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  1. Thanks. When you put it like that, it seems more manageable. I can add an extra 40B then. Hrm. So if I move the ping pong and the bubble-eye to the 40G breeder, that can be their forever tank, right? Of course bigger is better, but they won't have much problems by themselves in the 40 breeder?
  2. Thanks for the well wishes everyone! Right now, they are swimming up to me when they see me begging for food... So I hope everything is all right. Everyone made it through. Now I am just wondering if there are any long term complications of this. And thanks for the info shakaho! That's why I haven't gone to the aquarium in a while. And it's a good thing they don't get that much "fancy" goldfish in the first place. But in the 55, there are currently 5 goldfish. One common goldfish, 2 ping pong pearlscales, 1 celestial eye, and 1 bubble eye. Besides the common who is around 6-7 inches now that I look at him, the rest are all about 1.25 inches long. So they are tiny little things. I read the guide and it said around 20 gallons per goldfish? I do not have any spare money now, but I am wanting to put some change aside every month to save up for a bigger tank. I do not want to rehome the common, so with adult sizing in mind, what would be a good size tank for me to get for the 5? I do not plan on adding anymore fish, of course. Thanks!
  3. Ok WOW. This is the FIRST time I have EVER done this in my 3 years or so... I feel SO bad. I was draining water for a water change on my 55 gallon and left it running while I went to do other things and completely forgot about the tank until 45 minutes later when I suddenly remembered, OH MY CRAP THE GOLDIES!!! I run to the tank and all the waters been siphoned out and the fish were all laying on the gravel.... I am filling the water back up now, but 2 of my goldies are upside down even with the water level up. Is there anything I should do? They range from small to big goldies, the largest being a 7+ inch common goldfish. Maybe aerate the water?... Would they suffer any brain damage or gill damage or something like that? And what about skin damage from abrasion from flopping on the gravel and stuff...? Plus I have a ping pong pearlscale and a bubble-eye... Would there be any swimbladder/buoyancy problems I should look out for? I am tearing up now. These are some fish I had for years too... Since the start. ugh I feel so bad. If this is in the wrong place, please move it. I am just shaking right now.
  4. Thanks Amy!! I will be sure to show them off once they pass quarantine. *crosses fingers* And do you happen to have a site or something that shows this discussion? Or is it on Kokos as well? I would love to read about these problems for the pearlscales. And I know right? They are super round. xD Thanks everyone. I hope to have an uneventful quarantine too... The PraziPro I got stopped anymore deaths from my tropical fish infestation that killed almost everything. Not sure if it was really the prazi pro or if the worm inactivated itself lol. xD But the tropicals are doing fine now! So here's hoping treatment will help the pearlies.
  5. Hi all! I had the misfortunate of going to fish stores every shipment day lol. I really should stop doing that... Well anyways, the fish store got another batch of ping pong pearlscales in and they were 10.99 each. More expensive than usual, but I guess because I was told that was a good batch and slightly bigger than normal batches. I was happy because these ones didn't have the black button eyes which a lot of these pearlies do and they have VERY defined "pearls". Very beautiful. So with my previous experiences of ping pong pearlies (and fish shops apparently) is that they all die off for no reason and they can't figure out why. Well, this batch has been at the store for a few days and with me for day 3 now and they look like they are doing great. They are in a 20G long Prazi quarantine and taking bloodworms, brine shrimp and veggies! I am excited, but don't want to get my hopes up. I tried about 6 times and they all died within 1-2 days and they always are inactive when I bring them home. But these guys are swimming around and doing their thing. One looks like he might have a bit of trouble uprighting himself, but otherwise fine. As of now, I haven't seen them apart from each other! They like to stay by each other. They like to stay near the bottom of the tanks too, only coming up for food. (which I fully expect because of their... body structure.) Well anyway, I haven't given them names yet in case of their untimely passing, but I do hope they stick around for the long haul. I am very excited as these are bigger than usual so hopefully means they are hardier. The bags don't do them justice. They are SO round and these are the plumpest most round ping pongs I have seen. They get close to some of the ping pong vids on the net! They do have trouble swimming and I do kind of feel bad for them, but that is a whole nother discussion. xD So here they are... haven't taken pics of their tanks yet, just them in their bags for now... This is my FAVOURITE pic.. So I gotta show it first lol. SO ROUND! Overhead view of pearlies PEARLIE BUTTS!!!!
  6. Thank you all for the suggestions. I am not sure if I want to tear down the tank just yet, although it would be a good idea... I will see how it goes with the rummies and neons. But the only thing is I don't share equipment, but I do share the sink when water changing. i am afraid a water splash or something will let the worms go up the siphon or just travel through the air into my goldie tank. And there is nothing I can do about NOT doing water changes for the tanks through the sink.
  7. Thank you so much everyone. ;_; I really appreciate all the support. On my first betta death, I left her out for a day and noticed something crawling out of her. It was red and bloodworm like. It was definitely moving on its own, but whether it was a worm or something not alive... I could not tell, because I buried her before I was suggested that I try to use a tweezer to get the worm out. After that, I have NOT seen any worms coming out of the fish before or after death...
  8. I actually posted in this thread about it, http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/118362-worm-coming-out-of-dead-betta-2-bettas-dead/ But this is the only forum that had a thought of what might happen, the callamanus worm things. I posted in a few other forums and either was not replied to or they don't know. Since it wasn't confirmed callamanus to be the disease on this forum, I was iffy getting treatment. I fed the fenbadzole or whatever to the fish mixed with food, but nothing helped. Everything started dying one by one. And this morning, the last group of fish died. my swordtails, platies, botias, and catfish are all dead in one go. The only thing left are my neon tetras and rummy nose tetras. I thought that was really weird because I read everywhere that they are fragile fish? My groups are still looking okay and NONE of them died yet... That is really weird. Well anyways, with only these 2 groups left, should I do a full tank cleanout? But if it IS callamanus, then that means the worms are already in the fish? It's been a few weeks/months, however long they have the worms, so I was wondering why neon and rummy tetras don't die off? Hrm... But anyways, I am also worried because the longer this is going on, the longer there is a chance of cross contamination between my tanks and I would be DEVASTATED if anything happened to my goldies... But I am afraid I might never know what it is...
  9. I pay more attentions to the goldies honestly haha, so I am unsure if I have viewed any of the tropicals poop... I think it might be those callamanus worms too... Argh... I might start treating for those right now... I do not share cleaning equipment but I do share the same sink with water changes... How likely is it that the goldies are infected? Can I treat the goldies too? And will the medicine harm the goldies if they happen to not have the worms?
  10. Thanks for the condolences everyone. It really helps. I just woke up to my last betta dead... Now I really don't think that it is just a normal death reaction. Can this thread be marked as a higher priority or something? I am really scared for the rest of my fish now... If anyone can diagnose this, I need to start treating right away. So all 3 bettas dead in a few days and my platy is wasting away. And I really don't think she is going to make it... I see that my female betta has lost her colour completely on one patch if that is any significance. I attached pictures... And here is my platy... She went like this over night... Again, I have neons and rummy tetras in there and I thought they were fragile... but all my other fish are dying off first. I wonder what is going on.
  11. Ugh. I should have thought to do that! Can't believe it slipped my mind. I already buried her since she was turning all white and fungused >_< I still have my latest betta out but I do not see any worms coming out.
  12. Thanks Mikey And thank you both for the input. I looked it up and I did think it might be that. However, I just got 2 replies in my e-mail after posting last night about my first betta in the bettafish forums. Both said that the "worm": "might be part of the rectum and intestine beginning to invert as pressure builds up within her digestive track. Any movement is likely further pressure movement." and "Just like in other deceased organisms, bloating and natural bodily gasses/fluids will escape from orfices in the body. This appears to be poop, not a worm. You have described it "wriggling" though, which I'm not sure what is causing that." I was watching it for a long time and I shook the water, etc and as the water came to a rest, the "worm thing" was still wriggling around and doing so for like an hour later as well. I wish I took video instead of a photo but it is too late and she is decomposing with fungus already so I got to bury her. I got 2 shots and posted this one as both look the same. I do not have anything in high quality to take a picture, so that photo is all I got. I want to believe it is just poop, but losing 2 bettas, one after the other when I haven't had a tropical fish loss in quite a while...
  13. Thanks so much Tammy. And on a side note, I forgot to add that the worm is alive X_X. It's wriggling around. *sigh*
  14. So many deaths..... So yesterday, my first betta died and I put her in a bowl deciding on burying her later. 10 hours later, I see a worm coming out of her.... This morning I woke up to a second betta dead. But I do not see anything popping out of her yet. Ugh. Here is a picture. If you need me to do a water test, let me know. Last water change: Last week. About to do one now. Water changes weekly. Fish tank size: 29 gallons Other inhabitants: 1 female betta, swordtail, platy, school of rummy nose and neon tetras. Any new fish added to tanks: The group of rummy noses about a month and a half - 2 months ago. I did not quarantine them. Prior health issues and medications used: None. Findings on fish: worm sticking out. The worms colour is RED if you cannot tell from my pic Food fed: I switch between the Omega One Tropical Flakes, and frozen bloodworms/brineshrimp. Fish Behavior Before Death: None... Fish was all acting normally. The only thing I am afraid is that my goldies might get infected depending on what this is... I do not share tank equipment, but I do water changes from the same sink. Let me know.
  15. Unfortunately, it was so long ago I do not remember which was the bubble that popped. xD But I have never noticed the thing until now, so I wasn't sure if it had been there all along... haha. I have never had any experience with snow either! It's always so warm here. In fact, today is going to reach 100 degrees I bet lol. And thanks for looking it over you two <3. Hopefully it is harmless, but it's hard for me to imagine living with something floating inside me, feeling it whenever I move. She's probably not thinking quite like that though... haha.
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