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  1. So sometime in the next few months I'm gonna be moving (thankfully only like 15 minutes away) but I'm trying to get together a plan of action for the fish.

    A friend of mine has very kindly said that she'll let me set up a couple of tanks at her place to put the fish while the process is happening to which I can visit every day and make sure everything's okay/feeding/cleaning ect. I'm thinking that's probably my best option so I have enough time to disassemble the tanks and reassemble at the other side without worrying too much about getting them straight back in.

    But I was wondering what you guys do about moving with your fish? And if you have any tips from previous experience?

  2. Welcome to the world of tropicals :)

    I'd defiantly suggest some kind of substrate if you're looking to have a community tank, fish like Corydoras and loaches like to forage and dig through it (plus it's very fun to watch) though if you're looking to just keep one species then it might not be crucial depending on the fish.

    Have you seen any fish you like the look of so far? Guppies, mollies and tetras are on the easy side of fish keeping and come in a large range of bright colours so that might be a something to consider

  3. Thanks everyone :D

    Captain looks like my Angel Velvet although my Angel has a bit more black and love the tank by the way. What company is the tank made by??

    I have to say I wasn't a big fan on marble angels until I saw Captain and knew I just had to have him, they've defiantly grown on me! Its a Juwel tank and cabinet, though Its an older model which I think they've since stopped

  4. Looks really good :)

    I miss my angels.

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    I've never had a tropical set up for very long without Angels, they're such beautiful interactive fish :heart

    Gorgeous!! :heart I love your angels.

    What size tank is that?

    Thanks! I love them too :wub: And the tank is 320Litre which I think is around 80 US gal I believe?

  5. Had a bit of clean out and cut back in the tropical tank these last few days, still playing with layouts but I'm likely to be moving soon so I don't want to make any big changes until I have to gut the tank which unfortunately leaves it looking a little sorry for itself (So excited to completely re-vamp when that happens!)


    And the two stars of the tank






  6. So it was about six months ago I got my two little babies and what a fun 6 months its been!

    Phantom 6 months ago on her right side


    On her left side


    Cassanova 6 months ago


    And then now!

    Phantom on her right side


    On her left


    And Cas


    Phantom's been changing colours around, lost alot of her black spots and gained patches of orange, who knows what'll be next. I've also noticed Cas is slowly starting to get an orange belly and I'm pretty sure now that both of them are girls so Cassanova will probably be Cassia from now on :teehee

  7. Thanks for the happy birthdays :) I really didn't think I'd love having sand as much as I do, it's such a good substrate! Plus the goldbabies seem to be happier with it too.

    I'm finding it so difficult to get any work done cause all I wanna do is watch them! :teehee

  8. I thought what better way to spend birthday money then on my goldies :teehee


    I'd been planning on getting the sand since I started the tank and now its in I couldn't be happier, I love how all the muck stays on the top so I can easily clean it :D

    The bubble curtain is also new, I was initially going to get one with red LEDs but I think the white looks better with the plants.


    This is the ornament I was made for the goldies, now taking pride of place in the centre :wub:


    And this is how it looks with the main light turned off, hoping to try get my real camera working tonight so I take some funky night shots.

    And the post would be complete without the spoilt babies



    Hoping that this weekend I can go get some more plants and some other bits so watch this space!

  9. Thanks for the happy birthdays guys :)

    It is a food safe glaze I believe but the bottom isn't isn't glazed (if the bottom is glazed it sticks to the kiln) and it isn't hollow, would sealing the bottom in aquarium sealant be an idea?

    I really hope I can put it in soon when I get my new sand in :D

  10. My mother does alot with ceramics and for my birthday yesterday she had made me a decorative ornament for my goldfish tank. I believe it is earthenware with a glaze over it and I basically just want to know if there is anyway I could make it safe for the tank.

    I'd feel mighty bad if they couldn't have it after all that but I can't risk hurting my babies

  11. Well after a long night of her looking like she was about to drop, her first baby was born at 7.03am (which I managed to watch!) and she finished at around midday. All babies are the same size and all are swimming very well. I'm not sure on head count but it's somewhere between 35 and 45. I couldn't be happier!



  12. I think you should set it up now with some of the aquarium water.

    Usually when I buy guppies from the market, they have quite large gravity spots already (all females sold like that) and the next day after I put them in the pond, they give birth. I think by transferring the guppy to the fry tank for the night, with some plants, will induce this same thing.

    This is just from experience. You don't need to take my suggestions because I'm not an expert on guppies.

    That's something to defiantly think about but she's not that very big at the moment and I'd rather not try to induce her or stress her out too much incase it impacts on the babies.

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