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  1. Hi! Sorry, I've been insanely busy these last two weeks. So, I'm on a tight, post-college budget and didn't want to pay shipping for Prazipro, so I bought API General Cure for parasitic fish diseases, including flukes. It has 75mg of praziquantel per packet (I did the 2 packet treatment cycle). I also got a syringe and have been attempting to syringe feed, however, even when I try to gently open Samuel's mouth with the syringe, he won't open. I don't know if he gets any nutrition from any of the food leaking into his mouth when it's closed, but I've been trying. I also did another salt dip before I started the treatment. I have seen little to no improvement. It may be my imagination, but me mayyyyy seem a LITTLE more active, but Samuel is still bottom-sitting. I have not seen him open his mouth since that first salt dip. =( Is he likely in pain? What would you suggest? It's been about 2.5-3 months that he's been sick, I have NO clue how he is still living, being as I never see him eat.
  2. Also, I did some reading on http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/113270-not-eating-not-even-opening-mouth-and-mostly-bottom-sitting/page-2?hl=+mouth%20+fused and decided to try a salt dip with the 30tsp/gal, because he is definitely not opening his mouth (the first time I did the dip, I was misinformed and only put 3tbsp/gal). He did fine, and during those 5 minutes, he opened his mouth 10 times. Since finishing the dip and putting him back in his tank, however, I have not seen him open up once. Thoughts??
  3. Actually upon further inspection with a light on his mouth, I don't think it does open! Again, I'm a newbie, so I took a video to see if you can confirm this. If this is the case, how do I fix that???
  4. Ok, so I tried as best as I could to do this, honestly, it's so hard to see if he is opening his mouth or just moving the area. He definitely doesn't open it like other goldfish I've seen. Here is a video, although I apologize, my camera couldn't focus up close. I'm not sure weather this will be much help. Thank you for your advice and effort, I really don't know what to do at this point, I don't want to lose him!!
  5. I used epsom salt because I suspected constipation to be the cause of his behavior. I dosed the 3 tbsp a little over a week ago and have not added any more, so with the water changes I have done, there should be very little, if any, salt left. 1. I will attempt to test my tap PH tomorrow. 2. Nitrate level: 0 3. Video: -He doesn't swim around, he's like that all the time now. If you bother him, he'll move, but he will just sink down to the bottom and stay like this. 4. I have not noticed that until now. Thinking back, I don't believe his gill was always so curled back. I'm not sure when that happened or appeared though. 5. It may have just been the picture or the way he was laying. Maybe you can tell by the video, but I don't notice a curve. 6. I don't see his mouth open too much. If he's disturbed, he'll open it a little more as he moves away, but resting, I don't notice it. 7. He doesn't even attempt to eat the food. Thank you everyone for the help and well-wishes!!!
  6. * Ammonia Level: 0-0.5 * Nitrite Level (Tank): 0 * Ph Level, Tank: 6.8-7.2 * Chlorine/ Chloramine: 0 * Brand of test-kit: Petsmart in store test, strips * Water temperature: Unknown * Tank size: 10 gal how long has it been running: 11 months What is the name and "size of the filter": Aqueon "quietflow 10", 10-20gal * How often do you change the water: 20% every week * Last water change: 2 days ago, changed 4 gallons * How many fish: 1 fancy goldfish, about 2.5 inches, including tail * Water additives: dechlorinator w/ every water change * Feeding: Flakes, 1x a day * New fish: No * Medications: No * 1 week ago, I added 3 tbsp epsom salt to tank, cycled water out by 20% daily after that. 2 days ago, put fish in salt dip, 1 gal/3 tbsp epsom salt. Neither helped. * Not that I can see, however, I am unexperienced and not sure what to look for, I've included a picture of the fish. * My fish (Samuel) stopped swimming about 1 month ago. He will move around occasionally, but mostly stay still on the bottom of the tank. I literally have not seen him eat or poop within the last month or so, yet he is still alive (somehow). He has never eaten boiled, shelled peas, even before this problem, and I've also tried feeding him spinach, he didn't show interest in either. He sat on the bottom for so long he got a sore on his belly, so I put him in a hanging basket within the tank. The sore appears to be gone now. He will occasionally swim up to the surface, poke his nose out, and sink back down. He ignores all food. Help!!! Not sure what to do! Picture here----> http://www.flickr.com/photos/104054915@N06/10058246633/
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