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  1. This is by far the most interesting thing I've ever read. You feed your fish bugs? ! ****It's a whole to world. ..****
  2. Very beautiful fish hope puff gets better!
  3. I'll up update with a picture in the morning. I try to use natural light as much as possible. And thank you I actually liked their make shift home, but it quickly got to small. Here's some more pictures of it for viewing pleasure! I had to build a make shift water fall with the stones cause the water current was to strong for my lil ranchu. It was very fun, but I'm definatly glade I upgraded
  4. Thanks shakaho.. I don't feel very happy about that but I'm glade my fish are okay.
  5. So just to clarify rose the filter in old tank water not tap right? Dumb question I know. . Just checking.
  6. Some background information: I had a 75 gal aquarium... moved into an apartment that can't handle the 75. So I gifted it to my sister as a wedding gift. For the last 8 months I've survived using a very sturdy sterlite tub for my two small fancy goldfish. . Well the one isn't small any more lol. I never really cycled the tank. .. I used sea chem prime, stability, and committed to water changes every 4 days on the dot. I don't expect the best fish keeper award but my babies healthy! Yesterday, I just purchased a 40b! So I decided "fishless cycle" my new tank. I placed my AC110 from the old tank on to the new one and dosed the Ammonia to 4ppm. The fish are still in their old set up with a small sponge filter to get by for now. Today, I realized I was using my api fresh water test kit all wrong. I never read the instructions and didn't know you had to shake certain bottles for certain times and ect. So now I'm so doubtful of everything I've ever known. I retested my water correctly today... and the reading was as follows: Ammonia: 1.0 Nitrite: .25 Nitrate: 10 I know for a fact that I put in 3 1/2 tsp of clear 100% ammonia yesterday. I think the only test I was doing wrong was the nitrate one to be honest. My questions are... what should I do now? It hasn't been quite 24hrs since I dosed my tank yesterday and I plan to retest here in a few hours. Is out possible my filter is already cycled? Could I put my fish in sooner than I thought? And lastly, I noticed my filter sponge is clogged up with plant matter... should I clear it or leave it alone until I figure out my cycle conundrum? Thanks friends!
  7. You can do it! I found that if I just kept adding ammonia to the tank and didnt actually test the water all the time it made it easier. I was testing the water 3 times s day lol. I also started pouring my used tank water from the quarentine tanks... ofcourse I waited about 2 months in quarentine before doing so to be safe. I feel like that helped alot. The mocking is payful and kinda serious. My bf was fustrated Having gallons of water everywhere and he didnt understand why I bought a big t a nk and kept fidh out of there s o long... even when I explained lol. Everyone just says," its just a gold fish" grrrr.
  8. So its been quite a while since ive been on here, but I wanted to post a update! It took almost 3 months to complete my first fishless cycle. I will not lie... it was the most fustrating thing ive ever done. Mostly because I was impatient.. very excited... and the biggest worry wart alive. BUT I DID IT! And let me tell you its worth the sleepless nights and the constant harassment. My bf and family have mocked me the entire time asking constantly, "why do on you have a 55 gal aquarium with only water running and your fish in separate tubs in the kitchen?" And my answer was always, "because its the RIGHT WAY!" Im glade I took the lessons I learned on here and actually did it myself.Thank you KoKos form community for spending your time to educate the public and constantly answer the same questions over and over again all because you love these animals who are overlooked as being genuine creatures. The biggest lesson ive learned so far is that being a good fish owner isn't easy.. People won't understand why you have 55gals for two small fancy goldfish. But you gotta be strong and live your life as a lesson to others and change the way people see these animals. Ive already performed a public speech in my communications class about goldfish keeping and used this site as cited information. Again, thank you everyone and I can not wait for pay day so I can finnaly subscribe and join the cause.
  9. *ammonia, nitrite, nitrate= 0 for qt tank and tap *ph= 7.8 qt and tap *Api master fresh water liquid test kit *water temp at a 70°F *the qt tank is 17 gals and these piggies are juvenile small. I do daily 100%WC. *im using a small diy sponge filter using a air pump. plenty of surface agitation. * 2 goldie occupants. 1 red cap oranda and 1 calico fan tail. * I use seacem prime * feed twice daily gel food * I just got these fish a week ago and all I've treated them with is .1% aquarium salt. So I just got these goldies and what I hadn't noticed at the pet store was my calico has one side of his body with a large amount of scales missing. idk how I missed that... but any ways do scales grow back? he's in QT with a .1%salt treatment... I'm going to treat prazi as soon as it comes in mail. im just concerned about the missing scales. will they grow back? he seems fairly active still skittish but I assume that's normal.
  10. go to YouTube type in "Urujoey Diy king" he has a fantastic video on how to get cheap lighting that saves you hundreds. I love the guy he's brilliant. I tried to get the link but I'm at work and YouTube doesn't work out in the boonies!
  11. that's so smart. I've been connecting mine to the water house thing out side... which is hard to control water temp. I'm gamma try your method!
  12. ah! thank you :-) well in the pinned articles it listed what to get and from where.. and when I did a Google search for alternative meds I got brought back to the same stuff. I'm glade to hear others use this product too. thank you for a rapid response.
  13. I know it's suggested that for quarantine procedures we should use Praziquantel from gold fish connection, but could I also use this this product instead? http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B004LOBGYA it's smaller in size Argo a bit cheaper.. I've spent so much on my gold fish necessities plus all the daily water changes.... my bf is pretty on edge with my Goldie hobby/spending that Im afraid I can't justify spend much more lol....
  14. I think you mis read my post lol. my 55 gal is cycling.. I have the goldies in a food safe storage bin :-)
  15. Great news! I paniced and bought a heater for my babies... but the door didn't have a heater guard so I rigid up a wall so that the goldies are safe. After an hour or so they perked right up! Thanks guys for your rapid response. The temp out side is way below freezing and my water just comes out that cold our water heater is out from the storm.
  16. So I've returned to kokos with a bigger tank a beautiful 55 gal! I got the back ground painted and I'm just waiting for my AC110 to arrive which should be soon so I can start my cycle. Today, I found my self wandering into my LFS.. and some how a calico fantail and a oranda came home with me.. the details inbetween are fuzzy. lol Any how I decided to set up a temp. quarantine tank out of a food safe storage bin. I put in a air stone and a small sponge filter. Im doing daily 100%water changes so no worries. I added prime. my only concern is that I may have put them in the tank before they could properly get use to the temp... the tanks a chilly 50 degrees... and they are bottom sitting... thats a bad a sign right? they occasionally swim around I've been letting them rest with lights off. im just scared its to much a shock. should I get a heater?
  17. OKAY! So I did some reconstruction on my Filter. Firstly, I cut out the middle plastic piece dividing the media space. Next, I took the sponges and cut them into squares to allow more water flow. I'll update to real aquarium sponges when I get the time, but I think theses should be okay honestly. Next, I took clean unused shower scrubby things apart for netting the sponge squares together( i dont know the name of them) but I do know many people use these and they are safe. Below is how I arranged the media.. I had to bend the filter floss thing to ensure all the water passed through it.. there was no other way.. My filter is soo oddly shaped. But anyways.. It appears to be flowing through everything evenly. I hope this is the issue and i hope its resolved. Thanks for your guys help btws! The pics helped soo much!
  18. I would really appreciate a photo of your filter set up and I suppose your right it dose see the sponges are blocking the water flow.. I only used them because I found quite a few people on youtube and other sites using regular sponges as filter media verse splurging on "aquarium sponges." Also I've seen many actual sponge filters being made with common sponges as well. But maybe the placement as you have suggest has a factor that I did not think of. I'll defiantly go to my local fish store to get some aquarium sponges in the morning, but regardless do you think I should put the sponges below the ceramic media?? The filter has these "premade"indents for the carbon active filter media and I truly did not know how to arrange the media accurately. AND finally I did not know it could take 2 MONTHS! I guess I'm so excited and I need to be more patient.. I'm just worried that soemthing may not be right and if I just wait around and not pay close attention I mess it all up.
  19. Yes, I stated that at the end of my post Guess I should have said today instead of six days later haha.
  20. For someone who knows a bit more on filtration here's picture of my filter set up. I'm using Aqueon 75 and have taken out all the active carbon and kept the filter foss material. I also added ceramic rings and some sponges I bought from the dallor store. Most of the sponges there stated for not AQUARIUM use but I was able to find one set of sponges that did not state that.
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