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  1. i have half inch diameter stones in mine and my goldfish love to push them around. i definitely think that substrate is a personal choice as you want to make the take appeal to you
  2. Its a zebra nerite. Im just worried because it hasnt moved since i flipped him back over. Im not sure if he's in control of his trapdoor yet. i dont want to fuss with him too much right now just in case he is in some sort of shock. I'm going to check tomorrow in the morning and see if he has moved at all. Its good to hear that they shouldnt die from being upside down! Yea he does it all the time, but again, im not sure how long he was in that position especially since i was gone for practically 9 hours. usually he corrects himself within 30 mins to an hour but yea
  3. So i worked from 11 to 7 today and when i left my snail was fine and scooting around but once i got home i found him upside down on one my floral globe things (ill attach a pic of the tank so you know what im talking about) Im not sure how long he was upside down for and i immediately corrected it about an 1 1/2 hours ago. Im wondering how long snails can stay upside down? He hasnt moved yet at all so im hoping he's just in shock, but yet again im not so sure. not a recent pic but it shows what they are
  4. I just use the regular adult multivitamin. Okay thanks. may have to experiment this weekend! can i use plain gelatin for all the recipes because my local stores dont have it?
  5. yes im sure. i was scanning the tank with a flashlight last night and she wasnt moving and this morning when i checked her body was almost half way out the shell. when i picked her up instead of recoiling she didnt move. i did smell a faint nasty smell, so probs are that she was dead. she was the weaker one of the two i got. from what i observed from the short time ive had her she was constantly much slower than my other snail. and she didnt go to the surface as often either?
  6. thanks! im glad we made it through. hopefully everyone else who may have no power make it through as well
  7. the only casualty is that one of my nerite's passed away. it was the smallest one (minnie) so
  8. my power came back on! i had to go to school for my last class, and when i got home around 7 it still wasnt on. my mom read on the consumers energy site that the estimated time that power would be back on in our area was saturday...SATURDAY but luckily about an half hour after she said that it came back on
  9. Lucky! Consumers is still out fixing ours apparently from what my stepdad reports. So hopefully we will be back and running in a couple hours. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Yea the wind outside is horrible so I didn't want to go back out when I got home especially in my itty bitty car lol from looking at u fish with a flashlight the Goldie's are "sleeping" and my betta is hunkered down in the leaves to stay warm. I did manage to warm so primed water and replaced some of the cold with it to keep his water a bit warmer though it may not even have an impact. Hopefully power will be back up tomorrow! *fingers, toes,eyes,and hair all crossed* Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. LOL i would be the same but alas im not in charge of the generator
  12. i hope so too! ill do that right now (gotta keep that 'mmonia down!) and yea i think he will be too, but still my overprotective feels are coming out lol its the goldfish's no food day so they should be fine. from what i can see they are all cuddled into the corner
  13. Oh man! yea it was a helck of a time navigating my way home! im in parchment and my usual way home from work (drake rd and west main) had a lot of trees down, so i had to go downtown but the bi-dock was closed grrrrr. and we have a generator that is hooked up to only our living room and the refrigerator since it can only power so much before it shuts itself down
  14. oh no! yea, hopefully it was just the volcano figurine so that they can be back to being friends!
  15. LOL i know when i first showed her she exclaimed "FRANCIS! OH HE WILL BE SO HAPPY!!!" when we were talking about her fish before she was really concerned about him after i told her its not okay to have him in a vase permanently, so i know she will be completely obsessed with setting him up
  16. Like many of the midwestern americans right now, they might have a power outage ( i do). so i was wondering what is the best way of going about it since idk when the power will be back up? i have a 55 gallon goldfish tank and a betta tank so im more concerned with the betta tank!
  17. I gave it to them today and they were absolutely amazed. I also removed one of the large plants and or small so there's a bit more room! And I hope the good karma spreads!! God knows I need some! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Te 2.5 comes with an aqueon minifilter that fits their small filter cartridges. That's why I bought te tank so that they would have a filter and yea I think he will be fine in the 2.5. I set them on the right path so if they want To upgrade they surely can! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I also checked aw advisor and it says a 2,5 is full 100% stocked so their fish should be okay until the have money to upgrade if they wanted too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I agree that bigger is nicer since my betta is in a ten gallon. But anything is better than an unfiltered nonheated less than a gallon vase. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. i was torn between a 5 gallon and a 2.5 but my petsmart didnt have it in stock (like freekin always) so i went for the smaller option. i may remove some of the plants, probably the larger 2 so it will have more room to move around.
  22. sorry for your loss, flipper wont ever be replaced i love your new fish she/he is so pretty!
  23. Today i purchased mini bow 2.5 gallon tank for a co-worker. we have been discussing her betta and she and her boyfriend couldnt afford a small tank even. so i bought one and am planning on giving it to her tomorrow. i got her: Aqueon mini bow 2.5 tank Aqueon 10 watt (for up to 5 gallons) heater a betta resting leaf thermometer seachem prime an easter island head figurine some white and blue stones 3 green and blue small plastic plants and 2 green and white plants for the back all totalled up to just under 90.00 dollars. Oh well, her betta will be a happy one! hopefully after she gets him set up she will send a picture that i can share of him in his new home!
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