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  1. I'll have to get a better look at the tank. Maybe I can work out some sort of brace if the canopy is not going to hold alone. This weekend I'm going to the local aquarium so I can check out what lids they have there.
  2. OMG the 17th day is my fav! ....this site keeps me entertained and educated while I'm working on getting everything I need to start up a proper goldfish home. Never realized how much was actually needed!
  3. It's a 40gallon breeder. I guess I'm not sure when it comes to one or two lids.
  4. That's cool. I'll keep that in mind when I pick one up. My big one loves to be cuddled and carried.... it can be a workout sometimes Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2 No kiddin', I usually give out before the cats are ready to be put down.
  5. My cats liked to be carried around too much. I couldn't imagine if they were 30lb ea.
  6. I don't have it yet. I like the one that are clear. Not a hood that is equipped with a light. I plan on getting a light set that has legs so it will be a clear cover under it. I'm just shopping. I know whatever I get I need to make sure it will be cat proof.
  7. ... seeing all the different tank designs everyone comes up with has given me so many ideas.
  8. I have 2 cats that I know will be keeping an eye on my fish tank whether I like it or not. Curious if a canopy would hold the weight of 2 cats, roughly 25lbs.
  9. I've avoided threads on breeding and fry. Figured I have no interest in breeding there's no reason for it. But then realized you can't always help it. This being the first thread on fry all I can say is how cool to find little babies and watch them grow up!
  10. ...because reading through this thread I can't help but smile
  11. Good find I'm still working on the style for my DIY. At the rate I'm going I may have something by Christmas.
  12. Nice job, I've seen another with concrete blocks but not as nice lookin'. I like them painted black with the bins.
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