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  1. Thank you from both of us and ok it just struck me as strange that since he has been back In I haven't gotten a single reading for all 3 but ok I definetly will keep u guys updated thank you everyone
  2. I'm only on the second treatment I did a 50% water change and added back 10 teaspoons of salt and what I took out in prazi I think it was half a teaspoon wich was half the first dose i have to look at the schedual that Alex posted a while ago and check how to do it again. And this is my first baby an yea she does hahahaha I love holding her and just walking around with her hahahha My gf and her mom laugh at me cuz every time she makes a sound while she's sleeping I'm running to her to see what's wrong hahahaha
  3. Maybe I am just being a little paranoid then Hahahaa. and thank you very much she has been quiet the handful hahahaha but it's ok she still daddy's sweety thank you guys
  4. I use the api drop test kit along with the api kh/gh drop kit. And thank you we have been doin our best to juggle everything hahahaha. I wasent able to do a water change for a little bit while we where at the hospital but the day we got home on Saturday the 19th and I did a 50% wc. And I got some good pictures of the fish I'm about to post and I will add a post with pictures of our little Emma
  5. And he has been being fed btw that is why I can't figure it out.
  6. Congratulations on your baby! That is great news, and I am sure you guys are over the moon! When you are able, let's do a through comb over of the fish, including pics and video, to see what I am able to suggest next! Congrats again! Thank you! and yea I think I have only slept about 3 and a half hours total since Tuesday hahahaha. And I am trying to do a water change now I'm about half way through I'm rinsing the media in the filters and cleaning the gravel and the decorations. I am having something weird happen that I'm not sure if anyone else has ever had happen but I'm getting 0s for ammonia nitrites and nitrates and he has been in the tan for a while now and I still have nothing. But I am trying to get everything going in between diapers and crying and sleeping hahahha but let me know what you guys think.
  7. Hey everyone I haven't been home for about a week and the generals fins don't seem to be getting much better. They don't seem to be getting worse just about the same as when we left. Iv noticed it looks like he lost a scale on his side, I am not 100 percen but I think he has flukes or possible something else. But my gf had the baby! I'm a daddy!
  8. Alrite thank you guys I realy apreciate the help with all of this.
  9. Yes I have him in 0.1% salt and 2 teaspoons of prazi pro in his home 20g tank
  10. 5 days the box said to do 4 but we kept him in an extra day and added an extra pack that morning too
  11. Oh wow that's realy good info to know Alex thank you so basicly it means that whatever caused the fin rot is going away and is healing? Should I keep using the meds? I dident take the med tank down yet I just took him out and put him back in the 20 gallon.
  12. Ok hahaha I will and that is a relief because I also worry about everything... Hahahaha but thank you for the help
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