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  1. Was about a small bitesize floret stalk and all rubbed with garlic. Maybe i over cooked it in the microwave i dunno. The smell wasn't overwhelming but just annoying.
  2. I was just wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else. I decided to give my Orandas Broccoli for the first time so I microwaved a piece in some water for 40secs to soften it after leaving it in the tank for over an hour while my fish snacked on it I came back into my room and the stink of broccoli hit me as my tank is partially covered. I had to do a 50% water change so now Broccoli is off the menu..
  3. I luv the way the little ranchu keeps looking at the camera probly thinking 'why are u following me'????
  4. http://youtu.be/8z_6PmUpRKY So far there's been Big rocks, little pebbles, bare bottoms not so bare bottoms, plastic plants and real ones. Reconfiguring of stuff, floods. Don't worry no fish were harmed!
  5. Thanks Kittycat, They are more plump then when they first arrived, I just love seeing their colours getting more vibrant. Sent using Tapatalk
  6. Same here LadyK I can't wait for my little Orandas to mature and their colours become more vibrant. Cute fish!
  7. Okay..it's been 4 days since i weighed them maybe they've put on a little more weight definitely looking a bit fuller then when i took these photos. Awesome thanks for your help. I keep a heater on constant 20C I'm satisfied to know my fish are comfortable and healthy.
  8. Okay thanks Shakaho...the Redcap is approx: 1 3/8" from nose to base of tail.........Gold is approx: 1 3/16" from nose to base of tail.
  9. I won't be microwaving repashy again my family didn't appreciate the stink..
  10. Including the tail, i'm eye balling it so don't quote me hah!
  11. Okay one is about 5cm and the other 4.5cm in inches 1.968" and 1.771"
  12. How long have I had them? > 7 days How big is my tank? > 40 g How often do I do water change? > Once a week water changes. My last water change was on Saturday How much did I change?> 50% How did I weigh my fish? > Using a bowl of water on a digital scale Are they pictured in my Sig?>Yes Sent using Tapatalk
  13. According to my google searches they are about 2 months
  14. Thanks..sounds about right anywho I'm heading to the LPS to pick some frozen bloodworms this week.
  15. Well, time to give them a good growth spurt! Steroids...lol. When I'm done they're gonna be a couple of chubbies.
  16. According to the person who sold them to me they were born in March 2013. Having googled 8 month old Orandas I think they are definitely younger I weighed them and they are definitely 4 grams and 2 grams.
  17. Hi folks, I need help my two baby Orandas are about 8 months old. One weighs 4 grams and the other 2 grams. How much should I be feeding them and how often? They have good appetites I feed them 3 times a day (Saki Hikari Pellets and Repashy Soilent Green) Thanks
  18. Lol, sorry for posting the same video twice had some technical difficulties
  19. I originally wanted to go for a bare bottom tank but i found these smooth river pebbles and absolutely loved them, they're too big to fit in my fishes mouths however i hope my fish can move them easily to get to the food. What do you think? Should i take some out?
  20. When I first fed them I was abit worried they were too big but once they softened they ate everything. Maybe I'll break the pellets up abit more. Sent using Tapatalk
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