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  1. I'll have to get a better look at the tank. Maybe I can work out some sort of brace if the canopy is not going to hold alone. This weekend I'm going to the local aquarium so I can check out what lids they have there.
  2. OMG the 17th day is my fav! ....this site keeps me entertained and educated while I'm working on getting everything I need to start up a proper goldfish home. Never realized how much was actually needed!
  3. It's a 40gallon breeder. I guess I'm not sure when it comes to one or two lids.
  4. That's cool. I'll keep that in mind when I pick one up. My big one loves to be cuddled and carried.... it can be a workout sometimes Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2 No kiddin', I usually give out before the cats are ready to be put down.
  5. My cats liked to be carried around too much. I couldn't imagine if they were 30lb ea.
  6. I don't have it yet. I like the one that are clear. Not a hood that is equipped with a light. I plan on getting a light set that has legs so it will be a clear cover under it. I'm just shopping. I know whatever I get I need to make sure it will be cat proof.
  7. ... seeing all the different tank designs everyone comes up with has given me so many ideas.
  8. I have 2 cats that I know will be keeping an eye on my fish tank whether I like it or not. Curious if a canopy would hold the weight of 2 cats, roughly 25lbs.
  9. I've avoided threads on breeding and fry. Figured I have no interest in breeding there's no reason for it. But then realized you can't always help it. This being the first thread on fry all I can say is how cool to find little babies and watch them grow up!
  10. ...because reading through this thread I can't help but smile
  11. Good find I'm still working on the style for my DIY. At the rate I'm going I may have something by Christmas.
  12. Nice job, I've seen another with concrete blocks but not as nice lookin'. I like them painted black with the bins.
  13. Goldenhero I saw that same style but for a larger tank when I was doing an image search for ideas. I liked the look of it but checked out the reviews and yeah they weren't so great. I'll either make my own or modify the metal one I saw.
  14. Thank for covering all the questions That was quick. I do like that metal would be lightweight. Something I could handle without help. Storage is a downside. The one I saw does have an open frame on the bottom which I could put a board over that also and put some baskets there for storage. Again not the prettiest but it's practical. I have to price out a DIY design. Tools I have access too. Skill are so-so but I do have the ambition. I also have a boyfriend to help
  15. I have a 40B and need to get a stand. I've spent so much time thinking about all the things I need for the tank that I nearly forgot that I can't do anything without a stand. I'm wondering what types do people generally have, an aquarium specific stand, DIY stand or regular furniture that can hold the weight? Buy in store or online? I'm finding it hard to find a stand that will fit the breeder size. Most of what I see at the stores are narrow. The wood looking stands I've seen online are at least a couple hundred dollars and I've read of instances where they've been ruined due to water and moisture. I did find a plain metal one that will cost around 100 at a local aquarium store. Is there a purpose or benefit to an open top stand? I like the idea of getting a stand that is bigger (wider) than what I need because I like free space on each side instead of the tank being flush with the stand. If I got the metal one I'd need the next size up but would have to place a board on top which I'd stain and seal. It might not be the prettiest but it seems the most affordable and durable. I've also seen some nice DIY ones which I might price out and try. But would have to do a little more research there.
  16. I keep coming back to this thread and love all the responses everyone has taken the time to write! Definitely has me excited with no doubts in mind. In time I'll be able to share my own answer
  17. Nerite(s) and two goldfish it is! I'll be going to a local aquarium store this weekend for ideas and see what's available. I know I've seen various snails there but at the time I wasn't really shopping and couldn't tell one from another. I also want to price compare filters and substrate. Foster and Smith seem to have the best deal on both so far. Is it common to order online? Plants are the only live things I've ordered before.
  18. Hey that's about my price range At least you can read my horrible typing. Couldn't find the edit function...
  19. Oh I have a nerite or two as options also I've read up bit on them but not as much as the loaches. I don't find them as appealing though their shells can be cool but maybe they'd grow on me. I liked the loaches because they have an odd sort of cuteness about them and seem to have some character. If I didn't go down the dojo path I planned on two goldfish. Which I can see a goldfish would prefer another goldfish over a pair of loaches, which was more for my liking really. I only have a tank so far. Filters will be next and so on... Thanks
  20. I bought a 40B yesterday thanks to the dollar per gal sale. I thought plecos where the ones you had to worry about sucking the slime coat, I wasn't aware that could be a problem with loaches as well.
  21. Little by little I will be picking up everything I'll need to get a goldfish tank started. Thinking ahead there is the possibility I will add a pair of dojo loaches. I've read they like to dig and bury themselves. Usually sand is recommended but I've also seen them in gravel. Which I would rather use some sort of gravel over sand. I've been leaning towards Eco Complete. For anybody with loaches in gravel, what kind do you use and do you think their natural behavior is at all hampered? One more thing is I need clarification on the depth of the substrate. I've seen varying comments on not using too much due to bacteria building up and even losing goldfish because of it. If I am going to add some plants to the tank as well as loaches what is the safest depth that will make everyone happy? Should the depth be fairly level or some areas higher than others? Oh, one more question Do goldfish and loaches interact or in a way entertain each other? Basically if I would get one goldfish would a pair of loaches be considered in a sense company to it. I'm not sure what combination of critters I want to put in the tank and will probably spend a good bit of time contemplating options even though there are only a few.
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