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  1. Kitten vs. betta, how adorbs! Does your betta flare at him?
  2. Sounds like your fish are 'Cat TV' too! Thank you, she makes me laugh. This isn't even the funniest she can be around them! Sometimes she will sit on the hood with her back legs and dangle her front end over the edge so she can touch the glass with her mittens! hahaha that's cute! Savvy is a bit the same, she runs around playing with the hoses at water change time!
  3. She got to name one of the fish, hence why I have a goldfish called Mao. But she's not allowed to eat him!!!!!!
  4. It's only adorbs now that I have a very secure hood! That's so cute! Savvy was actually pivotal in my decision to get goldfish. We took her to a fancy cattery one time we went away, and they had lots of huge goldfish tanks between the cat enclosures. I couldn't believe how big and beautiful the fish were! The manager said that the natural movement of the fish was both stimulating and relaxing for the cats - like cat TV! Then I started to think about how lovely a tank like that would be in my house, and the rest is history!
  5. The relationship between my cat, Savvy, and the goldfish is a constant source of amusement. Whenever they see her near the tank, they swim up all wiggly and friendly to say hello. She clearly wants to eat them! Anyone else have animals that (hilariously) interact with their fish?
  6. The new tank looks awesome, looks like your fish have a happy future ahead! Depending on what kind of problems you've had, it might also be worth asking Alex about transferring your media over as well. It would be time consuming and annoying, but starting your cycle again with pure ammonia in the new tank could avoid transferring any nasties across with your media. Just something worth considering!
  7. Goldfish can absolutely learn behaviour, and there is plenty of research to support this! All animals can learn to greater or lesser extents, because this is necessary to survival. My proposition for measuring goldfish enjoyment (or at least 'contentment' or 'satisfaction') is to learn more about their neurophysiology. In human psychology we have learned a lot about 'happiness' and 'resilience' by understanding the roles of various neurotransmitters and neurotransmitter pathways of the brain. As was previously mentioned, it would be impractical to conduct MRI or PET scans on our goldfish! But we could look at cortisol levels of fish, although the results would be based on the assumption that low levels of stress indicate contentment. We could investigate the relationship between neurotransmitter levels and various living conditions. We would just need research funding....
  8. ^ This! Foraging is natural behaviour, but substrate isn't the only way to cater for the instinctive need to forage!
  9. The 'pick me' wiggle gets me every time! I agree that Gillian is lucky to have you, I'm amazed that such a severe injury could heal so well with a little TLC. Also, love the Ramones background, hadn't considered poster backgrounds before, the options are endless!
  10. Love the blue and white! It has a really tropical feel, so a splash of bright green here would look stunning! Plants on rocks etc = Win!
  11. Not sure, but garlic smells pretty strong, so maybe. Many Koko's people have successfully used garlic on their hands to tame skittish fish!
  12. Love 'before and afters'! Amazing the difference a year makes!
  13. Your black moor is so beautiful! And how lovely that you have had him since the beginning! Maybe if you didn't call the Chus grumpy they wouldn't frown so often
  14. Interesting! I love genetics but don't know much about goldfish genetics, so keep the fun facts coming
  15. Next time I go to the pet store (this weekend) I will look closer. Now Im not sure because I didnt know the difference. lol I actually meant ribbon tail anyway but the point is that one lovely fish has left me with this longing for a special white goldfish - any variety!
  16. Bought a small second hand tank so they can hang out in there for a little while with an air stone My tank and tap both sit at 7.4 - 7.6 without bicarb. With bicarb, the tank is steady at 8.2.
  17. Not so much worried about the aesthetics, I don't mind a bit of algae on the back wall because the little piggies can snack on it. It's more that I was very uninformed when I set up my tank, I didn't QT and lost several fish to water quality issues and who knows what else. So although my fish are healthy now, there could be various nasties still hanging around. I want to give it a serious clean and freshen the water completely. I have an old house, so don't have threads on any taps, except when I unscrew the shower head and then the outlet is on a weird angle. A Python wouldn't work at my house! But don't worry, I have an elaborate system of hoses that is essentially the same idea, only it cost < $20 from the hardware shop
  18. I want to change as much as possible, and my pH difference is only from the bicarb. Would it be ok to do two back to back 90% WCs if I take the fish out until the pH stabilises?
  19. Don't even get me started on the expensive "KH powder" I was buying to increase my KH - a white fluffy powder that looks mysteriously similar to bicarb...
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