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  1. Beautiful! Do your goldfish eat/nibble and detroy the moss ball? I have a moss ball that I keep in a small glass container but want to move it to my tank
  2. That's a good idea Helen! Will try this today And thank you everyone for your comments! I seriously would not have been able to do it without all your help~
  3. Here is his damaged side, looks all normal - Close up - And this one's just for fun - He thinks I'm giving him food so he's all excited Do you know how to evenly feed both your fish if the dominant one (Frederik) steals quite a bit of Alfred's? Alfred's a little slow to realise where the food is. I JUST added sinking variety to their diet so I guess he has yet to get used to it.
  4. I'll post some photos later today Looking a lot better! The pupil hasn't changed much so this is good
  5. Beautiful! And also a nice spot for the tank!
  6. Thank you Jmetz! I'm going to the mall tomorrow to buy the lionhead food. So It means I must have been under feeding my goldfish! I will now feed them twice a day and try to get closer to the 1% rule. Thank you so much!
  7. Thank you Mickey Yes it looks like a good food, so I want to transfer to that when I'm half way done with the Wheat Germ Pack. Will keep that to switch the food around a bit to give them variety. Plus so much easier to just have the sinking variety!
  8. if it does end up looking like a white ball I think that would actually be kind of cool. just in time for halloween! He doesn't need white contacts like I do haha and yes it's nice to see everything going back to normal and colour returning around the eyes!
  9. I have 2 Ryukins that eat Hikari Wheat Germ. It's a floating type so I have to soak them and then press them out. But pressing them out causes the water to go dirty because of all the small bits that fall off. And so I want to move to the Lionhead because it's a sinking variety. Is it ok to feed them Lionhead food? It will not cause their heads to grow big will it? Because the description says "Promotes head growth" They only sell this ($10) and the Wheat Germ ($5) especially for goldfish at the pet store. Also, they weigh 40g and 42g. So how much should I feed them? About 0.4 grams? That would be about 30-40 pellets each. Usually I just give them 15 pellets each because they begin eating very slow after the 12th but according to the 1% rule I'm under feeding them? Soaking the fish food makes them more heavy. So should I soak 70-80 pellets and feed them over a period of 30 minutes or what should I do?
  10. You can see better now that the inside is turning white. Will it stop when the whole pupil is white? Will the eye fall out?
  11. I can't really photograph that close with the camera, but looking at the eye, it looks like the pupil is turning more and more white. Like a tunnel. Empty in the middle and white on the sides. I guess this might mean he's officially going blind. I'll take photos when it becomes quite significant
  12. Eating fine, yes Though some trouble because Frederik steals quite a bit of his food haha I try to give them the same amount of food because they weigh kind of the same (40g/42g) Soon he'll learn so no worries
  13. Hi Helen, these photos are without flash. I never photograph fish with flash. They looks like I've taken them with flash though If you were here in person, his eye really looks like a camera lens. Like, natural light reflects off of his eye to give it that effect.
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