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  1. Thanks Georgia i have the java ferns stuck to rocks so i can easily change the look as i often find myself doing
  2. My ever changing never satisfied 40g tank is going through a transition at the moment. I added the Tahitian Moon Sand and am now looking for some slow growing low light plants that my fish won't eat, they like to tug at the plants but so far they stay away from them. I am looking to get some Amazon Swords and Anubias too.
  3. I've been deciding on plants for a low tech aquarium so far I've decided on Crypts, Java Fern and maybe some Amazon swords.
  4. Fish Envy! You have some great looking fish i wish I could have more then two in my 40g
  5. Ahh nice I have a smaller tank I wouldn't mind using the White sand in there maybe one day
  6. The TMS is so nice I love how it sparkles and the feel is so nice. I have to get used to the fish poop standing out but the fan helps to disperse it and push it to the filter intakes. Thanks
  7. Thanks, After filling the tank back up and adding the sachet of water clarifier that came with it I put my fish back in about an hour after filling it even though it was still alittle cloudy . I took the picture about 2 hours after luckily I rinsed it. The moment I put them back in as usual they tried to eat a mouthful and quickly spat it out so their still getting used to eating their food and not the substrate.
  8. Thanks folks. Can I just ask how big your tanks are and how many bags you needed to get sufficent coverage? I purchased a 20 pound bag, My tank is a 40g dimensions: 15" x 36" (3 feet).
  9. Quick question: I've decided to put down some Tahitian Moon Sand in my bare bottom tank. Should I take my two fish out while I renovate? Thanks
  10. I feed them a mix of Saki Hikari Colour enhancing and Repashy Soilent Green
  11. Hi Folks, Okay A friend of mine purchased a Coralife 18watt UV Sterilizer online from the U.S only to plug it in and find out it doesn't work now since he lives in New Zealand he didn't want to send it all the way back to the U.S to have it replaced he offered it to me for free all I have to do is find a way to fix it. On closer inspection the bulb has not blown and still in working order but I suspect the Ballast (Power Box) maybe faulty, there are replacement parts available online which are a bit pricey so I'd like to see if i can see if an electritian can fix it which also be pricey. Someone told me to sell it on our local online auction site and state that it is faulty so I can make some money on it. What do you folks think?
  12. Sure here they are on the day I got them two tiny little things in a 40g tank ...
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