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  1. All the waterways connected to the Mississippi river have asian green carp issues. Flooding brought them to landlocked lakes also. It is destroying some great fishing grounds. The problem started not with pet owners but with eco management. They thought they could control bugs and algae. Fools!!!!! Plenty of the communities along the waters have an economical system that is dependent on the bass fishing. The carp are destroying the populations of bass by overcrowding the waters. This is costing millions. A lot of the funds allocated for eradicating the carp are tax dollars. In Australia we have so many pest species that are the result of bad eco management. Ask any Aussie what they think about Cane Toads! When humans domesticate animals such as goldfish, we make them dependent on us and we therefore have a responsibility to them. I think that responsibility extends to managing their impact on the wild ecosystems, and rehoming responsibly.
  2. Hooray for fish-friendly family! It's nice to have people to support our goldfish addictions *ahem* hobby
  3. It's awesome that you have a backup plan! 50% or greater water changes per week are ideal, when combined with good stocking levels can prevent so many problems. You just need to make sure you don't have a big difference between your tap pH and your tank pH
  4. I don't know anything about tropicals, but hooray for your lovely Christmas project!
  5. Naw so sad to see a fish like this, but I'm so glad you're trying to help him!
  6. lol at their hopeful expressions in the second last one!!!
  7. I really like canisters, and I don't think they are as difficult to clean as people seem to think! Especially if your media is in media bags, that really saves your fingernails! I have two, and I alternate rinsing the media every couple of weeks, so they both get done every month or two. No worries! Also, don't give up on used selling sites, stay tuned! Often people with money to burn buy big aquarium set ups, only to be surprised by how much work it is, then they just want it gone asap. So if you're at the right place at the right time, you can get near new tanks quite inexpensively. Lots of Koko's members have very happy bargains stories! It just might take some time and patient trawling. Good luck, I'm sure something perfect will come along soon!
  8. Oh how sweet!!! :heart My cats for the most part ignore my fish. You would think that they would have a fun time watching these big fish swim around, but they could hardly care less. They care much more about the water in the tanks. One of my cats, Pepper, likes to drink out of my guppy tank, and I'm sure she would love to drink out of the goldfish tank if it was in a more reachable spot for her. Once, I had my goldfish in a bucket sitting on a chair while I did a water change. I turned away for a minute, and when I looked back, both my cats were at the bucket drinking out of it! They payed no attention to the goldfish, they just seemed to want to drink the exotic water. lol that's such classic cat behaviour, to turn their noses up at the water you've so lovingly provided them to drink the special fish water!
  9. I covered the open part at the back of my hood with pet mesh, just to be sure there wasn't too much goldfish-cat interaction! Could she get out by herself or did you have to rescue her?! Poor Radar, he misses his fishy friend It's nice that they interact and provide some extra stimulation for one another! The first few times she fell in I ran to help her out, but I only arrived in time for the shake off. I learned to just head for the towels. Poor darling, I bet she wasn't happy!!!
  10. I had a goldie this colour called Sherbet! Sadly he passed away I only had him a couple on months but like Mandy's experience, his colour seemed to get bolder in the short time I had him.
  11. Yes We at Koko's had a lot to with promoting Repashy for goldfish, when this food came out a couple of years ago. Gel food IS better than pellet, and Repashy is premium gel. The drawback I have found is that because they eat more, they poop much more, and you have to maintain your filters better. Yes the little water piggies!
  12. I know a lot of Kokonuts feed various pellets and find their fish do very well on them. But I'm a Repashy convert! There are so many benefits to gel food, and Repashy is a really well designed food! My fish are on the 'Helen diet' - A mix of Repashy Super Green, Soilent Green and Meat Pie, with a probiotic and garlic added- and they are more healthy and vibrant than they have ever been. *To clarify, it's the diet Helen feeds her fish, not the diet that Helen eats
  13. I covered the open part at the back of my hood with pet mesh, just to be sure there wasn't too much goldfish-cat interaction! Could she get out by herself or did you have to rescue her?! Poor Radar, he misses his fishy friend It's nice that they interact and provide some extra stimulation for one another!
  14. There's a life lesson in that - sometimes it's good to appreciate the small things in life!
  15. You can buy API Freshwater test drops for both KH and GH. They are different to pH, but they influence pH, which is why they are worth testing! Actually it's the reverse to what Mikey mentioned. KH is Carbonate Hardness which involves the carbonate content of the water. Knowing your KH is important because higher KH has a stabilising effect on your pH, preventing pH crashes. If you have a lower KH your tank is more susceptible to pH swings. GH is the General Hardness, which is a measure of all minerals in the water, including the carbonates (as measured by KH) in addition to others. This is less important, but still good to consider because goldfish do better in harder water (higher GH) than softer water (low GH)
  16. He's so shiny and vibrant! And what an adorable puppy face!
  17. Glad to hear things have settled down in your tank! The Koko's stocking guidelines are 40 - 80 litres per goldfish, so it's worth considering a tank upgrade as your fish grow. If you post some pics of those fin tears the mods will be able to identify if they are serious or suggestive of parasites etc or whether they will just heal on their own
  18. Thanks Linzi! Too late I got them in already :/. It was bacterial and likely related to my high nitrates. They simply need more space, more clean water, and more filtration. I'm hopeful (so far so good) when I get the new canister our woes will be over Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk It's amazing the problems that space, clean water and filtration can fix! Good luck!
  19. I think it's a nice add, if I was in Canada and looking for stock I would probably contact you! I don't think you need to say you're not a mass breeder. The next sentence about small quantity of healthy stock gets this same idea across in a more buyer friendly way. It might also be worth rephrasing the experienced fish keeper part, because this might deter people who aren't necessarily experienced, but who would be dedicated to providing high quality care (eg. I wouldn't call myself an experienced fish keeper, but with the help of Koko's I have been able to keep my fish in excellent health). Maybe 'Please only contact me if you plan on providing quality care for these fish' or something to that effect might be better. Good luck finding homes for your fry!
  20. ooops don't know how this ^ happened! What I meant to say was that seeing cuties like this when you're fully stocked is the worst! I try not to look at all!
  21. Gah seeing cuties like this is the worst! Sometimes it better to not even look!
  22. I love how he's looking at the camera in almost every shot, working his poses
  23. So many lols in my house! It must come down to the temperament of the cat. Because I've had the tank for nearly a year now and she's just as interested!
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