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  1. Aw, poor Fifi....I hope she gets better soon!
  2. Lol, yes Aubrey...the requisite pics as soon as I am done fiddling with the tank.
  3. Ok placed sand in the tank after rinsing a lot and everything looks good. Took forever to clean the tank, the water changer did not fit on my kitchen sink, but since I started I wanted to finish. I'll look for an adapter another day. Does anyone know how long to boil the rocks for? Just til boiling...5 mins...10 mins...? I also had a silk plant that I didn't like before with Comet since he was so big, but I think I am going to cut it in half, and place half on one side and half on the other.
  4. I am so very sorry for your loss Dave. She was beautiful.
  5. Well, duh, I skimmed over that and didn't realize that's what it meant. Stupid ADD and the distraction of all the pretty fish! lol
  6. This is what my rocks look like: Ok, I wasn't sure about the TMS becuase it appears finer than what some people describe. So what is the difference between the Instant Aquarium and the Super Naturals that I have?
  7. Oh, never thought to do that! Looks fabulous!
  8. Hi! I'm in the process of changing my tank completely over. I have gravel that I am getting rid of thankfully, I dislike it immensely. I have read about river rocks and have some from Michaels Craft store that I used as a base for my Tillandsia and I have extra. I was wondering if I can use the bigger ones as accent rocks? Also I was looking into getting the CaribSea Tahitian Moon Sand and actually picked up a bag, but now I am not sure if it's the right one. I picked up The CarbSea Super Naturals where Tahitian Moon is checked off on the back (I am assuming now it is referring to color?). But there was also CaribSea Instant Aquarium in a black color, I did not pick up that bag to look at it as I thought I had the correct one.
  9. I bought an Aqueon Water Changer today because lugging buckets was not safe for me. Can I use that to empty the water with bleach rather than bring the tank to the tub? And just keep filling and emptying to rinse, rinse, rinse?
  10. Ok, so I can clean the tank with a bleach solution (did I read somewhere it's a 19:1 ratio? 19 parts water, 1 part bleach?). I plan on throwing out the gravel and fake plant. Do I just clean the bubbler (airstone) in a vinegar solution? Filter media goes in a bucket of tank water, what about the HOB filter housing? Bleach, no bleach...just give it a good scrubbing? After bleaching the tank, let some Prime sit in it a bit, put everything back together with fresh Primed water and test? Thanks for your patience and help.
  11. I don't have ammonia, is it just regular plain ammonia you can get in the supermarket? Of course not the sudsy kind. The tank has had no fish in it since Thursday and since we are going away the week after next, I hadn't planned on getting any fish until after we returned after the 11th.
  12. Well I had planned on breaking down the tank and cleaning everything, but Helen said that it was not necessary to lose the filter. I would probably clean t tomorrow afternoon. I put the bubbler back on and the filter is running.
  13. If I keep the filter media, how do I take care of it while I clean the tank?
  14. I need to break down the tank. I left the filter running because I had no tme before but turned the bubbler off. My mistake because it's getting cloudy. What do I use to clean the tank? And what needs to be done to the filter? I will throw out the media and start over...not sure if I am going for a larger tank right away or keep this for now. Hubby misses his buddy.
  15. Comet passed on, hopefully peacefully, in the night by his beloved bubbler. Lisa and Alex, thank you for all your wonderful help. We wound up having an extra month with Comet that we probably wouldn't have had. You are both wonderful, caring and compassionate people.
  16. I am going to change the tank water in a bit, but since I don't know what you want me to put in, I am just going to add Prime and Epsom and add any meds later when you get back to me. I hope that'll be ok. And of course he is letting me know that it's time to change the water by swimming through the bubbles and looking at me and swimming to the top to check the water level and then giving me a stinkeye.
  17. He looks just about the same. His shape seems to thicken and thin slightly every few days. The last picture was a thin shot, he seems to have thicken slightly since it. He just drifts around staring at things. While I cleaned the tank last he did his checking the water level and patroling about bit.
  18. I did a water change yesterday, second time without Prazi. Tomorrow is water change day, do I Prazi again? Tomorrow will be day 32, 8 days with 2x metro and 4 days without Prazi. We will be leaving on the 7th and returning on the 11th.
  19. He's adorable, congratulations! Can't wait to see how he grows and what he developed into!
  20. Day 29: Changed water, added prime, 2x metro and Epsom. No prazi. Most of the time he just floats around doing the mouth thing, swimming a little bit. When I change the water, he just usually stays out of the way. Today he was like a puppy under your feet...always right where I was with the syphon, going to the top of the water as if to say, hey that's enough you can stop taking water out.
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