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  1. Looks fantastic, and easy apply! How tall is the roll? I mean if I ordered 4 feet of background, it would be 4 feet long and how tall? My current background isn't tall enough for my tank and it sits below the water line - not so pretty!
  2. This is anecdotal and subject to all my biases! My lfs has telescopes in a variety of sizes and it seems to me that the larger they are, the more 'in proportion' their eyes seem. My larger black moor has almost the same sized eyes as my other little telescope who is almost half his size! Clearly, as Pearlscale pointed out, eye size is subject to genetic variance, but perhaps there is a developmental element to eye size as relative to body size? Most animal species change proportions as well as size as they mature.
  3. Finally measured my fish! Found it pretty tricky, so not sure how accurate the lengths are! Nightshade - Telescope - 7cms (2.8 inches) - 42 grams Panda - Fantail - 6 cms (2.4 inches) - 26 grams Mao - Telescope - 4 cms (1.5 inches) - 13 grams Gumshoe - Comet - 5.5 cms (2.2 inches) - 12 grams
  4. She just weighed in at 6 grams! Shocking growth since I bought her home!
  5. Thanks for checking in He hasn't been floaty since I cut out the Saki Hikari, so that's one problem solved! However the bottom sitting is still a real worry. Sometimes he will stay there for hours, stirring only to eat and to come and say hello when I go near the tank. There are times when he swims around normally, but he bottom sits every day. I have caught two of the other fish bottom sitting as well, and have noticed some frayed fins and some white patches (more blotches than spots). I have been doing some reading around about the forum and site, and have seen that flukes are usually the next thing to investigate after ruling out constipation in bottom sitting cases. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if my first QT style treatment was ineffective: I was uncertain, super busy with uni, and a was little erratic about the treatment as a result. So I today I started treating for flukes with Prazi Pro and salt at 0.1%. I gave both Nightshade and Mao (other regular bottom sitter, with worst fins atm) a salt dip (3%) prior to adding the Prazi, and after the salt dip the white blotches had disappeared. Do you think this is the right course of action? I plan to follow the schedule to the letter this time!
  6. Thanks for all this info! Yes I do hand feed, but the big piggy fantail is the most brave and cluey to the idea that the food comes from the hand. So she 'fishy kisses' my hand while the comets hover close by, and the telescopes blindly search for food at the bottom. Might need to separate them to teach them!
  7. *sigh* After I reintroduced the Saki Hikari, I fasted the whole tank for two days. Nightshade went from slight floaty to very bottom sitty. Fed 4xmeals of Repashi (50/50mixof soilent green and super green) and yesterday he was still listing sideways a little when he turned, and last night was bottom sitting a lot again. The first fast had a noticeably positive effect, where as this one has just changed him from floaty to sinky. He seems better today (second day of Repashi only), but is still bottom sitting on and off. My other telescope tends to bottom sit when Nightshade does, but less often if that makes sense. So the other telescope doesn't bottom sit when Nightshade is floaty, but when Nightshade is in a sitty kind of mood, the other telescope also sits occasionally. Could these things have an effect? * I keep forgetting to use tank water when I mix up my Repashi, have just been using tap water * A comment Helen made about poop in a different thread makes me think that perhaps I am overfeeding. If Repashy is 75% water, should I be feeding 2% of body weight rather than 1%? * Could it have something to do with the recent air gulping? (Air bubbles in poop) * The telescopes are definitely slower on the uptake at feeding time, should I be separating them so they get their fair share? * Could he just be an occasional bottom sitter? Could there be another cause that isn't food related? *Should I keep going with just repashi and see if it works itself out? Sorry for the barrage of questions, really want to sort this out!
  8. A little gross, but extremely useful information! I think I may be overfeeding
  9. typically the only time we trim wen is if it is impacting their ability to function and lead a 'happy' life, for example if the wen covers the eyes completely and the fish is no longer active as a result. For the majority of wenned fish this is not a concern, and the need for wen trimming is pretty rare. Another time wen trimming might be necessary is a surgical trim in order to remove infected wen tissue. Again, not an incredibly common occurrence, but does happen. Thank you! One day I would love an oranda or chu, but wen trimming seems pretty technical!
  10. I've never had a fish with wen, do they all require wen trims at some stage? Or does it depend on their genetic predisposition for excessive wen growth etc etc?
  11. Thanks! My background is fabric on the back of the tank I ran out of my daily likes How did you attach it? It looks awesome!!Edit: I mean the sand looks good too, but I just love the watery pattern and colour of that background - all colours of fish would show up! Thanks for the complement I taped the fabric with duct tape to foam board then taped the board to the back of the tank Not too complicated, might have to give this a try!
  12. Thanks! My background is fabric on the back of the tank I ran out of my daily likes How did you attach it? It looks awesome!! Edit: I mean the sand looks good too, but I just love the watery pattern and colour of that background - all colours of fish would show up!
  13. Thanks for your info everyone, always want to know more about parasites etc but the research can get a bit gruesome!
  14. I think I have the exact same substrate as you, snap! It was originally labelled as 'black gravel' in my lfs lol I really like how natural it makes my tank look, like a section of a river, there is something super peaceful about that! I've found the thinner the layer, the quicker to clean, so mine is currently around 1cm deep and a little bit thicker around the plants to anchor them down. Being thin like this means it gets far less messy than it did when I had a thicker layer!
  15. This looks great - I plan to do something very similar with my tank, thanks for the inspiration!
  16. Unanimous reccomendation! Wish I read this thread before i bought the noisy generic brand air pump from the lfs!
  17. Don't feel bad, there is a lot of misinformation about goldfish out there! This advice about not changing too much water is a very common misconception- I was told this as well, and actually lost fish because I didn't change enough water during a cycle bump. So always better to change too much water than not enough (and you can always use it to water the garden = fantastic fertiliser!)
  18. Wow going to have to invest in some Bloodworms, and some popcorn to sit back and enjoy the show!
  19. Can't think of any names, too distracted by that tail!!!!!!!!
  20. My Moor is a drama queen, too. That is the main reason she has her own tank. She gets floaty on Pro Gold while everybody else is fine on it. I have an Anxiety Moor too!!! Always struggle bussing! What is it about them?!
  21. He's also been bottom sitting a lot since I reintroduced the Saki Hikari. So, the experiment continues! Thanks for your support and assistance with this one Alex, I understand that there are many more serious and urgent cases to attend to, but I really appreciate the dedication to 'optimal care' as well as just survival.
  22. Fed four small meals of Saki Hikari today. I don't think it really agrees with him. He's slightly floaty (definitely not as bad as he was), but more worrying is the fact he is gulping a lot of air. Should I fast him again and try feeding straight Repashi to compare? What am I going to do with all the Hikari?!
  23. I don't think Nightshade really appreciated the fast, but it has noticeably improved him! He sat on the bottom quite a lot yesterday, but right now he is chilling out in the spot where he normally sits, but he isn't sitting, he is hovering above the gravel! So happy to see that! So I think this confirms the recent issues (and probably the bottom sitting the whole time I've had him) are food related. Going to start experimenting with diet by introducing some Saki Hikari tomorrow to see if that's what has been upsetting his little belly!
  24. I'm the same, so much wishful thinking! It's nice to dream though! (And much kinder on the wallet than actually following through!
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