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  1. Thank you! Back to back 60% is so much more appealing! And thanks for crunching those pH numbers for me, I knew it was 0.5ppm but I couldn't quite figure out the most I could change without exceeding that!
  2. So sorry to hear about your loss Even though she wasn't with you long, I'm sure she appreciated the care you gave her.
  3. lol I just described your white fish in the dream fish thread
  4. Love Bom's cute little button eyes!
  5. Good luck finding new happy homes for them!
  6. A new City Farmers just opened up in my area of Melbourne - already they had some pretty bad finrot etc going on. If anyone is in Melbourne, there is an awesome place Helen got me on to, the most beautiful goldfish I have ever seen (aside from pics!). It doesn't have a website, so if anyone is interested, just pm me (or Helen lol).
  7. It's still cheaper than the fishless cycle stuff you can buy at the lfs which is essentially ammonia with a fancy label!
  8. Seems easier, but I worry a little about pH. My tap is 7.4 -7.6 and my tank stays at 8.2, so I usually just do 50% changes.
  9. I thought 100% wc was sometimes necessary eg. when using bicarb as a buffer. It's been running for a year and I have yet to do one. Also, my tank is big, and there are parts that the back I can't scrub properly without kind of getting in the tank lol Drain and refill and drain sounds like the ticket, hadn't thought of that! I'm probs still going to take the fish out, to make sure pH / temp etc stay stable for them
  10. Although you could support another fish, understocked is also an awesome way to be
  11. Hi everyone, Just wondering how you all go about doing 100% water changes? The logistics alone are so intimidating with a big tank! How do you get the last little sloshes of water out? I don't have a Python (I live in an old house and my taps don't have threads), so for water changes I just use a syphon and hose system, will I need a pond pump? Do you scrub the inside with anything other than good old fashioned elbow grease? How long will the goldies be ok in cramped quarters if they have an airstone? Any other tips and tricks? Any info / advice / warnings / encouragement would be appreciated, it seems like a crazy goal atm!
  12. Edit: Tithra suggests 0.5% - 1% if you feed pellets, or 2-3% if you're feeding I food with a high water content like gel food. I feed Repashy gel food, but I still go with 1% because I like to thoroughly supplement with veggies and bloodworms. Supplementary foods aren't included in the percentage guideline, you can feed these in addition to the 1% staple food.
  13. So many beautiful imaginary fish in this thread! I would love a calico chu with button eyes, or a calico oranda like the Koko's logo fish! I would also really like a white goldfish. I once saw the most beautiful white veiltail, she had this really indescribable, mysterious, glowing extra loveliness about her, but when my tank was ready she was gone. I have never seen another white fish quite as gorgeous, so maybe she was really a dream lol
  14. 1% of the body weight per day is a good place to start, spread over between 2 -6 meals a day. You can see how they do on that and then adjust accordingly. I think between 0.5% - 2% of their body weight per day is the guideline, it just depends whether you want quicker / slower growth, what you're feeding, and how your fish respond etc. Much more accurate than the 2 minute rule!
  15. There are worse smells that broccoli! But maybe if you put it in a veggie clip and only let them nom at it for a couple of minutes it wouldn't permeate through the tank so badly?
  16. Linzi, maybe you can help me here. I just purchased an Eheim jager heater. I'm trying to calibrate it. When the indicator light is on, does that mean the unit is currently heating the water or does it just mean the unit is just plugged in? I have the heater down pretty low (lower than what my thermometer says) and the light is on. And I'm trying to figure out what that means exactly. I had assumed that when the light is on that it was heating the water. Thanks! I just answered my own question. I turned it down to the lowest setting and the light went off. Obviously the water temperature is higher than what the unit is currently set to. Wow, I didn't realize the unit would be that off. Or maybe my thermometer is. I have another thermometer to test the current thermometer. Jeez, this could go on for days... It's ok, I was really confused at first too! When the light is on, it means it is heating the water. The calibration process is pretty confusing, because with goldfish we will have it set at lower temperatures than it is really designed to maintain. If you follow the instructions for calibrating step by step it helps, but mainly keep in mind that the water temperature doesn't have to match the temp that the dial is set on, so long as it works for your fish eg. My heater is set to 18*C but it keeps my water temp steady at 21*C
  17. So gorgeous!! Having the option to put shelves inside the cabinet might come in handy! I know that isn't too difficult to do yourself, but if you're getting it made custom anyway...
  18. Thanks for bringing my attention to how beautiful female bettas can be! The boys are beautiful, but these girls can definitely hold their own!
  19. It's true, over time millions of improvement ideas occur to us! Sounds like you are nearly there though! Air pump and air stone are always nice additions for extra circulation / oxygenation. And it might be worth testing the parameters of your tap water so you know whether you will need crushed coral / bicarb etc as a buffer.
  20. that puts a very funny image in my head! The other thing about nets is that they are fabric, and wet fabric can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other nasties. So if you do use them, disinfect them regularly! I try to use the herd and scoop method, because I have had fish lose scales thrashing about in nets
  21. I have an Eheim correctly rated for my aquarium, and the lowest setting keeps the water stable at about 21*C / 70*F. I went for the Eheim because I trust the brand (and German engineering!). Just keep an eye on the temp when you first install it, because the lowest temperature setting is 18*C / 64*F, and I wanted to start at that, but the lowest it will sit at is 21*C / 70*F which freaked me out to begin with. I'm not sure what wattage it is, just went with the general recommendation for the size of my tank and it works perfectly!
  22. If your cat is at all interested in your fish, i recommend a hood. My cat is very small and light, but she balances on her back legs to kind of hang off the side of the tank to watch and pat at the fish with her front legs. If it wasn't a secure and heavy lid, this would definitely tip if off and break it. Like glass panels definitely wouldn’t cut it with her, and she only weighs 7.7 pounds!
  23. ... Try crushing half a clove of fresh garlic into the water before you use it blanch spinach. Mine go crazy for it!
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