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  1. The short answer to your question is that I honestly don't know. Hopefully, someone with greater expertise will come along and answer. However, I feed my fish FROZEN brine shrimp. I believe the idea is that they are protein rich and both frozen brine shrimp and frozen bloodworms can fed to goldfish and part of their diet...which should also include fresh veggies/fruits and a pellet type food for balanced nutrition. If you "sun dry" the shrimp does that degrade the nutrients otherwise obtained from frozen brine shrimp???
  2. I can't take credit for that...kids named them...although I had veto rights
  3. Just wanted to pop in and introduce our family's newest pets...Rufus and Goldie. My children have been asking to get our tank set up for awhile now, and I finally gave in. We had fancies several years ago but took about a 5 year hiatus when our youngest came along. The tank is a simple 29 gallon with 2 Aquaclear 50's on back. No real plants for me...as I have a "brown" thumb. So please don't tease about my fake plants. The fish seem to be adjusting. Goldie (the fantail) seemed to be the alpha of the tank until today. Now Rufus (Black Moor) is chasing her all around, and I'm not sure if we have mating behavior or what?!? I'm doing daily w/c and praying for quick tank cycling. Good news is that my 12 yo is interested in helping.
  4. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I haven't been here in a few years. I haven't had a tank set up for the last 5 years or so, and now my 6 year old daughter is begging me to start it back up. I had 2 fancies before that earned me a breeder's medal (LOL)...but I consider myself a total newbie in this hobby. I am trying to brush up on my skills by reading as much as I can, and I saw that the board needs more subscribers and donations...planning to help in that area as much as I can. Hope you have all been well. I have no idea how to navigate this new platform. Hopefully, I can find the old LOTP? Or Subscribers forum...and I've got to remember all of the keyboard shortcuts for the emojis.
  5. Veeery comfy! One hip has been bothering me from some unplanned running over the weekend, and it didn't hurt on this mattress! Slept about like normal as far a night time waking, just way more comfortable. A little hot this morning though... Should be nice in the winter? Uh oh, husband says Too soft. Hopefully he will come to love it and I won't have to return it! But I really love it. Sent using Tapatalk My hip is killing me too I wonder if a new bed would help I'm glad you're happy with it Do you sleep on your side? If you keep a pillow between your knees that can help some. I sleep so weird, on my stomach with legs all over the place and I worry that it's going to damage my knees eventually. I've been getting PT, she recently told me to get a body pillow for 1) to prevent from sleeping on my belly and 2) when on my back to slip under my knees and 3) put between my knees when on side. I like it a lot but it's really hot How's your hip doing? Last July I started having hip pain out of the blue…no injury. It went on for months unit l I couldn't stand it. Saw an orthopedic surgeon friend, and I agreed to a steroid injection…then I did 6 weeks of PT. It really helped. No pain. Although I can still tell it's not totally perfect…I usually only notice that when I'm exercising. I like the body pillow too! The body pillow was what made us move from a queen bed to a king!! My husband felt like he was sleeping with another person in between us. :rofl
  6. It felt like it went by really fast. I did enjoy it a lot! My boys (5 and 8) saw it with my Mom and LOVED it! Now the younger one is begging me to keep buying Honey Nut Cheerios because he wants to collect all of the SLOP toys in the boxes. I guess that really does work to sell cereal.
  7. Helloooooo! So….I got an email about a raffle…
  8. We didn't but we should. Actually I think we might name him Jimmy. I was thinking Jimmy Garopollo, Tom Brady's insanely hot backup quarterback. https://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=A0LEVxOEOkNWipYANR1XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyZThuaG0yBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQTAyMDFfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=Jimmy+Garoppolo&fr=yfp-t-901-s Colin thought I meant Harbaugh, Michigan's new football coach. Yeah, Harbaugh, we'll go with that. What, is that guy ,the Property Brother's little brother?! Love the new little guy!! Impulse shopping is the best!!
  9. That is really interesting….and i thought it was due to the sun exposure. Always learning….
  10. What, what, what??? A Mom's raffle! I'm in! At the moment, I've got one recovering from a tonsillectomy, another with Hand Foot & Mouth (that he calls…head, hand, and toe ), and a sweet but fussy 5 month old. and all at the same time!
  11. LOVE this!!!! I miss Seinfeld so much! Guess I could just watch re-runs.
  12. :rofl Betta was all I knew. Need to look up dwarf puffer…are they cute?!?
  13. Thanks so much for all of the replies! This is the big one that I didn't think about! I don't pay a portion of the utilities so this could be an issue. That along with some sort of tragic tank leak are my two biggest concerns right now. I think this might keep me from doing this. Hinfin, mine also have spawned in the spring time, and subsequently I raised fry. I would not want to worry about this at the office. See…this is exactly what I was thinking! Fun, stress reliever, something to do when not crazy busy. I love this part of it! It would be so cool to have a tank in the waiting area, but I would be scared to do it. You should see how out of control some of the kids are out in the waiting room. We are lucky they don't burn the place down. Plus, it would definitely make maintenance have to be done after hours. Where as, in my private office space I could do it if I had a spare 30 min here or there. Rob, this might be the ticket if I decide I just want a small tank at work. I think I could go with a 5g tank and put something in it besides GF, and it wouldn't be an issue with the water bill. It could just sit on my desk and keep me company. I know nothing about any other fishes besides goldies. What would be a good choice for a very small tank?? Yes, yes, yes! Our 29g is secured to the wall in our office at home. But even with anchorage I wouldn't trust it in our den/family room. We have a 6 year old that loves to climb..a 3 year old that copies the 6…and a new baby on the way. Maybe if I had a 40 g breeder that seemed more stable (shorter with a broader footprint) I would feel safer. But, our 29g feels like the Sears Tower that could turn into the leaning tower of Pisa. I think I'm leaning now towards leaving them at home, and maybe getting something to put in my tiny 5g tank. Also, it would be cool to find something super sturdy and get the fish moved into our den.
  14. I have a new office at work with tons of extra space and have been toying with the idea of keep GF there. Really, I'm thinking of moving my current fish there. Can you guys help me with the pros and cons of this idea? At home, our fish are in our office. And, for the last several months I haven't hardly spent any time at all in that room...other than in and out for feedings and maintanence. My husband primarily uses it...but I feel like the fish are being ignored. I can't move them into our living room/den or common areas because I'm afraid our young children would pull on the tank, etc. And, at home I'm constantly busy, and don't really have time to enjoy my fish. My office is 5 minutes from our house, and I have access to the office anytime. The biggest issues I can see are holiday arrangements, and having to go to the office at random times for various maintanence issues. For those who don't know me, I'm expecting a baby around the end of November...so IF this happens it wouldn't be until I was back at work after maternity leave. Thoughts??
  15. I like the white one best too! As for the food and changes in color…from what I understand different foods can make certain colors more intense or encourage a certain tint…but I'm not sure that a food will cause a fish without a gene for a particular color to pick up a color. Am I making any sense.. It sounded better in my mind.
  16. Very cool. Like the shape of the new tank. How many gallons is it??
  17. Not to give you too much info at one time…but here is the link to filter info I was referring to…read at your leisure... http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/page/index.html/_/aquatic-equipment/simple-media-setup-for-hob-filters-r248
  18. Hi! I hope your fish feels better soon! I would definitely buy an API freshwater master kit. That way you can test your water and get the actual numbers. With a low pH of 6.2, it would be helpful to be able to test your tap to see what its pH is. If you change the pH too drastically all at once it could be tough on your fish. You may have to do several smaller water changes over the course of the next several days before you get back to good numbers. From what I have learned, high nitrates often can cause floatiness…this will also be alleviated by water changes. As for the "new filters", there is a better way. I'm not really sure of your set up, but if you toss out your current filters and put in brand new ones you will kill your cycle and have to start over. Is there carbon in your filters? I will try to find the link to the thread about filters that would be helpful to you. Good luck! I know it's overwhelming when our fish are sick, and things feel like they are out of control.
  19. Rob! Glad to see the fry are doing so well! What's the latest? I love to see the metallics and the nacrecous together. The point at which I could tell mine apart and follow them individually to see how they were progressing was the most fun…and of course…then you can name them! Which I'm sure Lisa has already put in her request! The size discrepancy is common from what I've read. There is a theory that by feeding live food that the size discrepancy is minimized because the food stays around for much longer giving the small ones a chance to get their fill. However, I don't think in general that there is any harm to having size discrepancies and it's bound to happen…but like you said…you may have to separate them into two groups soon.
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