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  1. I took this video with my camera....i think its sucky compared to my iphone! He swims around when I approach. He's eating a little gel food and blood worms.
  2. Hey! He ate some blood worms and a little bit of gel food! I think he's getting better. I think fixing the ph really helped! Thanks so much! I will update again.
  3. I looked at his body, but I don't see anything. His patterning from above gives a pine cone illusion, which startles me until I have a closer look. This poor fish has been probably been stared at more this week than has his whole life.
  4. Hi Dnalex, I made a little video: I'm waiting to hear back from Ken to see what to give him to eat. I tested the water before putting him back into the tub (7.5). He seems like he's swimming a little better, but mostly he just sits at the bottom. I tried the garlic, he didn't want it. The other goldfish ate it in 2 seconds! Ok, back to painting.
  5. Hi, I've raised the ph to 7.5 and he seems to be more active, less sitting at the bottom with only his gills moving to show he's alive. He is still not eating, which is worrying. Ken thought that he might not have recognized the peas as food, but he hasn't touched the Soilent green either. Ken also thinks that he was bruised internally, which would account for his odd swimming. I have no idea how to help with that, or the not eating.
  6. Yeah, I planned to scoop the ranchu into a big measuring cup and transfer him to a bucket of prepared water while I fixed up the hospital tub. Should I add another dose of Kanaplex? I'm thinking no..... Ken emailed! I felt pretty relieved, to hear from him. Anyway, he thinks the odd swimming might be due to getting banged around in shipping. As for lack of diet, not sure.hopefully things change in the morning. Talk to you tomorrow!
  7. Alright! I dissolved some baking soda in a measuring cup ( my husband measured it out a gram scale) and I'm adding it into the air stone a little at a time. My fingers are crossed. Should I do a 100% wc in the morning?
  8. Ok thanks! I'm going to do it right now. My friend that has fish mentioned that the water is much harder in the Midwest than in Asheville.
  9. I will go to the pet store tomorrow and get another test. My other 55 gal. has harder water. I add calcium and shells because there are snails that need harder water. Should I do a wc and add calcium or some crushed coral? I don't have a drum to store water in, but I would like to know how to get the water to better levels.
  10. Thanks! I think he's beautiful too. I'm just so worried. I've been going over everything in my mind, trying to figure out if I missed something. I've been staring at his tub and searching the Internet, freaking myself out.
  11. Thanks everyone! I am testing the ph with strips. I bought some crushed shells to put in the tank, as it seems to help my other 55 gal. That tank is 7 on the ph. Also, I dose with calcium for my mystery snails that live in the tank. I have to admit, I was disappointed that Ken hasn't responded at all. I read over the acclimation guide and followed all the instructions. Anyway, I will try again.
  12. Thanks. I hope he gets better. Especially since I've only had him less than a week.
  13. Thanks. Im pretty nerve wracked. No I'm using tap water, but we live in the mountains and its fairly pure. The GH is between 0 and 30 and KH is 0 - 40. I'm using the strips so its a little harder to get accurate readings.
  14. I use the drops and strip kits. Gh 0 Kh o Ph 6.25 Nitrite o Nitrate 10
  15. I emailed Ken, but haven't heard back. I will check the tap levels.
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