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  1. I fed them while filming they had full mouths..num num
  2. http://youtu.be/52bHx4Yuru4 Fuji and Fudge
  3. A lovely looking eating machine
  4. Wide horizontal stripes Colbalt Blue and a Lighter Colbalt Blue.
  5. I had a problem my tank water being abit Smelly I added some activated carbon the odour disappeared now you actually have to stick your head into the top of the tank to smell the soil smell.
  6. WOW SANTA!! How bouts leaving one by my tree...pleaseee!
  7. My thoughts exactly..lol. Best of luck. Are you planning on opening up your own store??
  8. They look like TROUBLE side by side like that..lol or they're looking for trouble..very cute!!
  9. WOW!! What a little battler! Good on you for helping this poor little guy
  10. I have an Aqueon works fine. .."Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you!"
  11. What a freaking steal!!! See what persistence can get you??!!
  12. They're alot bigger then when i first got them maybe its the angle the videos taken but they are still very young. Thanks was gonna go for just plastic but real plants are prettier. I was lying down while videoing this so its abit lopsided at the end.
  13. My two little Orandas have grown so thought I'd share. Sorry the videos abit shakey http://youtu.be/gTUfLNEfd1U
  14. You have given a otherwise forgotten little fish a better future AWESOME!! They quite often have so much more bubbly personalities they just tug at your heart.
  15. WOW! That's why i take as many photos of my young Orandas.
  16. This is the only place where all my hard work is appreciated.......sad but true HAH! Sent using Tapatalk
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