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  1. You can, and people have, but as with all things, since it's not your forum, it's the polite (and required) thing to do to ask the owner. It's like when you go into someone's house. If you want to do something that is out of the ordinary, you should ask your host first. Does that make sense? Yes that made sense ! Ty !
  2. Oh ! wait so the members of the forum can't issue a raffle ? But only the sponsors ?
  3. I was just wondering, has kokos forum ever done giveaways ? I think it'd be fun with lots of participants having the chance to win supplies or gf food and such, you know anything related to goldfish like art work or even petco/petsmart gift cards (Idk about goldfish itself though.) If you guys actually do giveaways then oh !
  4. Now I know the author of the article is incorrect. & you finally came through, that is the exact truth
  5. You could donate your fish at your lfs, or go on craigslist Pst. take me to Japan with you
  6. I'm saying the truth about the extent of overstocking. I think I read somewhere that a perfectly stocked aquarium would mean the tank can clear away nitrates at the same rate the system produces it. Which concludes to no water changes, or little maintenance , Your right about evolution, I was speaking about another degree of goldfish evo., (growth wise) I get that they don't really have a home, whether it's in a tank or not, but in my opinion they should evolve without human intervention
  7. Aren't all goldfish adapted in any tank, no matter the size, already are overstocked? There is a "rule" because it applies in order to uphold a healthy environment for our fish. But I can see it now, the guidelines will change again overtime, because of evolution, perhaps goldfish will thrive and grow larger than the average adult size now. and we try to give them a home in our tanks but their real home is out there
  8. The rule is kinda new. When I started here (6 years ago) the rule was 20 gal for the 1st fish then 10 gal for each extra fish. The rule only changed in the past year or two I think. At least, thats when I saw people posting 20 gallons per fish rule here. I think your right about the rule changing over the last year. I've only been on Koko's for 12 months and the rule of thumb then was 20 for first fish, 10 for each fish fish after that. It seemed like the rule of thumb changed to the 15g for 2nd fish pretty quick after I came on here. Is there a thread or pinned article on this year update I don't see it anywhere on here nor the external links on the main site. Have they been edited ? Idk idk idk idk.
  9. Pfffftttttt. Maybe kinda might be somewhat a little bit. Who knows -Shrugs-
  10. The rule is kinda new. When I started here (6 years ago) the rule was 20 gal for the 1st fish then 10 gal for each extra fish. The rule only changed in the past year or two I think. At least, thats when I saw people posting 20 gallons per fish rule here. ... Now you know I REALLY live under a rock.
  11. Now you know I live under a rock. Haha Thanks Alex and 4PF
  12. Wait why not 6 ? I thought 20 gal for the first fish and extra 10 gal for each additional fish ? 20=1 10=2 10=3 10=4 10=5 10=6 70 gal for 6 fancy fishies ?
  13. Aw shucks you picked blossom , not that its a bad name or anything! I didn't see that last comment of yours heh heh... Well congrats!!!
  14. Swimming piglet xD no ? Okay fine How about ... Velvet ? Or strawberry ? Raspberry? Cherry? Scarlet ? Starburst ?
  15. I love the contrasting colors of your pictures, your substrate looks like a granite countertop ! Your fish look spectacular btw. Bravo bravo
  16. Ah okay thanks guys and gals! I was curious because I saw the pink Ranchu or Lionhead and was like Whaaaaaat it's PINK. that's hot.
  17. I heard you can feed Brine shrimp and Betta food to turn a white goldfish into somewhat pink? Is this true? If so, what kinds of betta food? Found this picture on Eligoldfish
  18. THOSE BUBBLES I just can't. & I adore your butterfly's colors
  19. I had my first goldfish when I was probably about 9 or 10 years old. it was a common goldfish I would .. Literally grabbed it out of the bowl and pet it ALL THE TIME But my sister's (she was 5 or 6) fish was a betta, so intrigued & jealous of her fish, I didn't do anything to it I swear xD it lived long. UnU she was a better fish keeper than me !
  20. @u@ That little Ranchu though Ah all are born beauties !!
  21. Both Adorable I always wanted a Calico Oranda. I'm jelly !
  22. i think most white ranchus are lemonhead, not really full on yellow xD but yeah maybe when's he's older, his wen might turn into a more vibrant color than what it is now ! He is less than a year old <- what the seller told me. Very cool, I saw a couple at Petsmart of all places and asked the sales associate if he knew but of course not :/ Are you hoping it turns yellow or like it as is? hmm i dont really have a personal preference id be surprised if it turned red since he is a red and white ranchu !
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