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  1. Here is the picture of my tap water nitrIte test: I guess the distinction between 2.0 and 5.0 isn't that precise. It's darker than 2 and lighter than 5. I was hoping to get some insight on WHAT TO DO about my tap water related to water changes. Already feeling pretty stupid, definitely don't need any help in that department FantailFan1, I have really appreciated your actionable, specific, non-critical advice. Is it safe to do water changes with my tap water? If so, should I take any particular precautions? What about vacumming the pea out today?
  2. I have had positive nitrate tests before using prime.
  3. I have had positive nitrate tests before using prime.
  4. Im sure this could be baffling, however I am not the only one in northern VA with nitrites beyond the legal limit. Ive been using prime in the water, Sharon
  5. Also forgot to mention the pea sitting at the bottom of the tank-- I think I should vacuum it out, butI am so scared to change or add any water in??!!
  6. Thanks FantailFan1...that helps! 7a water testing: ammonia 0 ppm; nitrrIte 0 ppm; nitrAte 0 ppm (but deeper goldenrod color); pH 7.2 Golden can definitely swim. She tried to get her pea this morning but it sank to the bottom too quickly. She nibbled at the trailing residue and took a few 'dives' down for it but could not get lower than the top of the tallest plant (about 1-2" beneath water level). Should I feed her flakes since she's stuck at the top or while that exacerbate SBD? I will open a thread on D&D to see if I should use the PraziPro or something else for possible SBD. If anyone watched the video of her swimming on 9/11, please tell me what you think. I will repost in D&D. ALSO she's getting her 'mohawk' back. Her top fin is standing up. Will post a pic later today. I think I may have turned a corner on the water issues but I AM SO SCARED TO DO ANY WATER CHANGES!! If my tests stay in safe levels, should I: 1) change 10% 1 week from last change and use tap water (my tap has extremely high nitrItes DARK PURPLE) 2) change 10% 1 week from last change and use spring water (LFS did not have any RO water when I checked this week) 3) change 10% 1 week from last change and use filtered water (carbon Brita filter; water tested .25 ppm for nitrItes) OR change 25% or more using 1 of the 3 water sources? THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR GUIDANCE!!!!
  7. Thanks bodoba! I was able to gradually lower the temp to 70-72 degrees now with cranking our AC, keeping the light off, removing the hood when we are home and chilling the water with frozen bottles of treated water. It has stayed in this range. I was researching water pumps today, not sure if I need circulation at the bottom of the tank? Just got back from church and she is still floating up near the filter and slightly moving her fins. When I left she was on the other side at the top, so maybe she swam over *wishful thinking* My local pet stores did not have the treatment for flukes but if I order it, will I also need some other container for her? I only have this one 10 gal tank. Test results: Ammonia 0 NitrIte 0-.25 (little bluer than teal, but not lilac) pH 7.2 - 7.6 NitrAte 0
  8. Just read hydrogen peroxide can add oxygen to an aquarium. Has anyone used it and can they point me to a reputable source/ authority on how to tell if I need it?
  9. Back home and Golden is just floating near the top, occasionally wiggling her body. I have seen her take a swim a couple times but if I couldn't see her breathing, and if she didn't wiggle her fins, I would swear she is gone. I don't know if she'll recover. I don't think we are fit for the life of aquatics. My dog isn't nearly this hard to keep alive. I haven't done this much staying awake, sleeping on the floor next to the aquarium, documenting notes, and interventions since my Dad passed away last year. I'm tired. I don't think we'll get anymore fish. Does anyone know a website where I can sell all of this stuff I've bought? 12 noon test results: Ammonia 0 ppm NitrIte 0 ppm NitrAte 0 ppm Thanks KJ! My daughter is almost 5-- I'm sure you can tell <3
  10. I live in Northern VA, one town over from this poster http://forum.simplydiscus.com/archive/index.php/t-92212.html
  11. Aha! I will post all of the details and pictures once I get my daughter to school but I think we are on to something FF1. I tested my tap water today. No ammonia but the nitrItes were just about 5.0 ppm!! I then tested the water we drink for nitrIte (filtered in a Brita pitcher) and it was .25 ppm. When Golden came home my tank had been prepared with a Comet feeder fish and everything tested fine. When I did the water change on Sunday 9/8 that's when nitrItes spiked. The prepared water I'd used on Sunday was conditioned with Top Fin. I didn't start using Prime until Monday 9/9 when I had the water tested at the pet store. Golden was fine before Sunday. Her fins were erect and she was happy until I changed the water. I think my tap water may be the issue. I will post pictures of the test kits and all the details later but even after a 40% water change and 5 mL of Prime at 7am today, my nitrItes were at .25. It was .5 before the water change at 4:30a today.
  12. Thanks Yafashelli. I am using Prime. Golden the day she came home Video of Golden eating a pea on Sept 4 http://s838.photobucket.com/user/amayalambert/media/GoldeneatingpeasSept4_zps3c5a6a1b.mp4.html I did notice her going up to the top periodically Golden's unbalanced swimming today http://s838.photobucket.com/user/amayalambert/media/GoldenswimmingSept11_zpsbc6eccb5.mp4.html
  13. Some pictures of Golden from today. I tested for ammonia around 6:30p & added 1 tsp of salt to her aquarium. She swam around pretty vigorously, although a few times she seemed to be going head down or head up and/ or floating backwards , but then settled back into her corner. I made a little video of her swimming today which is definitely different than normal (SBD?). Once I get the video off my phone, I will post. I was planning to test for nitrIte one more time tonight. I've changed a total of 6 gal today (4 gal @ 6:30a & 2 gal @ 3p). If nitrIte is higher than .25 ppm, should I use Prime or do another water change? If the latter, how much should I change? And if I change water, do I add more salt in proportion to what I change? Most recent test results: Ammonia 0 ppm NitrIte .25 ppm NitrAte 0 ppm pH 7.6 She's making a little poo in this pic, excuse her
  14. Thanks FantailFan1 and Shakaho! I am going to set up a photobucket account so I can post some pictures. I have a short video of her in action when she first arrived home. She is usually pretty active and always searching...it's tough watching her just sit in the corner. But my spirits are lifted when she takes the aquarium for a spin every few hours...she goes all in, not even worried about the bubbly filter action...regular ol' Michael Phelps!
  15. Thanks everyone for the input! I may need a bit more hand holding on what to do next. Do I add the salt for the fish's benefit if my nitrite test says 0 after performing the water change and adding Prime? And general care for a sick fish: - Should I keep the light off during the day on hot days? (i.e. which is worse for her overheating or not having a light?) Is 75-80 degrees too hot for her? (maybe that's how I got the ammonia eating bacteria) - Should I feed her? She definitely still has an appetite?
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