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  1. Alright thanks guys for all your help, I will try to keep the water as clean as possible and hopefully I can make this work!
  2. I kinda had a feeling though because I couldn't find a back wall in the picture but ur welcome
  3. oh thats too bad I really would that though it would be totally awesome if someone actually owned a tank like that xD hehe
  4. By the way I was just curious, does anyone know where the forum's background picture came from? That pond/tank or whatever it is looks HUGE!
  5. Wow shakaho you seem very wise with goldfish lol! I was also think the same thing, I have seen tanks that look like they are stocked with way more fish than 1 per 20 while the goldfish seem pretty healthy. I will definately look into getting another larger filter and will do my best with water changes. Thanks for all the responses. Btw does anyone know what I should do about my little dechlorinator problem? Thanks again
  6. Hello. Yes, CindiL I do agree that an indoor pond is actually just a tank that happens to be on the ground instead of on a stand lol xD. Thank you Shakaho, your answer was very informative and I would be willing to do 50% water changes weekly and also like I said the goldfish that belonged to my friend that had to stay in my pond was at least 6 inches long (which is around a fantails max size) could swim without any problems at all. So do you really think this could work? Also, while on holiday a couple of weeks ago a got a bottle of dechlorinator which i opened (for some weird reason) before getting on the plane. The bottle was in my suitcase which I did not bring as a hand-carry (so it went to where ever non hand carried baggage goes) with the seal already broken. We flew over South East Asia and the Middle East (tropical temps). Would I have to throw the dechlorinator out can i still use it?
  7. CindiL I know it would be a bit though to part with one but if the pond absolutely cannot sustain 2 I would be willing to do it (just not now though, I think it would feel like making a child live completely on their own). But someone mentioned that the pond has a footprint larger than a 4o gal. Which is more important, the footprint or the volume? If its the footprint then I think the 2 would be fine for quite a while. btw CindiL that tank of yours looks really nice!
  8. Hey, thanks for all the replies. However, don't commons/comets get pretty much as tall as fancies since although they aren't as round they are still much longer/bigger? Also, I don't really like ranchus or lionheads, I would prefer they hardier breeds. I guess I would just have to upgrade the fantails in the future? They look about this size now http://www.ozarkkoi.com/images/categories/C100.jpg. I was thinking if 20 gals isnt enough for 2 and the pond isn't too shallow I could just rehome one after a while. Would that work?
  9. And also, sorry for not posting any pictures yet. The pond is just literally the preformed liner with water and some plants. We haven't had time to do anything to the exterior so the pond is still far from beautiful lol xD
  10. Hi. When I calculated the dimensions I was also thinking I would have about 25-30 gallons, however the container has a built in structure where one filter is kept and another side of the container has a built in built in piece of wood where a plant pot could be placed which cannot be removed. I think both of these along with the other filter, rocks etc. Are what make the container only capable of 20 gallons. The goldfish are each about the size of strawberries (not including fins). How much longer do you guys think they could live here considering the size they are before I will have to give one up or somehow add volume to the pond?
  11. We used a 2 gallon bucket to fill the pond, it took us 10 of that bucket to fill it so sadly I don't think its possible for it to be more than 2
  12. Hi. Im pretty sure its 20 gallons because we measured the amount of water we were putting in as we were filling it. Anyway, i guess I am just going to have to add more water volume to the waterfall/filter output or rehome one of the goldies. Would a goldfish be happy living on its own? Could I keep both until they get a bit bigger? I would feel really bad making a young goldfish live on its own. Don't fish like to school because it makes them feel safer from predators? I think a small goldfish on its own would feel a bit stressed so I would rather separate them when they are a but older as I think the bigger they are they less they would feel like "prey" xD. They aren't that big at the moment, I would say not including fins each one is still smaller than a golfball. By the way how tall do they grow? Would they reach more than 5-6 inches tall in 20 gals? Are you all absolutely positive they couldn't live in 20 gallons for a few years? Thanks
  13. Thanks for all the welcome greetings! The pond is as i said is sort of a rectangle with rounded edges, similar to the rectangle in this pic http://www.webdesign.org/img_articles/16438/47.gif . Its 95 x 85 cm at its widest points, however corner to corner its a bit less than that. Its about 6 inches deep and before we got our fantails a friend of mine give me 2 goldfish for a couple of days because his tank had a crack. The bigger one looked about 6 - 8 inches long and they could swim without problems even with their fins open.
  14. Hello everyone. This is my first post here, I also made a similar post at [dnalex removed] incase anyone also uses that site. So anyway, a few months ago my family had a 20 gallon indoor pond installed and we got a pair of fantail goldfish. It was only after we had the pond installed and got the goldfish that we found out 2 fantails would need a 30 - 40 gallon tank. The tank is 95 cm wide and 85 cm front to back (at its widest points, its sort of a round-edged rectangle) with a waterfall and 2 filters. Could anyone give me tips on how to keep the goldfish healthy in these conditions which are not exactly ideal like how often I should do water changes, much % etc. Upgrading them is just not an option right now, neither is giving them up. Thanks!
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