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  1. I have one 3" Ryukin and two 2", on 1.5" and a 1". The Moor is 2.5" and the two cory cats are 1 and 1.5". As stated earlier, the Shubunkin is about 6-7". BB
  2. Howdy folks! I have a 65 gallon tank with a few small Ryukins, a small Moor and a large Shubunkin(7"). I live up the street from Upper Greenwood Lake in NJ and was able to garner a few really nice-sized specimins whilst the lake level was lowered this last month. I have had them in a clean barrel soaking in frequently(weekly)changed well water. Anything I should know to be on the lookout for other than keeping an eye on PH levels lest the natural tannins in the wood make the PH take a nosedive? BB
  3. Howdy folks! I have a 65 gallon tank with a few small Ryukins, a little black moor and a large(7") Shubunkin. The Shubunkin was immediately aggressive towards my Ryukins and almost nipped half of one of their tails off! This has ceased but I am left wondering if this is typical behaviour for Shubunkins? BB
  4. Beautiful fish! What if you don't mind me asking did you end up paying for it? BB
  5. Howdy folks! First post on an aquarium forum. I am setting up a 65 gallon tank with a Fluval 405 and a couple of Ryukins, an Oranda, 2 small Koi and a 6" Shubunkin. Does anybody know where I can get Panda Moors to finish this tank with? Thanks. BB
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