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  1. I have a friend that's giving me some bags and a polystyrene box (he works at my LFS) to transport them thankfully.
  2. So sometime in the next few months I'm gonna be moving (thankfully only like 15 minutes away) but I'm trying to get together a plan of action for the fish. A friend of mine has very kindly said that she'll let me set up a couple of tanks at her place to put the fish while the process is happening to which I can visit every day and make sure everything's okay/feeding/cleaning ect. I'm thinking that's probably my best option so I have enough time to disassemble the tanks and reassemble at the other side without worrying too much about getting them straight back in. But I was wondering what you guys do about moving with your fish? And if you have any tips from previous experience?
  3. I've never had otocinclus before so I'm unsure of their behavior but the rest should make for a good combination, most tetras stay at midlevel and mollies will go where-ever they please though they are considered midlevel.
  4. Welcome to the world of tropicals I'd defiantly suggest some kind of substrate if you're looking to have a community tank, fish like Corydoras and loaches like to forage and dig through it (plus it's very fun to watch) though if you're looking to just keep one species then it might not be crucial depending on the fish. Have you seen any fish you like the look of so far? Guppies, mollies and tetras are on the easy side of fish keeping and come in a large range of bright colours so that might be a something to consider
  5. Thanks everyone I have to say I wasn't a big fan on marble angels until I saw Captain and knew I just had to have him, they've defiantly grown on me! Its a Juwel tank and cabinet, though Its an older model which I think they've since stopped
  6. I've never had a tropical set up for very long without Angels, they're such beautiful interactive fish Thanks! I love them too And the tank is 320Litre which I think is around 80 US gal I believe?
  7. Had a bit of clean out and cut back in the tropical tank these last few days, still playing with layouts but I'm likely to be moving soon so I don't want to make any big changes until I have to gut the tank which unfortunately leaves it looking a little sorry for itself (So excited to completely re-vamp when that happens!) And the two stars of the tank Captain Balthazar
  8. I've always said that Cassanova's my little heart throb I'm just so glad that they've filled out into healthy happy fish
  9. Thanks everyone, I'm very proud of my beauty's. They're about 4 inches now from nose to the tip of the tail and started off at about 1.5 inches, I still can't believe they were ever that tiny
  10. So it was about six months ago I got my two little babies and what a fun 6 months its been! Phantom 6 months ago on her right side On her left side Cassanova 6 months ago And then now! Phantom on her right side On her left And Cas Phantom's been changing colours around, lost alot of her black spots and gained patches of orange, who knows what'll be next. I've also noticed Cas is slowly starting to get an orange belly and I'm pretty sure now that both of them are girls so Cassanova will probably be Cassia from now on
  11. Just thought I'd get a nice photo of Phantom..
  12. Thanks everyone! Though I'm gunna have to do something about the symmetry, its driving me crazy, defiantly need some more anubias to go on the other side
  13. Thanks for the happy birthdays I really didn't think I'd love having sand as much as I do, it's such a good substrate! Plus the goldbabies seem to be happier with it too. I'm finding it so difficult to get any work done cause all I wanna do is watch them!
  14. Fired and glazed terracotta earthenware. Was a birthday present from my ceramic obsessed mother
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