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  1. Thanks for asking this one Elaine, I'm still trying to get my head around it and everyone's responses have really helped me to! Thanks for this simple break down, really useful! Just to clarify, veggies don't count towards the 1%?
  2. Excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean by 'prime' / 'reprime'?
  3. and you are likely right. Don't feel bad. We've all been there. Glad I'm not the only one!
  4. Thanks, cheap and easy solution, I might give this a go! Yes I forgot there are also good HOBs, do they pump a lot of water per hour? I have only seen the really small flimsy looking ones that come with kits. Are yours all HOB or a mixture? Maybe I'm too much of a worry wart about the current!
  5. Apologies if this is in the wrong place or has already been answered elsewhere, I’m a total newb and still figuring out how everything works here. I did a decent search and couldn’t find the kind of details and advice I’m after. The article on Canister Filters was fantastic, but there are so many variables it left me feeling uncertain . So any advice / information would be greatly appreciated! I’ve just come across the 10 x volume in litres/gallons per hour rule, and realised I am drastically under filtered! I have a 450 litre (118 gallon) tank and an Eheim Classic 2217 Canister filter (1000 litres or 264 gallons per hour). I understand that canisters have lots of space for media (large surface area for beneficial bacteria!) and therefore some suggest that for canisters 4 – 6 x volume in litres/gallons per hour is ok. But even according to these much lower guidelines I am way under filtered, which is a worry. My cycle is stable with my current setup, Ammonia and Nitrite are always zero, and my nitrate level was always around 10ppm when I was doing 10% weekly water changes. Now that I am doing 50% weekly water changes my Nitrate is always < 5ppm, closer to 1 than 5. Is this because my fish are quite small and there are only 4 of them? Will the filter get less effective as they get bigger? Do I need to add more filtration asap or do these parameters suggest the current set up is managing the current bioload? I’m looking in to getting at least 1 additional canister in the near future, but I’m also worried about the strong current that would create in the tank. Even with my current set up, I have filter floss over half of my spray bar because otherwise it really whooshes the water around (this is a little unsightly, if anyone has a prettier solution I would love to hear about it!). To get 4x tank volume in litres per hour I would need at least 4 canister filters of this model. The current in the tank would be so strong! Any suggestions of the best way to proceed, and what to do while I make arrangements for a more optimal filtration system? (aside from regular water tests and changes) I would love to hear about your successful filtration systems, to what extent they comply with ‘the rules’, particularly from those experienced goldfish keepers with big, happy and healthy goldfish! I really want to provide my fish with optimal conditions so that they can thrive, so any advice and info is more than welcome!
  6. That's fair, I couldn't hold you accountable for Australia Post! I'm suburban Melbourne, and I think the cost would be ok (including shipping) provided it's the right filter for my setup, but I will need to do more research before committing. So if someone else gets in before me I totally understand, but keep me in mind!
  7. There are really good blogs out there of goldfishkeepers who regularly weigh. measure and photographs their fish. It's really interesting to see how they change over time, not just in size but in fin length, depth of body etc!
  8. Thank you so much for this! I have been spending a lot of money on mysterious "kH powder", now I'm starting to suspect it's just repackaged baking soda!
  9. Naw, completely adorbs! I didn't realise they could get this cute!
  10. Hi there, have you sold this already? And you're definitely not prepared to post? (even if the buyer were to pay postage?...)
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