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  1. You nailed it on the naming convention.
  2. The eyes have it......or dont have it in this case. Great names for them. Pumpkin is gorgeous............. Dont ever let me know where you live cause I will steal them.
  3. One of my snails chillin on a rock. Look at the ham that tried to get in the picture.......Every time I try to take a pic Peaches jumps in my site but when I want to snap her she swims away. Go figure..... I like how their wens come out in the dark...... Miss Prissy Peaches .....and Copper Not such good quality as I havent figured out how to take good pics with the new Iphone yet. Will try some more later.
  4. Yes!!!! .......and gravel cleaning is also more difficult. These are the trade-offs for that almost leak proof construction.
  5. Here is a pic of my 46 gallon bowfront Sea Clear acrylic. Sorry about how crooked it is. I was holding my laptop up over my head facing down in true contortionist style to take the pic. I removed the light hood so you could see the top. The tank is 36 inches long. The filter is an AC110 and you can see that the filter slot area just fits it. Hope this helps.....
  6. Before you take everything apart, make sure it isnt just the plastic lid vibrating or something simple like that. (But I bet it is a dirty impeller as described above.)
  7. 7 months ago I paid $35 each for three 3-1/2 inch Ranchu's from a breeder. All 3 have great color and have been healthy from day one. I would not be willing to pay that at a pet store. Pet store fish are just not the same quality as what you can get from a breeder for a few bucks more. I see the price sign in your pic is $29. If I told you that you could pay $6 more, in exchange for knowing the fish's whole life history, get a fish that is already accustomed to being handled, and eliminate alot of the start-up health headaches, wouldnt it be worth it?
  8. I meant they are dead. Poor little babies. I will get some Prazi and API salt to keep on hand for the next time. I am not giving up on this. The challenge is out......
  9. Having to re-cycle the tank is a pain but it isnt the end of the world. Sure, I agree that there are better filter designs that could be used, but they are no where as convenient as a HOB.
  10. This will probably get me scolded but I must come forward. The students where I work stay for an entire semester for work study. They bought a Danio from the nearby petstore and had him in one of the tiny little beta cups. They passed him on to the next students and so on. The fish was with them for a whole year. My company stopped the program for a while and the last co-op student asked me if I could take care of the fish. I got him a one gallon bowl from the petstore. i put some marbles in the bottom and a skinny little plastic plant. I fed him one flake per day and changed his water twice a week. He lived another year. A two year life span for a danio under those conditions is pretty good. Im not so sure that if stocked properly a bowl couldnt make a good home for a tiny fish. A gold fish is too big for a bowl, but a danio would do fine in one gallon.
  11. I was using it when I had gravel. I think it is great. it allowed me to clean the gravel whenever I felt like it without having to do a water change. With me that was daily.........If i see poop in the tank I get like this
  12. I have had a few different filters over the years. I always avoided AquaClear simply because I thought that it was cheap looking and probably wasnt of of any quality. I have had an AC110 for about 4 months now and find it to be my favorite. The difference between these and the Penguins is night and day.
  13. As a clown, I take offense to that.... Clown Puke sounds like a band I would have listened to in the 80's
  14. It is too late. Is this the normal regimen? Antibiotics and salt? Do you folks have a reading recommendation for raising fry. I think I should get myself educated before trying this again. I dont want to give this up but I also dont want to kill off the next batch of babies.
  15. Nope! Not me! I wasnt planning on using it. I had gravel but opted to get rid of it and go bare bottomed. I was pointing it out to show others but after your experience it is probably better left on the shelf. I thought it might be useful because it was small. Looked like about 1 - 2 mm grain size. That is much smaller than typical gravel but bigger than sand. BTW We had some petco black gravel in our old tank. I believe it was also painted because I noticed some of them would turn white. My wife hated it.
  16. Sure!!! http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=20364136&f=PAD%2FpsNotAvailInUS%2FNo
  17. Not sure what is happening but they are dropping like flies!!!! A few each day. We saw one swimming on the top, then suddenly stop and drop to the bottom and go limp. I have only 4 left. I have changed the water, fed them, I dont understand what is causing this. I was using water from my established tank at first and I know my parameters are good. After losing a bunch, I started using conditioned tap water. No difference..........Either way I was matching temperature. I cant figure out what is causing this........
  18. Does anyone use Mini-Permagio gravel? I saw some in Petstupid over the weekend. It is much smaller than typical gravel but larger than sand. Dont quote me but I think it was Top-Fin.
  19. YaY I got an email confirmation that my replacement tank order is being processed. I cant wait until it comes. I want to see the school of fry all set up in the new tank. The older batch are looking and acting like fish. We lost one of the new ones though. it was lying on the bottom sideways and limp when i got home from work. 23 fry and counting.
  20. Using regular soaps just takes a few seconds more to get the same result. it is almost a joke that it is a separate product and price point.
  21. Whats up with the antibiotics on the newborns? Is this something I should be doing with my fry? I purchased my adults at the same time from a breeder. She said as long as I had new stuff and didnt mix them with other fish I wouldnt have any issues with parasites. My fry came from them. Should I be worried about parasites and deseases?
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