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  1. What is the benefit of pumpkin? Pumpkin is beneficial to all pets, cats, dogs, fish etc. It helps with digestion and upset stomachs. For example if your dog is having loose stool you'd feed him pumpkin with his food bc diarrhea is a defense mechanism for the body- when they eat something that doesn't agree with them their body tries to get it out asap which doesn't let the body absorb any nutrients and is why the stool is loose and not solid. Adding the additional fiber from the pumpkin will help to bind their stool and is easy on the tummy due to no added ingredients. For fish organic pumpkin helps to add fiber and solidify their poop - just an overall helpful addition to a regular diet of any animal.
  2. Might be a little late to this one but my darling boyfriend got me an eheim 2236 ecco pro canister, marineland double bright lighting and bought me lumber to build a custom hood for my 55g corner finally at the correct filtration too after rehoming one of my goldies to a fish keeping friend... happy new year everyone! loving all of the goldfish stuff!!
  3. Hi all, Was wondering about fin nipping...or should I say chomping. My smallest fantail Hercules (already tiny to begin with) fins are being destroyed by the other fish. I've tried sitting and watching for two hours to see which is being the bully and it's like they know I'm watching and are on their best behavior. Is there anything I can do about fin nipping? I can't see who's doing it and separating wouldn't be very easy to do in my tank. I'm thinking I'm going to have to re home Hercules if it doesn't stop because his fins are already small to begin with and they are being seriously nipped. also if there is a thread on fin chomping please link me to it because I couldn't find one. I don't think it's water quality related and although I have 4 in a 55, they're still relatively small. And it's been going on for quite some time now. Hercules was the last to be added to the group so that's probably why he's being bullied. Any input is good...Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hey wanted to add my version of gel food.... mostly a modification of the multiple recipes already...total cost was $19 for all the ingredients... 1. 6 oz. low sodium tuna & 4 oz. cooked salmon (leftover from dinner, didn't add into overall price) 2. 2 jars of Gerbers organic baby food (I used peas and carrots) 3. 2 eggs-boiled 4. 2 Tbsp. organic canned pumpkin 5. fresh kale leaves 6. 1 Tbsp. Garlic 7. 1 multivitamin 8. 1 pro biotic tablet (plastic capsule removed) 9. 4 cubes of frozen bloodworms 10. agar-agar flakes Blend 1,2,3,4. Chop 5 separately and then add to puree. I had to add in some extra spring water to get a consistent puree. Kale leaves should still be visible in small pieces. Crush 7,8 into powder, set aside. (Easy to do if you crush on tin foil) Set 9 in little cup at room temp to melt. Mix 4 Tbsp. 10 into 2 cups spring water, bring to a boil. Add puree mix and 6. Low boil for 3-5 mins. Remove from heat, pour into baking pan and let sit for 15 mins or until temp is below 100 degrees (F). Add 7,8 powder to now unfrozen blood worms, mix. Mix into baking pan. Sit out at room temp for 2 hrs. Refrig overnight. Cut into cubes and freeze, then collect in baggie and keep frozen until serve. Overall prep/cook time was less than an hour and we're on day two and my fatties love them. Freckles has no sign of floatiness and they devour them. I break up the cubes into smaller cubes before I put in tank. Thanks for the inspiration! Check out girl at the grocery store had a good laugh at my buying baby food for goldfish
  5. Hi guys thanks for all the help/suggestions. I've had finals these past two weeks so not much time to update but looks like freckles is getting better. Not so dull, no swimming issues and got his personality back. I began soaking his hikari pellets before I feed and feeding peas every other day. Feeding a mix of soaked pellets an blood worms sometimes. On water changes I'm still doing 50% twice a week (tues and friday) and he seems to have gotten a lot better. Also switching to gel food, I read the forum thread on anti floaty food (thanks @dnalex!) and am trying my own recipe hopefully tomorrow. Or as soon as I can find agar. You would think with the million different grocery stores in my area I would be able to find some but no. Lol. As far as the filtration goes I know I'm under requirements but unfortunately I can't drop $70 to get a new filter in the middle of the semester. Money is limited especially when my classes are putting me in debt. (yay for a $90k piece of paper!!) But I ordered a canister filter (the ehiem ecco 2236 I think?) for Christmas so hopefully will be able to set that up in January. I do enough water changes so that my parameters don't go crazy, last water change yesterday evening I was 7.6 ph, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 40ish nitrate. Also removed the carbon from my filter like suggested. Don't think he's completely out of the woods but he has gotten a lot better so hopefully making the gel food will make him happy again. Again thanks everyone for your help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  6. Nope haven't used salt or prazi but if you could explain how to treat with those it would be great if you think it could help. No improvement and seems to be getting worse...the other goldies don't have any symptoms but freckles continues to show signs of swim bladder. I removed the carbon and ammonia media like suggested and have continued to do 50% daily water changes to no avail. No signs of any bacteria type infection on his scales or fins. No bloody eyes, no red streaks, just can't keep himself upright and now swims sideways and upside down so I'm pretty sure it's swim bladder... water continues to test regularly no difference. The brand of blood worms I use are hikari but for the last three days I've been feeding peas, spinach and broccoli. He's still in the main tank, since I don't think it's contagious but should I switch him to a quarantine tank? If so what filter should I use? I have a smaller filter and then just use the bio media from the main tank? What else can I do to help him?
  7. okay, but I wouldn't know why you don't have any nitrates with 4 fish in a 50 gallon. When you clean the bio-media and sponge do you use tank water or tap water? I would maybe remove the carbon and ammo-chips all together and have a set up like this. It is the sponge on the bottom, and then tons of ceramic media on top. I have a micron pad in the middle, but it isn't necessary. You could even use matrix instead of the ceramic rings (I am switching to that when I get my canister). I would also recommend upping your water changes to 75-90% weekly water changes or 50% twice a week. having no nitrates seems to me that there isn't a cycle; if there is ammonia, then your bacteria isn't processing it and your tank is relying on the ammo chips/ammo-carb to remove it. My nitrate readings are typically 20-30ppm, the last time I tested (yesterday I guess?) the color looked closer to 10ppm than the 20ppm which is why I said less than 20ppm. I'm confused as to how there could not be a cycle because I've had the filter set up for 6 months, the bio-max I use has the ideal brown-ish look to it, the readings have been pretty stable and I haven't added any new fish.. When I rinse the sponge I use the aquarium water I just siphoned out, not tap water. If I should remove the carbon-ammo chips what are the risks to that would there be any chemical spikes or drops or is there anything I should add in its place? Just more bio media? I feel like my ammonia would get too high without some sort of remover or would the additional bio media help with that? And should I decide to remove it should I do it at once or take out half at a time or add the new bio media first and then remove it?
  8. Thats exactly how I test my nitrates. I can post a video on Friday, I'm not home until then. I keep a sponge in the bottom of my filter and ammo-carb (by Marineland I think its a blend of activated carbon and ammonia removing stuff) in the middle with bio-media in the top, I find I always have to keep ammonia remover in the filter otherwise if I miss my weekly water change by a few days I have a slight raise of ammonia due to technically being over crowded (4 in a 50G). But as long as I keep to my weekly water change schedule the tests are fine. I only change the carbon insert every other month and I typically just rinse the sponge if needed and leave the bio-media alone. This tank has been set up and stable for months, and the filter was on my previous tank before that so I don't think its due to not being cycled. The other thing is this behavior has been going on for weeks, and I can't think of anything I've done differently. I'm thinking he may have an issue with the pellet food lately? As he seems to hang out on top more when he eats that vs when he eats the blood worms. I'm just curious as to if theres any other goldfish diseases that may be causing these symptoms. Or maybe I'm just overly protective and he's just been more floaty than usual??
  9. Hey guys one of my goldfish is sick I believe and I need help figuring it out what it is... heres the copy/paste forms Test Results for the Following: * Ammonia Level(Tank) 0ppm (all tests were done today) * Nitrite Level(Tank) 0ppm * Nitrate level(Tank) less than 20ppm * Ammonia Level(Tap) not @ home * Nitrite Level(Tap) * Nitrate level(Tap) * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 7.6 * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) Other Required Info: * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API master kit * Water temperature? 73 degrees I believe * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 50G, been running for 3 months? 4 months? * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? aqua clear 110 * How often do you change the water and how much? every friday or saturday and usually 25-50% * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? Today 50% * How many fish in the tank and their size? 4 fan tails, about 4'' long to their tails, a few months old each. * What kind of water additives or conditioners? I use Prime dechlor. when I do water changes as recommended by the label * What do you feed your fish and how often? Hikari lionhead sinking pellets 2 small meals daily cooked veggies twice a week (usually broccoli and/or peas) blood worms once a week if i remember instead of the pellets (always forget they're in the fridge) * Any new fish added to the tank? no * Any medications added to the tank? no * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. nothing thus far * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? no, coloring is great, fins look great * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? Yes--- this is it Freckles my calico fantail (petsm*rt fish), I've had him since May. He's always been a pretty swimmer, loves to play in the air bubbles, swim to the top, to the bottom etc. But lately (in the past weeks) he's been more blah. Hes been hanging out up at the top in the back (typically he likes to swim in the front top) but instead of swimming around hes just been sitting there. The reason why I'm posting is also the other morning when the lights first turned on (timer) he went to the bottom and literally just sat with his belly on the sand. I tested the water and the ammonia was a litter higher (0.25ppm) so I did a 50% water change and put some additional ammonia remover media in my filter (theres already carb-ammo but I added fluval ammonia remover) I tested the water today (2 days later) and no more ammonia (0ppm) but his behavior still hasn't improved very much, in the past weeks I also tried fasting him for 2 days and also a 3 day pea diet (as with the others in the tank who all seem fine, no change in behaviors) Additional info: filter has been properly cycled and running for months, no change in temp except barely a drop since I'm not using a heater this winter and no substrate change. Not sure what else to do, my goldfish haven't been sick before
  10. Thanks! One more coat to paint then it's finished and on to the next project! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  11. New update!!!!! More pics lol. Ordered my filter media for the 400s (and for my AC) and my new filter for the 55 and wow I had a giant mess. Also ordered another water test kit, this is the best I've found that has a majority of the test kits together gh and kh are the only ones not included so you have to buy them separately Heres the new filter, an Emperor 400. Can't wait to try them out. Here's my true baby being jealous of all the attention I'm giving to my new tank So I set it all up and put some background paper (black) on, decided I hated it and am currently painting the background matte black (looks more like grey but it's cool...) That's what I'm looking at right now and my gosh is everything a mess! I seem to always be in the middle of 10 different projects at once! But this is what it's looking like currently!! Next step is getting some more rocks and hard-scaping it, I need to have like 3x the amount of rocks that I have already and after the paint dries I'll be able to set up the filters and eventually start to cycle. I decided to splurge on a new tattoo instead of buying the fish this month. Still trying to find a LFS with good quality so I won't have to spend $40 overnighting $150 worth of fish :/ and still doing research. It seems like every time I decide I see a pretty new species and change my mind lol. If the tank ends up looking good painted I may paint the back of my Goldie's tank too. Also project in the works: making my own LED light hood for the Goldie's and (one day) the cichlids. Been reading up and maybe once I start to cycle the 55 I can start that project. Ah! So many projects I don't know how I'm going to do them all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  12. So as we all know Christmas (or your holiday here) is coming and my mom is famous for gift shopping early... I'm going to ask for a canister filter for my piggies and would rather get some reviews from goldfish owners vs 5 star reviews from whatever web site. Right now I have a collection of HOB filter, I'm looking to increase my gph by at least 130 with the canister and I'm on a budget of less than $200.... So here are my questions: What canister filter do you like best and why? Feel free to share the good, the bad and the ugly from your canister experiences (and include any problems you've had with replacing equipment, customer service etc.) keep in mind I'm a first timer with canisters so share any tips tricks or advice as well! Thanks guys! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  13. Yep! Everything seen here I got free except the rocks ($15 from a nursery) and half the substrate is crushed coral ($12). I spent $90 on an additional filter and new replacement media for the free filter. Looking for additional rocks nearby so those will be free and the fish will probably be the most expensive part ~$150 depending on if I order them or if I can find them in store. Super excited because I really wanted a second tank but didn't have the money to start from scratch. Very lucky find! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  14. Thanks everyone!! I've been reading more and looks like I need about 3x more rocks! Gotta head over to a park and pick some more out. Also ordered my new filter and media should be coming this week! can't wait! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  15. Hi guys a couple weeks ago I tried adding live plants for the first time, I got skinny java ferns (?) used fishing line to attach them to a piece of driftwood and they are just not doing so good lately. I have a plant growth light bulb (don't remember exactly what kind) and I add a capful of Flourish organic carbon (as recommended by my LFS) My goldies haven't touched them, no eating or messing with them they pretty much ignore the plants) The leaves have just gotten light splotches on them lately that eventually turn darker and haven't been looking good. I'm thinking it may be due to temperature decrease (73 degrees down to 72/70 over a period of 3 weeks) or not enough lighting (boyfriend turns off the light at night sometimes)? Those are the only things that have changed really.. But I don't know what I'm talking about. I do weekly water changes and nothing has been unusual on my water tests so I'm stuck. Any help is appreciated and If they start to decrease or die more rapidly should I remove them from my tank immediately or try to make them better?
  16. Hi everyone…It's been a while since I've posted (things have been pretty busy for me lately!) Wanted to post some pics for you pic hungry people of the evolution of the 50gallon free tank (and stand!) I got from craigslist! So it's looking like it's gonna become an african cichlid tank, (boyfriend wants something a little flashier for the living room) planning to get some babies and probably upgrade once they get larger but for now should be fine. Species have yet to be determined, still doing research on all that! Please excuse my messiness and bad quality photos, I'm not the type of person who does a project and stops to take a photo every step of the way LOL. and my iPhone camera isn't the best…also bad lighting in my apartment and I ran out of daylight quite a bit so bear with me! ha ha. Here's the stand the day I picked it up, a little backstory...I saw an add on craigslist for a free on curb fish tank and immediately went to check it out, it looked great structurally just very dirty so I claimed it and took it home... Check out this messy thing! It sat outside for a few days...I was actually in the process of getting a new couch and didn't even have room for it quite yet! Wasn't sure if it even held water! Well the stand cleaned up amazingly well! Paints in great condition didn't even have to touch it up, just wiped it with a wet rag and shined it up some. It's going in the living room next to my cat's feeder so she can watch the fish. It holds water!!! YAY no leaks!! Cleaned and scrubbed it out, now I'm starting to get ideas about what kind of fish I want in it Oh no got distracted and forgot I still have the hoods to clean! Grrrr....ran out of daylight too. Surprisingly cleaned up fast, just dusty as the whole set up had been sitting in a garage. The last part was moving the tank inside to fit on the stand. Looking good!! Done for that day. Cleaning up the light hoods, again just using a wet rag and the nastiness is coming right off! I wonder if they work though... Hey the lights still work! Cool! Oh and an Emperor 400 filter was also included! Cleaned that (yet to test to see if it works though! Will need to buy new media and some new parts) And added some rocks for decor. What kind of fish are going in anyway.... This is how it looks currently! Added some aragonite and crushed coral along with some decor rocks, made some hiding spaces. Looking for some driftwood to add to the mix. Plans are (right now) making it an african cichlid tank, getting an additional Emperor 400 HOB filter (although def adding my favorite bio-max media to it) Included also was a heater (yet to clean or test but I have a back up if needed). Lights seem to be doing good and overall pretty excited with the new set up! Maybe I'll have it up and running by Thanksgiving. As for the fish it looks like I'll probably be ordering from LiveAquaria when it comes to that step, there really isn't a good freshwater LFS in my area and the last time I was in Pet*mart there were dead fish and lice in almost every tank and when I pointed it out to the manager she said it was normal and tried to convince me the lice were good...So I'll be taking my business elsewhere! I'll be posting more photos whenever I save up some money for the filters, media, wood etc. and actually fill and begin to cycle. Need to get an additional water test kit as well.... grrr the list is adding up!!!!! Sooooooo what do ya think??
  17. Hey guys, So I got lucky yesterday and scored a 50 gallon rect. Tank and stand with hood, light etc. off the free section of Craigslist. Happened to be not even a mile away from my house too! Pics to come but super excited to set up my 2nd tank! Thinking about making it a tropical (my boyfriend says he's bored with goldfish...) maybe some angels or discus. Still thinking. Does anyone have advice on how to clean out a used fish tank?? Especially the black hoods considering they're the dirtiest (made of the black textured plastic). I sold a former tank so I have a little bit of a budget to get a nicer filter and hopefully ill set it up in the next month. I'll try to remember to take some photos so you all can see the transformation but until then how do I clean this thing? Lol. (Background: man said he used it to house baby koi until he put them outside and it's been sitting since. Very dirty/dusty/sides need to be scraped an the hoods are a mess! etc etc) Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  18. Oh good thanks! Yes I can see your fish in your signature, wow they are beautiful. Where did you get them?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free thank you! Edie has ridiculous fins they both came from Rain Garden goldfish online. Online?? How in the world did they ship them?
  19. nice! why'd you move away from sand if you don't mind my asking??
  20. Oh good thanks! Yes I can see your fish in your signature, wow they are beautiful. Where did you get them?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  21. @tithra That's what I'm hoping to do! The piece of wood is perfect size to be the centerpiece while still leaving plenty of space for them to swim. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  22. Thank yous! Are there any other plants you all really like? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  23. Thank you very much I was lucky, got them all for about $8. Thanks to my LFS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  24. It's a corner hex, I had a hex before but my fatties needed more space lol! Thank you!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
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