flash - it's amazing how iridescent he is!
  16. I watched the video. The fish is sort of drifting around in circles (including sideways and upside down, as if it's on some sort of dizzying carnival ride) in the bottom corner of the tank, with its mouth wide open the entire time, seemingly oblivious to external stimuli. My first thought was something could be lodged in its mouth, especially since this all started so suddenly, but I don't think that would explain the whirling (or could it, if it is a piece of gravel that is messing with its balance and equilibrium?). The main tank the fish was in contains standard colored gravel as a substrate. The other two fish that are still in the main tank appear lively and healthy - whatever it is doesn't seem to be affecting them at all. The QT tank is bare bottom.
  17. I use the vodka trick, but only add about 3 drops from one of those 99-cent bottles to make it dissolve into a white slurry before adding water, then adding the mixture to the tank. I mix it in a small plastic bag rather than a blender. Even with my method, there are always a couple of hard pieces that don't dissolve. The fish do peck at them but I'm pretty sure they spit them out.
  18. Wow, I'm really sorry you had to go through all that! I bought a pompom from GoldfishNet who was and still is in excellent health, but that was over a year ago. From your and others' stories, it does sound like the quality has gone downhill. The only thing I found odd when I bought my pompom was that Tommy recommended I treat her for parasites. I found this strange because I was also buying fish at the same time from Dandy Orandas and Rain Garden. Both of those suppliers advised me NOT to administer any medications, because their fish undergo extensive quarantine, testing and treatment if necessary prior to shipping. It sounds like Tommy's process isn't nearly as rigorous. In the future I will stick with RG and DO; my experience with them was fantastic and they have near-universally positive reviews. In addition, they were very honest and responsive, and the fish were healthy and beautiful upon arrival. Sounds like I got lucky with GoldfishNet by buying my fish before all the problems started.
  19. Usually goldfish don't get stuck to the filter intake unless they're already weak. Healthy goldfish are strong and quick enough to swim away from the filter, so when you see a fish stuck to a filter intake, chances are the fish was not doing well to begin with, and lacked the strength to swim away. Was he displaying any signs of weakness at all before he was moved to the 10 gallon?
  20. Here's what they look like in my tank ... I'm a big fan!
  21. I'm so sorry, Mikey.
  22. Thanks for the tip. I have read some really bad reviews of that site though so I am kinda weary of ordering from them. I do like to peruse the auction sites, but I am hoping to get some fish from Amerrican breeders so that I can try my hand at breeding in the next year or so. Not that you cannot breed imported fish, but I like the idea of getting a group of fish with a little bit of known history to start out. Really? I had a great experience ordering from them. The only problem I had was slow response to my email, but when I called I was able to get on the phone with Tommy right away. (I wanted him to hold off on shipping in case I found another I wanted at next week's auction, which he said was no problem.) The fish I received (a female pompom) was stunning and was/still is in excellent health. Tommy did recommend that I treat for parasites though; I don't think he does - so I treated the fish with Prazi and Tetra Parasite Guard to be safe. I also liked the fact that their "buy it now" option is only like $5 more, so I didn't have to stress out over that.I had an equally positive experience with Dandy Orandas and RainGarden. RainGarden raises their fish in ponds and ships from Hawaii, and the veiltail I received from them took longer than usual to adjust to my tank. I emailed Steve and got a very detailed reply explaining what was likely going on and what I should do (keep the lights off and feed sparingly for the first few days). Ken from Dandy Orandas believes strongly that next-day shipping is the only way to go, so it is the only option offered by that site. I respect his opinion about that (Steve from RG disagrees), but it does make it very expensive. Shipping to my house in California was $90 for DO, compared to $35 for GN and $30 for RG. One thing I wanted to mention about buying from these sites that was a surprise to me is that these fish are MASSIVE compared to the fish you will find in most stores. The sites post the length of the fish, but I was totally shocked to see how big they were width-wise! They're just really well-fed, compared to pet store fish that are often shipped from China, without food for long periods of time, and put up for sale immediately upon arrival.
  23. FYI - GoldfishNet is currently having a 20% off sale!
  24. Are you using PraziPro or Aqua Prazi? I read a few pages back but couldn't see; sorry if you mentioned it already. Sorry, the site wasn't working for me a couple of days. . .i am using the powder. So aquaprazi, i guess.I use the powder, too. Not sure what you are using to dissolve it, but the supplier and other sources advised me to first add a couple drops of vodka/ethanol (just enough to make it dissolve) to the powder, then once it is dissolved, add water before adding it to the tank. The rationale behind this is that praziquantel is not very soluble in water, but is highly soluble in ethanol. The method I use is:1) Weigh out the powder in a small plastic bag (in my case, 0.1 grams to treat 10 gallons). 2) Add just enough ethanol to make it dissolve, so that it looks like a white slurry - you don't want to add too much. I only added 3 drops, and that was sufficient. 3) Add water to the bag and swish it around - the water should be milky white, perhaps with just a few hard, undissolved particles. 4) Add to tank while stirring to ensure even distribution. I have been using this method to treat all new fish as well as for maintenance treatments over the past year, with success. I really like the Aqua Prazi; it's a good product.
  25. Does the container of brine shrimp eggs say what the hatch rate is? The eggs i have now have a 99+% hatch rate; when I was having poor luck before I noticed the eggs I had bought from the local store only had a hatch rate of around 50% or less. I started out doing the standard water/soda bottle with an air pump*, but found that was giving me WAY more BBS than my fry could eat, so I started using the Tupperware container instead. *My water bottle method was to cut the bottle 1/3 of the way from the bottom, and turn the bottle upside down, leaving the cap on. I then cut a piece of rigid airline tubing the height of the bottle, and attached it to flexible tubing that was attached to an air pump. I then added the warm water with the dissolved salt and sprinkled the brine shrimp eggs over the water. Finally, I put the bottle in my tank (which was heated to 75F) and floated it, anchoring it behind my heater cord to prevent it from tipping over. After the BBS had hatched, I used an eyedropper to collect them and feed them to my fry. This saved me from having to go out and buy a lamp, because the warm water in the tank provided heat while the tank light got the BBS to collect near the surface.
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