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  1. I've seen some really nice planted setups here. It is a good place for ideas. My luck the fish I pick out will end up viewing them as a salad bar. I guess it will be a nice change if I can blame the fish for a plants demise instead of myself.
  2. Wow what an awesome bunch of responses This is what I was afraid of, completely bad influence here LOL. My bf has a few fish and I asked him if he's ever hand fed them or thinks that he could. Or if he's given them people food. He chuckled probably thinking I was a lil nuts for asking. When I told him you can with goldfish he goes maybe those are the fish for you. Watching so many videos it was the interaction and personalities that put me in awe. Also the fact that I killed a comet in 6 days when I know people have done less than me and keep them alive for years is a challenge I welcome. I don't like failing at petcare. Much rather be spoiling them. Speaking of, I still need to put the poor lil comet to rest... A non goldfish tank is still appealing to me. Plants in an aqaurium is one aspect of 'gardening' I've not yet touched on. Seeing the different aquascapes people come up with are really amazing. And I love the variety of fish even without the interaction. But at the moment I think I will put my focus into goldfish. As if I haven't spent enough time online reading up and watching videos... Well you all can expect a lot of questions, this time I'd like to be ready before bringing home a goldfish, or two!
  3. In a short time I've read a crazy amount of info on goldfish, have seen my share of videos, and have spent time on a couple goldfish dedicated channels. I know there is a lot more out there I've not touched on. Maybe I tried to take in too much at once. All the research gives off the impression of goldfish being more work than other fish and also limiting in that you're restricted on what other aquatic life you can put in the tank with them. Two things that can turn some people away. I don't know much about other fish so my thoughts are based only on having done research on goldfish. That said I'm curious as to what draws people into having them as pets over other types? Is there a tradeoff for the work involved? I hope that is not taken with any offense. I'd like to hear from the perspective of goldfish owners. Maybe it seems silly to ask but how did you get into keeping goldfish and why do you enjoy it? In a way I feel oddly compelled to try another goldfish. But there are some things I am not sure about.
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