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  1. Oh and jk my one fish who isn't as hardy has their dorsal fin slightly turned down at times. My other fish who is hardier is the one that swims more. Both their pelvic fins are not clamped. Ph: 7.6 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: is like golden rodey yellow ha so 0-5ish
  2. It has now been 24 hours and I tested the ammonia and still about .50 ppm, so I did another dose of prime. Should I do the same thing if it reads the same in another 24 hours? Also the fish have been just chilling at the bottom, so I am not sure if they are still stressed from moving or what. They do swim around periodically, and are active for feedings but majority of the day are just resting next to each other. Their dorsal fins are still straight up though and breathing doesn't seem to be abnormal or anything.
  3. Ohh great suggestion, I did not know that! Thanks
  4. My tank is 45 gallons with two fluval 406 canister filters, but one is fairly new.
  5. Okay thanks guys! I'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes.
  6. Yay I just finished moving my fish to my apartment today But there is ammonia present in the tap water and I used a dose a prime to set up the tank. I tested the water after an hour or so of the filters running and the ammonia still reads .50 ppm, which is what the tap water reads by itself. So is the ammonia just not released for 24-48 hours? and if so does that mean I need to add in more prime after that time runs up, or does it actually break the ammonia down and I just need to dose every week with water changes?
  7. The nitrate level change will not shock them unless the nitrate level is in the hundreds. Prime will keep the ammonia safe. Have a plastic tote or smaller aquarium available when you bring the fish. Check the pH in the old and new water after the fish arrive. If the pH is substantially different in the old and new water, report to us, and we will help with adapting the fish to the change. Alright awesome! And yes I have a spare 20 gallon I am gonna set them up in for the day while I move and set up the tank. The PH is the same so shouldn't be a problem. Thanks so much, you all have been really helpful!
  8. Oh no I ordered one from amazon prime that was used and listed like new and there was literally a leak in bottom right leg in the back! There wasn't any cracks I could see, but didn't find out until I set it all up, so that sucked. They also sent broken clips for the intake and output parts as well as no suction cups. But good to know about the tune-up kit for the future!
  9. I wasn't trying to offend anyone. I have a smaller one from an old tank so it doesn't have much room for extra media. I suppose the larger ones would have more space but in my experience they are pretty narrow. To each his own I suppose!
  10. Check the nitrate in the tank each day and tell us the results. Once we see how fast it accumulates we can recommend a water change schedule. Alright so to update, I have officially moved now and my fish are still at my parents (like I said no dead line to move them) I introduced two mats of java fern and I bought an additional fluval 406 but it was defective so now I have to contact amazon to get a new one. Ugh So pretty sure my battle with the nitrates is most likely due to a lack of filtration because we all know those aqueon HOB filters are crap. None the less I forgot to bring a sample of the water to test it so I am not sure what the nitrates got to currently. But my question is then if the nitrate level doesn't shock them, am in the clear to move them to my apartment? And I am not sure if I should start a new thread but I checked the water at my apartment and everything is good except ammonia is .50ppm So would using prime for water changes take care of that and it isn't an issue, or do I need to do something else?
  11. Check the nitrate in the tank each day and tell us the results. Once we see how fast it accumulates we can recommend a water change schedule. Alrighty sounds like a plan, thanks!
  12. Yeah so I must of just remembered wrong my mistake. I did the 90% water change, cleaned the filters and then checked the water, everything is good but nitrates were at 5 ppm. Should I wait a few days to change the water again or do it tomorrow?
  13. Well I also read that introducing plants into water with high nitrates will just cause them to die. So I am not sure I would be able to do that until it is under control. Really? I have never read that or even heard of it. Do you remember where you saw this? Let me makes this clear I am not saying you did not read this and I would like to learn about it by reading up on it. You know usually I save articles but I can't seem to find it in my history. I did a quick google search and still didn't really find anything. I really don't know much about growing plants but I saw someone else write on a forum that nitrate deficiencies can cause the leaves on java fern to die. But that would be a lack of nitrate, and didn't see anything about high nitrates so maybe I am remembering it wrong!
  14. That's why goldfish are so cool right! Good to know, wish I posted sooner lol
  15. Well I also read that introducing plants into water with high nitrates will just cause them to die. So I am not sure I would be able to do that until it is under control.
  16. Yes to shako and DP lol I have tested my tap water and there are no nitrates. Woo And thanks for the input, that's pretty interesting. Like I said I read before I was under the impression that taking out too much water at once would shock the fish. I actually started at around 30% the first day then 40-45% the second and third day and then 45-50% the fourth day. But I also haven't done a full cleaning to the filter or the gravel so that could explain why it stayed around the same. I thought changing out water was still going to show significant change before I did a full cleaning but oh well live and learn lol I will definitely go ahead with the large water change, filter cleaning, and substrate cleaning. Thanks so much guys, glad I posted!!! I am also going to be moving (only 5 min away) and I don't have a deadline on when I need to move the fish. So once the water quality is back in check, would I be in the clear to move them soon after? Or should I let them remain in the tank for a week or so before moving. I will also need to check the water perimeters where I am moving, but I am thinking it will be the same with no nitrates.
  17. Thanks for the tip! I do have a thin layer of fine gravel in my tank.
  18. Oh well that's awesome, I have been wanting to just do a large water change but I read before that going from high nitrates to none would shock the fish. So that's why I was trying to build it up lol I also tested the tap water yesterday and the nitrates are at 0 ppm.
  19. Does anyone have tips on how to lower high nitrates fast, but safe? I neglected my tank my during the last semester of college and now my nitrates have risen to 40-80ppm. (can't tell because those colors are so darn close lol) Now I am trying to get my tank back in check. I have been working on changing the water gradually, but I haven't cleaned out my canister yet (which maybe I should of done first). Overall I am pretty sure I have changed out at least 100% of the water when adding up the percentage of water taken out over the past four days...but the nitrates are still that high. I was thinking maybe the waste built up in the canister would be prohibiting the nitrates from going down? I want to clean it out tomorrow, but will that make the nitrates drop too fast to the point it will shock them? Good news is my fish have proven to be hardy and over all seem to be doing good. I have 2 in a 55 gallon tank by the way. So if any of you have been through this scenario before and have advice, I would really appreciate it!
  20. I'm not sure how old they were when I got them but I have had Midnight and Bruiser since Feb and both of them didn't have their eyes grown at all, so I am guessing pretty young! lol I got Puff in Aug and he has gotten bigger since then but has no wen growth what so ever yet, can't wait till his color changes Thank you! Yes that plant is pretty awesome Thanks he used to have more black spots on him but now his body is mostly orange lol Aww thanks Koko And thank you to everyone for the lovely comments, you all made my day!
  21. Hey guys! So here are some pics of my babies and their home Midnight- Black Moor Bruiser- Calico Telescope (I think...boo blurry) Puff- Blue Oranda Hope you like em
  22. Same here. I have a 306 and it rarely "gunks" up and that is with three goldies and a pleco. I have cleaned it twice since setting it up and it was less dirty than my HOBs would be after a week. That sounds amazing lol now I can't wait to get my second canister
  23. Ahhh gotcha well my water is a little cloudy from what I suspect is a bacteria bloom, does look like it is clearing up though so maybe I should wait until it's all clear before I take out the carbon then? Glad I know more about it now
  24. Awesome! Do you know why or how it works better than using carbon? just wondering
  25. Gotcha! will do The ceramic rings are biological correct? So would two baskets with a bio foam blocks and the other two with ceramic rings work? Ooh thanks for the placement tip
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