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  1. Unfortunately little Trevor has passed. Some of his scales fell off o.O It is safe to say that after keeping fish for 8 years, having many ups and downs and learning along the way that Trever will be my last fish. As much as i enjoy fish I have found them hard to look after even though I did manage to keep 3 fish alive for 5/6 years.
  2. The quality is not very good, for some reason my camera will not focus on him.
  3. Okay I have him in a bucket now with a bit of water and an air stone. What is salinity? I shall try post photos now
  4. I can try to tomorrow. I don't think it will do much good now as he seems really bad:\
  5. Okay so I just checked on my fish and he is on his way out:'( lying on his side.
  6. I can't even answer half those questions on ph etc as I don't have a kit. As for the filter I have no idea either lol
  7. My black goldfish has just developed little hole where his fin is attached to the body, it pretty much goes all the way across the fin:( It has only appeared within the past week. Currently I do 100% water changes every week, although the past few weeks have gone a little over the 7 days so I assume the ammonia has built up. Anyways I did a 100% water changes last night, added some esha 2000 and today I did a 50% water change and added more esha2000. However he seems worse today in himself... He is just sitting at the bottom of the tank and not really attempting to even swim:( Is there more I can do for him? Oh and he is an only goldfish and is in a tank around 70/80 litres. I had this problem a few years ago with a fish and through all my attempts his fin rot got a million time worse and he died:( So I really want to avoid it this time.
  8. Thanks guys. Just realised how this picture is 5 years old and his tail colour is just white now. I must try and get an updated picture:) he is such a lovely little fishy=]
  9. The bottom fish? I was told a shabunkin but I don't think he Is? His tail seems more of the fancy kind.
  10. Thanks. I will def give it a little cooking next time and make it extra small ha:)
  11. Sorry for late reply back. When I went downstairs he had swallowed it. It was de-shelled also. He had it in his mouth 20 minutes and kept opening and closing his mouth and it looked stuck. Thanks to all that replied:)
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