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  1. I know, lol! I'm thinking of buying another one and doing this again.
  2. Thanks! I only have a few pics I saved on Photobucket. Here they are, some of which are prior to applying the veneer. This tank wasn't up that long, maybe a month. No real close pics. In one you can see the DIY plexiglass lid I made, which proceeded to immediately start sagging. That's an uplight I got at Lowes for $10 and put a full spectrum spiral bulb in. Hubby attached it to the upper cabinet for me.
  3. Again, thank you everyone! Thoaster, we did bring them with us. I gave the tank away to an animal rescue thrift store (along with half our house, lol) and moved all the fishies in big buckets. Once we arrived at our temp residence I put them in large Rubbermaid containers that I'd had set up weeks prior. All the plants came too. Everybody did fine on the patio in the containers for weeks. Then we moved into our home and that same week I was going to pick them up THE VERY NEXT day. That night a freeze blew in unexpectedly (in Orlando, Florida!) and killed everybody and everything. I still feel absolutely horrible about it. I'd been soooo careful to keep them covered and safe. You guys know how attached we get to our fishies. I had fish I'd rescued too with them including a big gorgeous black angel I'd saved from certain death at a pet store. So, it's 8 months later and I'm starting over.
  4. Thanks all! I liked the messy natural look and didn't want to change it. My husband prefers the golf course type of aquarium....you know, perfectly manicured.....
  5. LOL, I especially love that last shot!! What a piggy!
  6. They're both lovely! I love all the darkness. It makes them very mysterious in appearance and really highlights the bright green plants. Very nice.
  7. This is a little dirt tank I did with leftover plants. I put in a layer of Miracle Grow Organic Potting Mix and on top of that a layer of fine black gravel. Inhabitants are snails. I was going to put shrimp in it eventually but we decided to move and I took it down. The rim is some zebra wood veneer I glued onto the black rim.
  8. Another interesting action shot of the glowlights. I'm not normally an albino fish fan but these really brightened up the tank.
  9. Thanks everyone. I don't have a good design eye. This one just turned out nice due to sheer accident, lol. Flipper; plain aged gravel out of another tank, Excel dosed haphazardly, cheapo grow bulbs from hardware store and Eheim canister filter. No ferts. I'm really lazy about that kind of thing. I did have an algae outbreak in the beginning (normal for me) so I used the Excel daily until plant growth took off enough to outdo the algae. I also had an ongoing battle with some kind of hair algae that you can see a bit in the first pic. It popped up in the second year. I'm sure if I'd been more tech savvy I could've have figured it out, but like I said, I'm lazy. I just monitored it and kept it pulled out if it got out of hand.
  10. Some of the glowlights, regular and albino.
  11. This was at our previous house. It had glowlight tetras and pygmy catfish and a resident pygmy gourami who ruled the roost. I really enjoyed this tank.
  12. Thanks! I think this should go in the photo section. Oops. Sorry!
  13. I usually run low tech tanks but this one was super low tech. No filter or ferts. Occasional water changes. One plain bulb for evening light. It got several hours of western facing sunlight each day. Funny thing was once I moved it to the window where it got sunlight the algae vanished, water cleared up to sparkling clarity and plants took off. It wasn't horrible prior to this, but it really shone once it got sunlight. This was running in 1999 and I had platies and danios.
  14. What about some rubbermaid containers?
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